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      I Was Body-Shamed By A Modeling Agency

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      Emily King

        This is SO IMPORTANT- thank you to Buzzfeed for this video. More like this.

        Heyder Edwardo

          i dont completely disagree with the company, its your fault to begin with. you wrote your size as 34 and they expected a woman with 34 size came in but they got you instead. how can they not be disappointed? they know u once had a 34 size so thats why they thought you can be 34 again.

          Ridhima Joshi

            SHE'S SO PRETTY
            THAT GLOWY SKIN
            DAMNNNNN πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

            Emily Jolliffe

              That guy seems like an arsehole!!! You are intelligent, beautiful and perfect the way you are!!!

              Ameena Xx

                You're not the only one rejected like that. It's simply not for you. Period.


                  KUDOS GIRLLLL


                    My thing is: It's no ones job to "body shame"

                    Looking through the comments is very disheartening. I'm an avid supporter of changes in the workplace, especially if it deals with harassment.

                    Doctors whose patients are dealing with life or death issues relating to poor hygiene still are NOT allowed to body shame.

                    Modeling companies dealing with bodies on a cosmetic level need to have standards of respect and a broader definition of model. Give people a skills test, not just a ruler.


                      i relate to this so i stopped going to castings

                      Shreya Sarojkar

                        Then how does barabara palvin,Taylor hill make it..?? I always wonder

                        Judith B

                          Girl, you're beautiful just the way you are! You seem to be a victim of your intersectionality. Meaning you are a woman, but also an Afroamerican, and also of a certain age, and also …. The story of 'ain't I a woman' might bring you strength and might also make a good video.

                          Leave Me Alone

                            So this just turned into racism… gfy

                            Lee Trevis

                              I’m sorry, this from the beginning was your fault…he got the wrong measurements online, you should have told him previously! Sorry how upset you felt but surely you understand the strict standards of the modelling industry

                              Bunny button

                                First thing I heard . My measurements were smaller on the website than my actual measurements .. you should have put the correct ones.. however the way you were spoken to was awful. Being healthy is better than being thin .

                                Tony Romo

                                  Quit being a victim and get over it

                                  Tim B

                                    Well the guy has the right to hire or not hire whoever he wants so…

                                    Albany Blue

                                      This isn't anything new, buzzfeed. That's what model agencies do.


                                        I understand and agree with the message….. but …. that skin though…..skin care routine please?

                                        ruby stamnes

                                          Literally the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen what

                                          Charlex Beauty

                                            He was harsh but if your modeling page advertised a 34 inch waist and you knew you were no longer that size then you wasted his time. He reacted accordingly and said you needed to get back to the size that YOU advertised you were πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

                                            Lauryn Jirby

                                              Why is she so greasy? Like ew! Why she look like a potato?🀨

                                              Leslie Johnson

                                                Thank you for representing us all. Let’s not forget age either!

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