I Try on All of my *Winter* Clothes // Spring Closet Clear-out

Main I Try on All of my *Winter* Clothes // Spring Closet Clear-out

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    Alex Centomo

      I tried on all of my winter clothes and cleared out my closet for SPRING! Follow me on instagram: ☆ 90s OUTFIT IDEAS …

      Alex Centomo

        Should I just do a giveaway and give you guys the items I don't keep? Also, should I do a video like this for every season?

        Theana Lou Silva

          For a quick sec I thought the thumbnail was Jennette Mccurdy 😍😍

          L R

            Toute cette consommation, c'est un désastre écologique 🙁 La plupart des vêtements donnés partent à la benne il ne faut pas être naïf

            Sage Springs

              Plz sell these on depop! I think the best method for “influencers” to take is to post it on depop for a month (this gives your fans time enough to buy it) but if it doesn’t sell within a month, you should donate it. You have cute clothes & people who can’t pay depop prices also deserve cute clothes, but this way you get the best of both worlds.


              Ilham hanni

                U never get rid of sweaters … u never know when they r back

                Hayley René

                  Loving the hair! How do you keep the color so nice? Do you use a purple shampoo or anything? Just wondering because I’m slowly transitioning back to blonde after being a brunette for a couple years and I’m worried about my hair turning out brassy or yellow 😩

                  Taylor Quinn

                    i can’t get over your bangs, they look so good on u

                    Gabriella Uccellini

                      I want your bodyyyy😭❤️


                        want to donate those aritzia jallade pants to me?!😩😩😩 the perfect work pants!!

                        Julia B

                          Omg please do a giveaway!!! Love these😍

                          Lifestyle by Laila

                            Omg if you sell your things on DEPOP I WOULD SO BUY THEM 😍😍😍 so many beautiful sweaters that I would love so much!!!


                              That revolve sweater 😍 Also I love it that I can relate with you about the shitty weather we're having in Quebec 😂

                              T Mar13

                                Lmao I just did this today because I’m moving!! I have 3-4 giant garbage bags filled with clothing and shoes I need to bring to the donation 😭😫

                                Karla S

                                  This was fun to watch. Felt like going through clothes with a friend!! 😉

                                  Mii Loops

                                    Yaaaas, I need one of these videos every season!!
                                    Absolutely in love with the bangs also!

                                    Taylor Girl

                                      What’s the name of those striped free people pants! I NEED them!


                                        I neeeeed the white Free People turtleneck you’re donating!!!!😍😍


                                          Omg stop. So jealous of everything you own!! Mostly your pants 😍😍

                                          Eda Annadurai

                                            I love watching closet clear outs 😭 ❤️

                                            Sharon Felus

                                              First of all your hair has been looking amazing!!! Second I love your style and I definitely understand when clothes connect to memories, I'm definitely sentimental like that! Either way it's great to clear out and donate every once in a while
                                              Also wanted to say that I recently saw your mental health awareness video and it was really inspiring so thanks for all you do ❤


                                                Where are you donating all this stuff cuz I needa hit up that thrift store :O

                                                Maggie Hasper

                                                  The bangs are back in the game 😍😍😍 gorgeous Alex

                                                  Ally Bnvt

                                                    Hey guys what's the song at the end??

                                                    miranda panda

                                                      Save yourself some time next year and don't get any new sweaters unless they are grey 😂

                                                      Emily Wyand

                                                        I do this every season and it's sooooo therapeutic! love the bangs btw


                                                          Loved the video, wished you would have shown more clothes thou 🙈♥️

                                                          Charlotte Bourrieu

                                                            same weather as you have (livin' in montreal too) where is the sun ??

                                                            Andrea Nunez

                                                              Oooooooo Alex got booty

                                                              Michelle Karas

                                                                U are literally the queen of stylish outfits.

                                                                Fe Fe

                                                                  I love your style, you’re so cute!

                                                                  Andrea Nunez

                                                                    can i buy one of your bins… please please pleaseeee


                                                                      please open a depop and sell some stuff there!!! i love your style and we have a very similar body type!

                                                                      Christina Rose

                                                                        I actually really enjoyed this and hearing the reasoning

                                                                        Maia G.V.

                                                                          loved this idea! probably doing something similar on my channel soon!


                                                                            Just did a cleanup in my closet also, so much i could sell or donate😂❤️

                                                                            Love the checker sweather from storets(?) if i read it right😍👌🏼

                                                                            Tanvi Karkera

                                                                              I feel you’re donated all my style of sweaters 😂


                                                                                these pants wooow😍

                                                                                Hannah Renee

                                                                                  I love your style😍

                                                                                  Skyler Jackson

                                                                                    Upload to poshmark so we can buy

                                                                                    GUNES O.

                                                                                      Seeing you looking absolutely amazing with bangs, makes me to get bangs as well 😂

                                                                                      Neely O’Connor

                                                                                        WOW! Proud of you babe for all you decided to donate! I hate watching these and see youtubers donate like 5 things haha. You were really strict and just kept what you loved.

                                                                                        jessica n

                                                                                          You should sell your stuff online! I would totally buy some of that

                                                                                          CL XK

                                                                                            I would love to see all of your summer clothes! I am a summer girl and you have some of the cutest summer wardrobe pieces (going off of what you got last year😊)


                                                                                              Where will you be selling your clothes? You should try Poshmark!

                                                                                              théa D.

                                                                                                I live in canada tooo and I NEED that many sweaters, seriously I have like one.. 🙁

                                                                                                Angie C

                                                                                                  for some reason this was so relaxing to watch 😌 and those sweaters are just too cute!! 😍 would love a giveaway! 💛Also do you think you're going to post some of these on your instagram closet profile? 😊


                                                                                                    you should make a depop or a poshmark!!!!!

                                                                                                    Emilie Viel

                                                                                                      YES! I live for these kind of videos and I'm so glad you did one! 😍

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