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      I Tried Willow Bark For My Period Cramps

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        I think it is safer for you to take the Advil (which is just a brand name for ibuprofen, an NSAID), than to make a tincture from the willow bark. The active ingredient in the willow bark is also an NSAID, and the problem with trying to make it natural means you don't know how much you are taking. High doses of NSAIDs over a long period of time can lead to gastric upset including ulcers and bleeding. You are much safer taking a controlled amount such as one you can buy over the counter or get from your doctor, than trying to make it natural. You are at much greater risk of unwanted side effects by going natural. Also, if you are worried about the side effects of NSAIDs long term, you could try paracetamol instead. Paracetamol isn't an NSAID and therefore does not have the same side effects as ibuprofen and aspirin. Just make sure to read the dosing instructions as you should take less if you are under a certain weight. (Information is from my brain, I'm a doctor)


          please dont use New York times and google results to show that painkillers MAY be harmful. at least link some scholarly sources because people will believe whatever is on the internet.

          Lizette Garza

            I used to get extremely painful cramps on my period, but since being vegetarian (10 months) my period cramps are close to nothing.

            Martina Rosati

              Please take down this video, you are advertising a method that is really unsafe and can cause major problems to whoever tries it.
              I understand that your intentions were good but since you have such a big audience you should really be more responsible and do more research before putting out this kind of content.

              Paulino Fuentes Jr

                Omg this is awesome 😎 not your cramps but the natural remedy. Can you make more natural remedies would this work men?

                Lila Twyx

                  there is still alocohol in it + the willow bark salicin
                  but go off I guess

                  Spanish Doll

                    Too much work, $, & planning for such minimal relief. No Thanks !


                      When I get period cramps, I'm not waiting for Willow bark to kick in, I drink a shot glass amount of dill pickle juice and if it doesn't start working in 10mins I drink a coffee mug amount and that always works within 5-10mins every time. It's something the women of my family have done for ages! I have tried it with other types of pickle juice and it's just not the same results.

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                          M T

                            Evening Primrose oil – the ones I get are gel-caps from Whole Foods

                            Emmanuelle Martel

                              "it's natural, so I don't think I can overdose"—> wisdom at its finest.

                              Riley Elliott

                                "… want to tear my uterus off." *smiles* ME!!!

                                Willow Rey

                                  Pretty much any other herb is more effective for menstrual pain than willow bark. Lemon balm, nettle, skullcap, lavender, Motherwort, raspberry leaf, ginger, peppermint, topical arnica and comfrey, clary sage, etc.

                                  Willow Rey

                                    Willow bark takes 8 hours to kick in. Consult a real herbalist next time, trying to diy clinical medicine is dangerous.

                                    Luz !

                                      Ruda is perfect for cramps

                                      Hatori Sachiyo

                                        Try drinking chamomile tea everyday and eat healthier and see how it goes

                                        Bergen Kludt-Painter

                                          Honesty if you have really bad cramps you should just get a prescription pain killer. I also have endometriosis so idk.

                                          Serena Odonata

                                            Absolutly not a good idea, yeah it is great when you catched a cold, lessens raised temperature and pain, but it is basicly asperin, wich is ok as a pain medication and great as a BLOODTHINER, that is not a thing you want while menstruating

                                            Andy Kadir-Buxton

                                              Low Tech Solution for Primary Menstrual Cramps,
                                              As Used by NASA

                                              Primary Menstrual Cramps can be a debilitating problem for some 10% of women. Conventional treatment can even be as drastic as exploratory surgery whilst looking for a cure. A less intrusive solution is available. Orgasm from masturbation has been found to relieve the painful symptoms of menstrual cramps. Whilst it is not always convenient to masturbate for the necessary five minutes until the pain subsides, hands free masturbation is still possible. In order to do this one simply has to clench and then relax the vagina repeatedly for five minutes. After three and a half minutes the pain begins to subside, and goes completely in five. With this method no one need know of the discomfort being suffered, and the pain soon goes. Those with diabetes or on mental health medication will have to take slightly longer than five minutes.

                                              Do not try this whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

                                              Kelsey Haddix

                                                It is safer if you take asprin. It's the same stuff, just with an acetyl group added to protect your stomach lining from damage.


                                                  "I don't want to take pain medication so I'm going to take asprin"


                                                    "It's natural so I don't think I can overdoes" YOU TOTALLY CAN!

                                                    Kacey Meier-Smith

                                                      Congrats, you made aspirin🤷‍♀️


                                                        This is a really irresponsibly-made video. I have so many problems with a YouTube personality peddling misinformation about medical issues without a care. A quick search on Healthline reveals that too much willow bark can CAUSE stomach cramping and bleeding, the exact thing that you wanted to prevent. So that’s why when you said kept adding over 100 drops of willow bark, the cramps were still there. And on that note, you work for Buzzfeed, not Goop. I cannot imagine what would prompt a person to nonchalantly vlog about just taking more and more willow bark & saying, “Well, it’s natural, right? So you can’t really overdose.” How hard is it to find reliable sources that state the risks and benefits of tinctures? It takes Google. It’s not you just vlogging on your personal Facebook; you are working for a media company. And it’s setting a bad example for the viewers. You may be covered legally by quickly saying at the front that “You should speak to your doctor before trying anything.” Did you speak to your doctor prior to taking willow bark? Because they would have been able to point out that just because something is natural, doesn’t mean you can’t OD on it. You said at the end that it’s a privilege for you that the pain is manageable and you have a regular cycle. It is also a privilege that you didn’t land in the hospital, where I hope none of your viewers are going.


                                                        katie glenn

                                                          I’m using this information for when I go back in time and need NSAIDs…. yes I watch too much Outlander

                                                          abc katieb

                                                            Am I the only one that doesn’t get any help from pain killers during my period?

                                                            Lisa Galperin

                                                              There’s a reason modern day medicine exists.

                                                              Cassaundra Acosta

                                                                I would take a probiotic daily as long term use of pain killers and antibiotics can disrupt our gut microbiome. Probiotics are a great way to diversify and replenish our gut microbiome. Thus reduce the potential damage that long term use of NSAIDs can cause.


                                                                  Natural doesn't mean safe. There are a lot of poisons, for example. A better comparison is that medications of any sort are safe within recommended doses, but poison at higher levels.

                                                                  UnicornMal 2007

                                                                    Is it weird that I got my first period today and this was in my recommended

                                                                    Laura Christine

                                                                      This whole thing is stupid… should've consulted first with a professional…
                                                                      Cue a horde of people who will stupidly follow this whole unnecessary trend..

                                                                      Christian Davis

                                                                        Just get a hysterectomy, you shouldn’t breed anyway

                                                                        Lazy Potato


                                                                          H.M Cross

                                                                            I need to try this now instead of midol 🙂


                                                                              Everyone is talking about how it obviously isn't safe to assume that just because it's natural you can't overdose which I totally agree with, but also…EIGHT HOURS to get pain relief?? My pain is so bad the 20-30 minutes it takes for the ibuprofen to kick in is too long. There is no way I could wait all day for the willow bark to do the job having a much more effective, reliable and frankly safer option. At least I know exactly what I'm getting with Advil instead of just guessing a dosage and still risking the same, if not worse, side effects as others have pointed out.

                                                                              Florinda Lucero

                                                                                Willow bark is just the active ingredient in aspirin, what you want for cramps is raspberry leaf.

                                                                                Angela Lovell

                                                                                  Nicely done, Auri! You should've been a bit more careful, or advertised the medical background research you did a bit more, because you scared everyone lol 😛 I'm guessing you had a conversation with the woman at the shop about the white willow's strength, and I trust you, but for the sake of everyone who's missing the point, do be careful to let everyone know you've checked with a doctor (it's not like you're asking for their blessing, just their opinion). I think that was an awesome video, please keep up your stellar attitude, it's very encouraging.
                                                                                  I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from my uterus's bottom too (god, that joke is so old, carbon dating doesn't even work on it).

                                                                                  Nightwing Noir

                                                                                    I started my period today… during my ACT test😬

                                                                                    Mrs J

                                                                                      If you take some strawberry runners which are the red veins off of strawberry plant and store them in the dark dry area for a while so they kind of dry out until you need to boil them and make a tea then that helps with your cramps.

                                                                                      Leslie Sanchez

                                                                                        Damn hippies

                                                                                        Alex S.

                                                                                          Or you know… aspirin


                                                                                            Willow is my dog's name 💖

                                                                                            Ryan Jolly

                                                                                              What you really should take is magnesium instead of NSAIDs


                                                                                                Yeah… issa no for me sis. I found this interesting, but my cramps are unbearable so I have to stick with what works for me.

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