I TESTED a NEW Foundation for 4 Days …. see WHAT HAPPENED!

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      I TESTED a NEW Foundation for 4 Days .... see WHAT HAPPENED!

      Today I’m doing a 4-Day Try-on on Amazing Cosmetics NEW Foundation & Concealer Duo to see how it performs. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS …

      Andraya Diogo

        please review NYX can’t stop won’t stop!!

        Adriana Loftin

          Huge fan!!! Awesome inspiration. I know it’s been done by many but I would to see you try juvias place foundation! Interested to know if you like it

          Slim_Stina XOXO

            Gaaaawwww you’re so gorgeous Tati, let me look this good at your age & I will be blessed for life. Truly.

            Crystal Starr

              What a FABULOUS idea!! Love, love, love it !!!! Thank you Tati..?

              Magdalena Díaz

                I don’t know exactly what changed, if it is the camera, video definition or what but I can see everything and I’M LIVING FOR THAT!! 😍 your skin is PERFECT!

                123 456

                  Lived in the south my whole life and we pronounce our words. It irks me when she says -ing as -een. Oh well


                    The close up was great!

                    Monica Fernandez

                      Top/sweater….where is it from?

                      Thelma Hart


                        Ana Mihai

                          Tati, please put back the products you use in the description box! Love you so much! ❤️

                          All Things New with Karin

                            Also, I want your current skin care routine. Day and night, thank you very much!


                              You don’t pronounce the “G” in “ING”

                              It’s its own separate sound lol

                              Jen N

                                I had to go to speech class in middle school because I couldn’t pronounce my “R’s” I feel ya girl!!


                                  the new YSL cushion foundation

                                  Monica Hernandez

                                    😄 I'm from the south, and now I'm wondering if I pronounce my g's correctly, if at all.

                                    All Things New with Karin

                                      Wow. You look so fabulous! Natural and juicy which is more what I look for. Every day stuff.


                                        The way she says amazing sounds completely normal to this Canadian? I sort of say amazing with the same ending as the zine in magazine. If I'm being careful there will be a bit of the velar nasal (ng), but there will certainly never be any g sound.

                                        Lauren Kinnear

                                          Teaching Moment From all my Texas folks: I definitely say amazin’, I’m comin’, I’m runnin’ to the store etc.

                                          Justaperson here

                                            For some reason when she said four day wear test I thought that meant she was going to leave the makeup on for four days….

                                            Mary Mendez

                                              I like you and all, but you talk too much.

                                              Anna Thomas

                                                Honestly though Tati I’m from Alabama and I totally get the whole no saying g’s thing. That’s very real out here lol. And we normally make things plural. Like Belk and Krystal😂

                                                Jo Leipold

                                                  Again, no links.

                                                  Pink Amy

                                                    Was I the only who got mesmerized by her eyes at the end of the video? I love you Tati!! XOXO

                                                    chantel Bennett

                                                      Loving the new camera but what happens to your eyes at your check in ?


                                                        I'm from Texas and more of the southern part of it and we definitely forgot the Gs at the end. My husband and I moved to WV for 6 months for his work and everyone talked about my accent for awhile. He's from somewhere else so it's noy as bad but according to them I say everything wrong or weird lol.

                                                        Ashley Wilson

                                                          Love the way you look without self-tanner! Beautiful, stunning, and less effort!

                                                          Cristina Ortiz

                                                            Tati’s voice is so soothing ☺️

                                                            sena jay.

                                                              girl, I’m from southern KY & I don’t think I’ve ever pronounced my g’s. It’s endearin’ ! 💋

                                                              The only trashcan In TRENCH

                                                                Wait am I stupid or have I been saying amazing wrong I never say the g

                                                                I was in speech therapy for seven years in school

                                                                Stephanie Van Vleet

                                                                  I really appreciate how zoomed in you were with the first application. It made it really easy to evaluate the performance of the foundation

                                                                  Katherine Diane Does

                                                                    Yes Tati! Thank you for taking so much time to thoroughly review a product! 💕💕

                                                                    Ashley Kegley

                                                                      Ok girl. Day 2, where did you get that top and what eyeshadow is that??? I need both!

                                                                      Belinda Craddock

                                                                        Thank you for such an extensive wear test. And thank you for zooming in! I could actually see the finish, which is extremely helpful. Btw, I think the lighter color was quite flattering. 🥰

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