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      Lala Lila

        Your whole face looks so different with the brown contact lenses!!

        Krishnangini Buragohain

          My fav BTS and Blackpink

          jeon kookie

            Hey…. Do u know bts

            Soodddggg_44 Al3aaazmiii

              My favorite is rose

              Nina Savic

                You look younger and more innocent with this makeup. 😊

                Lauryn Higgins-Brown

                  You look so different with brown eyes!!!! X

                  miracle dreamer

                    Mate u tried ur best but still it's not close to JISOO'S look becUse u r American & we r Asian
                    U really did great Thnx for trying we appreciate that
                    & yea Blackpink is killing but BTS is mesmerising 😂😊
                    Thnx once again

                    Abdullah Khalid

                      Loveeeeee your natural hair colour look❤🔥

                      Jamalex Mascal

                        Ate roxx i love BTS

                        Hannah Alsen

                          My two worlds are clashing again

                          miracle dreamer

                            Jisoo Stans r u here??
                            Ready for tomorrow's BTS music video??
                            Note:dont use emojis/symbols or words like v**ws/M*V
                            Thnx for ur support

                            Aymen Wafra

                              My favourite is Chaeyoung (rose) lalisa jennie and jisoo

                              Kaniz Fatima

                                My favourite k pop band is EXO…..try listening to them…they r awesome

                                Kaniz Fatima

                                  U look cute in this look….without the wig though……

                                  AliaH Lagapa

                                    Your'e so fvcking precious when you smile 😍💖

                                    nelle_jimin ARMY

                                      Who is army here???

                                      Stil Day

                                        Didn't expect you to do this OMG

                                        Caroline Zoells

                                          Roxy you have to hold your upper lid too that is why it is so hard 😝 (lens advice)

                                          יעל פילס

                                            I love bts, blackpink, txt ,exo, ikon am i the only one?

                                            Khusbu Parveen

                                              Lee min hoo….my all time favorite 😍😘

                                              Dinar Zaen

                                                Your makeup is very beautiful.

                                                Gulnaz Shaikh

                                                  Whoaa I'm jungshoook never thought you'd be into kpop. My favourite from blackpink is lisa and my favourite band is BTS.

                                                  Varisha Samreen

                                                    Yayayayyyy Jisoonation and blinks where you guys at?????😭💕💕💕💕💕💕


                                                      by blackpink bias is Lisa

                                                      Chitra Singh

                                                        Roxi love your videos. Girl!!!!

                                                        Veronica Florendo

                                                          Lisa My Babe <33333

                                                          Arrushe V chawla

                                                            Who else want her to dress up like an indian girl

                                                            Yannika Mendonca

                                                              Are u a blink and my bias is Jennie

                                                              Clarissa Ima

                                                                I've watched your Q&A video last time and I clearly remembered you said you are also a kpop fan. I wanted to suggest on your previous videos that maybe you could come up with a video that is related to kpop. I wanted too, but I dont remember in which Q&A video you mentioned it, so eventually I forgot to suggest something. I am sooo glad you made one! and my fav kpop band is EXO and Red Velvet. But I love Blackpink too!

                                                                monica refat

                                                                  My favourite band is 2PM

                                                                  Louise Lopez

                                                                    Blink here💕


                                                                      Yaaas! You should do look for less for girl groups or inspo. And more recreating makeup looks based off idols.


                                                                        Blackpink in your areaaaa

                                                                        Hetvi Lathia

                                                                          Turn into Lisa for a week next video 💓

                                                                          golden kookie

                                                                            I have never clicked so fast ! + I recommended this idea once in your video roxi ahh love you !! 💜💓💗

                                                                            Shaikh Naweza

                                                                              The music video d-du d-du d-du 😆

                                                                              Mantasha Salahuddin

                                                                                My bias are jisoo and Jennie

                                                                                Farifa Mon

                                                                                  I love jenne

                                                                                  Pia Sy

                                                                                    Little mix next pls…. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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