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      I Try Jewelry Subscription Boxes

      I wanted to up my jewelry game so found three jewelry subscription boxes to try out! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily …

      Meg Erick

        She reminds me of Minnie driver

        Emilia Modrusan

          0:58 don't choose this one because they can't even spell February right 😂

          Lauren Montgomery

            Why is Chloe being featured so heavily lately? There are so many talented women working at Buzzfeed, especially women of color. I would love more of your other content creators. No hate to Chloe, I’m just missing when Buzzfeed featured more than just one of its creators.

            Saoirse Kiernan

              does it annoy anyone else that jewellery is spelt wrong?

              M Feix

                DO A MAKEUP SUBSCRIPTION BOX PLS!!!!!!


                  I think Chloe needs to use better lighting at home (you can say she stole that from Saf). At home and in the office meeting rooms, she looks pale with too much red make up. Outside and in other areas her make up is fine.

                  Abby Miller

                    you should try higher priced boxes. Every few months I treat myself to a XIO by Ylette box. It's expensive but so beautiful! More expensive video version please! Love ya'll!!


                      The first box I really liked the earrings on her (well personally I think geometric earring can look really cool) and I think the bracelet was nice and simple but not too simple. The necklace wasn’t bad but not my taste, maybe if you styled it where you went more simple on everything else(like stud earrings) and some solid color dress.
                      The second box was nice because of how simplistic they were that you could wear them with anything but they were so simple they did not look like they were worth their retail (or even the rental) value.
                      The third box I think that type of necklace are great but she should have styled it with a different outfit. I don’t think that type of necklace is for older crowds but rather younger people cause I feel like older people would have wore a more classic looking necklace and not that necklace. Super disappointed it was falling apart

                      Melissa Thomas

                        I love Chloe so much 🙂

                        Briann Bourassa

                          For those new to jewelry, I recommend finding one or two versatile pieces you feel comfortable in and wear them almost everyday! It’s a great place to start and then find nicer quality versions of your favorites that will last.

                          Annelise Barnes

                            The fun thing with rocksbox is you don’t actually have to send them back at the end of the month! You keep them as long as you want, you just pay by month!


                              Her sister is hilarious!! That is something I would say to my sister and vice versa. "You're necklace looks more expensive than you are" 😂😂

                              Claire Sparkes

                                I need lindseys top

                                RogerClyne IsAGod

                                  Wow. I've never thought that much about what jewelry goes with what outfit unless I'm going to some super fancy thing, which is about once a year if that, or maybe to a concert then I'll wear that band's merch jewelry (if they have any).

                                  I had no idea people got anxious about wearing or picking out jewelry.

                                  I just pick an outfit & wear whatever I like for the day & very seldom do I match because that's just not important to me.

                                  Unless it's Halloween or Christmas then I have a box of jewelry just for those 2 holidays since they're my faves. October & December are all about full on holiday jewelry for earrings, rings, necklaces, pins, etc.

                                  Jilane Gui

                                    The only "jewellery" I wear are those cheap chokers I got from Chinese websites and hoops earrings lol!! But its mostly because I lose my stuff all the time! Wearing expensive jewellery is just asking for trouble for me..


                                      How hygienic is it to rent hearings??

                                      Darla Beese

                                        🌺🌺🌺 I can't believe how many subscription monthly boxes are out there. I only knew of one that I just found out it for jewelry. But I don't think I would want someone picking my drawer for me. Thank you for sharing!

                                        Theatre Geek

                                          Please do makeup subscription boxes!!!! Like birchbox, boxycharm, ipsy, etc…

                                          Ruby Reed

                                            I think the buzzfeed employees just want free stuff lol

                                            casey tolpin

                                              Love Chloe! Also still waiting on a short girls try style boxes…

                                              Jaquline Young

                                                Where is her laptop case from?!?!


                                                  sharing earrings with total strangers gives me the heebie jeebies. oof.

                                                  A A

                                                    Do ur co-workers work for wish…😂 the way they describe things everytime

                                                    Gringa-n- Mexico

                                                      I wanna see every month!!!


                                                        Hubba hubba, you look phenomenal in that grey dress! Excellent style choice 👌

                                                        J.S. Simmons

                                                          I enjoy how BuzzFeed makes up fake life problems like “i don’t know how to wear jewelry and i need someone to tell me how”. (But seriously I love Chloe and her videos 💕)

                                                          Baylie C

                                                            Rocksbox looks like only for the USA. Can't change the Country or the Provence/state or Postal Code/zip…


                                                              Yeah, I'm with Jazzmyne when it comes to jewelry. I'm pretty specific and clear about what I like and don't like. I also agree with Nina about liking and wearing bolder jewelry. Half the jewelry I own is bold (I have food necklaces, cartoon saying necklaces, custom word necklaces, Melody Ehsani earrings [look that up, because the jewelry has been featured on Buzzfeed a few times], and a lot of DIY rings), and then half isn't and is just plain silver that is sometimes in the shape of something (palm trees, hearts, stars, etc.). I know what I like and don't like when I see it.

                                                              Lexi Scott

                                                                What up other non-ear pierced people! 🙌

                                                                Just Some Laura

                                                                  I wonder what all the pieces are made of. I'm allergic to many kinds of metal, so if it isn't gold, silver or surgical steel, my ears will get swollen!

                                                                  pizza gaming blue

                                                                    Can someone please support me? I am 14 years old and I sell jewelry. I’m grateful for a purchase,like or comment . My page is sweettreasuresbytori

                                                                    S M

                                                                      To be honest, I love the first outfit, second outfit with the first coat and loved the jewelry of the third but it’s definitely a date night kind of thimg

                                                                      Skylla aka Linnéa Theliander

                                                                        I feel like she cares too much about what others think about how she look, just wear what you think is pretty and you feel comfortable with girl !!! ❤️

                                                                        Sofia V

                                                                          that palm leaf necklace was gorgeous! 😍

                                                                          Tori Danielle

                                                                            That first box was totally not worth it. Those pieces looked cheap

                                                                            L P

                                                                              All this jewelry looks super tacky .

                                                                              Lauren Schlepp

                                                                                I'm allergic to metal and I don't wear jewelry anyway. Migraine City when I wear jewelry 🙁 Very cute idea but definitely not marketed toward me LOL


                                                                                  The first box and last have same bracelet

                                                                                  Savannah Holes

                                                                                    I think that it looks good!!!

                                                                                    Julia A

                                                                                      Becky at Buzzfeed + Harry 4 President = luv


                                                                                        I'm not a fan of the jewelry subscription boxes. I feel like the jewelry is from Wish or something ANYWAY, so you might as well just go buy it at a discount store. I prefer to get my jewelry at garage sales and rummage sales. Fun vintage costume jewelry.

                                                                                        Bianca Lane

                                                                                          Wait you have to give back the earrings even though u wore them? That’s a little gross.


                                                                                            She reminds me of Sophie turner

                                                                                            Brownie Puff

                                                                                              i want those !

                                                                                              Stevie AM

                                                                                                I wish I was as pretty as you! Xxx


                                                                                                  I'll stick with making my own 😂😂

                                                                                                  mariah redwood

                                                                                                    So this is costume jewlery?

                                                                                                    Anneliese BB

                                                                                                      If you feel like the jewelry is too sophisticated, wear it with a solid color tshirt and pants with a simple pattern. ♡

                                                                                                      rah ali

                                                                                                        I'm Kind of in a rush in the morning so I jewellery is forgotten about most of the time.

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