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      I Tried The Ultimate Red Carpet Treatment

      Time to discover how the celebs get red carpet ready! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      Kno da Wae

        when you realize infra-red is usually use to heat foods (like microwave)…. and "detox" is just a MYTH… liver and kidney can remove "detox" … also eat an healthy foods and in moderation can reduce "detox"

        Guillermo Alonso

          Very nice advertising….


            175 for a huge placebo.

            my busy life

              'The big squeeze' is basically a machine for manual lymphatic drainage therapy. These things will not have much of an effect on people with a healthy lymphatic system. My mother has one of those machines because she has lymphodema. She has to be in it for at least 60 consecutive minutes each day. So chilling in this thing for half an hour won't do much, especially when your lymphatic system is healthy to begin with… Pure money making there.

              Aia Garcia

                Her skin looks clearer. O.o something worked probably the cryo thing?

                Ashe Ketchum

                  This was like "how do we pack the absolute most into less than 5 minutes"


                    That is mostly pseudoscience but it did look fun.

                    Katelyn Widell

                      This is skin cancer waiting to happen tbh..

                      sunlight ☀️

                        bring back shila 🗣

                        CC A

                          Horrible thumbnail pic 😂😂😂😂😂

                          Jo Boekweg

                            Wow! This is amazing! For only $175 you can get completely…scammed. Slap the words “celebrity” or “red carpet” on anything in LA and people will pay for it.


                              Very sponsored
                              No feedback

                              Sadichchha Sharma

                                she’s so pretty❤️

                                amanda Derp

                                  This is literally the most L.A thing I have ever seen


                                    I need detoxing after watching this shite.

                                    Lauren Schlepp

                                      I've got a lot of skepticism around some of these treatments.

                                      Joey Lynn

                                        isn't it crazy that in 5-10 years these methods will seem "outdated"?


                                          so when they do stuff like this, does Buzzfeed pay for it or is it like a huge promo for the businesses?

                                          Capri M

                                            Anyone know why she was fired? I’m confused


                                              Well it was nice of them to give her the red carpet treatment before they gave her the boot

                                              Hope she's doing well after being fired

                                              Katie Lines

                                                "apparently it's good for you, so I'm going to give it a shot"…not the most solid logic

                                                Katie Lines

                                                  Probably relaxing but sauna's don't "detox" you, the only thing that "detoxes" you is your liver and kidneys/ peeing and pooping (not in the form of a colonic).

                                                  Yanano Bere

                                                    Snake oil 🤣

                                                    Cam Christine

                                                      Getting hired at buzzfeed means you get to pamper yourself and write it off as a business expense


                                                        Where's the creativity in this video? This just feels like you had to make a quick video so you used the same concept of 500 buzzfeed videos.

                                                        Rachel Bonura

                                                          why did they fire her?

                                                          Kayla Kukla Czech

                                                            How to waste $175 in 55 minutes!

                                                            Also; people that take their phones in saunas drive me mad. It’s an electronic!

                                                            Leo Liljegren

                                                              1:29 I hope its farenhight XD

                                                              E E

                                                                I love Shila, and this is no shade towards her, but this honestly just felt like a big ad for the spa she went to 🤷 She didn't even really go over or show how she looked and felt later on, not immediately at the spa but maybe that evening or sometime would've been nice. It just seemed like the spa, their good deals, and the fancy services they offer, were the focus of the vid, not Shila or her reaction.


                                                                  no before and after?

                                                                  Kaia Capulong

                                                                    I love all of these videos!

                                                                    The Gothic Two-Step

                                                                      'This sauna rids the body of all those toxins' aaaaaaand now I know just how quacky this all is. It's 2019 guys, stop saying everything removes 'toxins' it might flush your pores a bit but that's it.
                                                                      Infrared light therapy at least does what they claim, though.

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