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      Givenchy recently came out with makeup for ALL GENDERS… yes people, unisex makeup apparently is a thing. In my opinion a thing nobody asked for …


        WHAT ARE YOU GUYS' THOUGHTS???? I'm a little pissed tbh…

        Marque Philpot

          Putting unisex on makeup is like putting unisex on a vacuum.

          Edvin Lagumdzija

            Butt makupe is for boys to

            Wesley Lewis

              I would not date a man that wears makeup of any kind unless he is required to briefly for a performance or film. Just no, absolutely not

              Ytzia Ceniceros

                Maybe the unisex/male-oriented collection is to make guys more comfortable trying makeup 🤷🏻‍♀️

                leivy onwa

                  Do a series and tell us about your tattos…I like the ones on your wrist


                    Very confusing when cosmetic company try to sell cosmetic “unisex”… but names “Mr.” And you call it “she”…it’s such an bias all makeup are meant for female uses. It’s 2018, male can wear makeup too. But i get it. Korean cosmetic sells “male cosmetics” as well so I guess cosmetic comply is trying to make male comfortable to wear makeup due to those bias🤷🏻‍♀️

                    Hoseoks SugaKookie

                      The more years pass the more brain cells are lost.

                      Mystical Kumquat

                        Lol this is just a blatant marketing tactic. It has become normal for both males and females to wear make up, so Givenchy is just cashing in on this. I guarantee they don't actually give a crap about equal representation in the make-up industry lol.

                        Vincent V

                          Stop being demented. Stop crossing dressing. And lose some fucking weight already. You're a fucking disgrace.

                          Felicity Faulkner

                            What is with the label of the makeup? I was under the impression that makeup had no gender.

                            just se :3

                              isn’t all makeup unisex

                              Leonora Perez

                                Girllll, you are trending! ❤️

                                Mia C Hoffmann

                                  It’s actually pretty clear to me, the female skin is different from the male skin so they obviously react differently to makeup. Makeup for men should be a thing because the male skin is thicker

                                  Sunny Skye

                                    No one knows what they are anymore. What the heck happened?

                                    Giselle Penuelas

                                      I thought she would do a Dutch word 🥺

                                      Gigi Glow

                                        How about missy then mister?

                                        Emily Taylor

                                          Loving the introooo

                                          Sam Arellano

                                            Maybe it got that ñame cause some men need that label to wear it


                                              please try the LAKA or 3CE makeup


                                                Unisex makeup=pathetic

                                                Makeup is already unisex and as far as men/a man I’m dating wearing makeup goes, as long as he uses his own makeup cool. Because, I don’t share my Urban Decay, lol

                                                Brylee Covers

                                                  I have one word CLICKBAIT

                                                  Um pinkhi

                                                    Tbh it doesn’t “piss me off” really like tbh I don’t see anything wrong with making more masculine makeup. I can see more masculine women using it too if they don’t really like the idea of using more “girly” products

                                                    Amanda Palermo

                                                      Please try out Glossier makeup!!!!!!!

                                                      Jake Leow

                                                        P.s. love you Nikkie! It’s all love!

                                                        Jake Leow

                                                          Also, none of the comments you got were from the target audience. It’s easy to say that makeup is for everyone when you don’t have to face the backlash yourself. It’s an olive branch. It’s for the rest of us who can’t go out in makeup and feel comfortable.

                                                          Winter Is totally not a furry

                                                            To all people whining about how it’s called “mister”, I’m pretty sure they called it that because makeup is generally more directed towards women (not saying men can’t use it, where you at sister squad) but since it’s unisex, they named it after the group it’s generally not aimed for 😀

                                                            Anyway, I’m pretty sure the creators weren’t trying to offend anyone, just making a……. puN? (Idk)

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