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      I Tried PACKAGE FREE Beauty Products...

      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Today I’m testing out solid package free beauty products! Thumbs up for more videos like this!


        0:27 Do you ever find inspiration thats not from instagram?

        Johana Svobodová

          Omg I love u and LUSH

          I am in heaven ♥️✨

          Lynsey Grogan

            your tan is beautiful!

            Karina Prasad

              My favorite YouTube

              Sunday Mabior

                You have such perfect skin I am so jealous

                زهرة اللوتس

                  Love you😘😍😍

                  roje rona

                    I loveeeeee youuuuuu


                      I thought she was holding a platter of cheese at the beginning. 😂
                      Btw thank you Lisetty for making a video about solid shampoo/conditioner! I have always been curious on what they do to curly hair. 😊💕

                      Leddie The Verified Prince

                        Lissette finally uploaded.
                        Im so excited!

                        Mia Nichols

                          Normally you use avocado co-wash between shampoo and conditioner x I recommend you use some of the shower oils , shower scrubs , shower bombs , naked skin care and naked shower gel xx part 2 ?

                          Lilian Okibe

                            I've used something like this before; actually a solid conditioner and shampoo and I loved them. I like the idea plus it felt good using stuff that look like candy/cake.😍😍😍 I still use them from time to time.

                            Zsanett Szemerády

                              wow i' ve never heard of a deodorant like that….love you so much ( new subscriber here) <3 <3

                              Marina Parra

                                I've never seen a Lush store in Spain 🙁 I wish

                                Gabriela Leon

                                  Can u start doing back to school vids pls

                                  Lola Andlee

                                    i’m using shampoo and conditioner bars at the moment, i love the concept but honestly it’s just expensive, doesn’t last long or work that great

                                    Jamika Harris

                                      You are so pretty

                                      Madison Senior

                                        Lush is EXPENSIVE wow😂

                                        Elaina Eichorn

                                          i love ur videos sm

                                          Lisa Elbrønd

                                            Love your intentions with this video🙌🏽💕

                                            Rocha Family

                                              The soap bar that you used on your legs seems really nice


                                                Curly wurly would be great for your curls my mom has super curly and dry hair and that is what she uses

                                                Nadia Creekmore

                                                  I've been working on my hair for a while I finally got it looking healthy like yours.. I'm proud of my self and I just wanna say ur romodel to me😊💕

                                                  Naturally Mystique

                                                    Aww that cute lil bun 💓💓

                                                    Hen Mediavilla

                                                      I literally say the same exact thing about sulfates. I won't lie, I'll use sulfates once a month or every two months. If my hair feels like it has a lot of gross build up, I want to feel clean! So I'm totally here for that girl!

                                                      Hen Mediavilla

                                                        This video was so entertaining to watch. I literally would've had the same reaction trying those hair products in the shower 😂 I've never tried them before but have seen other Youtubers and my friends try these before.
                                                        That body butter sounds nice though, I might have to try that out 🤔

                                                        Curlyhead 123

                                                          They are pretty cool but what I don’t like about it is that all of them have harsh ingredients. (The hair products)

                                                          Elisavet Pavlidou

                                                            There is also a brand called ethique that is vegan and package-free. Lush is not the best into natural, package-free products.

                                                            Yara Hasan

                                                              If you weren’t a big fan of the solid conditioner (i’m not either) but still want to try package free hair conditioning, lush has some hair masks that are solid you just add boiling water and they turn really creamy! You get a decent amount and I just put it in a reusable container and use it as conditioner.
                                                              Also Ro’s Argan is my fave Lush scent!!!

                                                              Iyahna Ruiz

                                                                I feel like everything should come in glass 🤔

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