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      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty I asked you all on IG stories for questions for this Q&A! Make sure you are following on IG to be a part of …


        heeeello???? SHE CAN SINGGGG HOLY!11!11

        Haifax Malik

          the hoop would make u look even prettier.

          Vanessa George

            I empathize 150% with the curly hair experiences at salons that don’t know curly hair. I leave unhappy every single time! But kudos to you for trying to educate her. Maybe next time I’ll try the same

            Heaven Johnson

              Who loves her comment

              Aniyla MoQail

                hi lisette !! ive been watching your videos for awhile and it’s funny that you talked about the salon! i’m currently in college and that’s exactly my plan because i know how you feel so when i have my salon remember this comment!! love u❤️❤️


                  Lisette's hoodie is lit. Curl gang 💕😍.
                  Love from the Philippines.

                  Xrysoula Manda

                    I couldn't relate more to the salon part 😂I went one month ago for a cut and when they started the styling process they put so muck trush in my hair and they kept touching it like there is no tomorrow just to get "volume" 😂… In the end my 3b curls we're so freezy I looked like a male lion…. I couldn't see any curl… So traumatic 😂

                    Xrysoula Manda

                      Come to Greece❤

                      T A

                        Wtf how does she have such a good voice!!!!!!👌🏻💕❤️💖

                        Sienna Forrest

                          i live in australia and tbh there is no bugs or spiders…maybe im just used to it but like everyone exaggerates it sooo much

                          mary k

                            Why are you sooo embarrassed too show your boyfriend or you trying to hog the spot light??!!!

                            Tim Morris

                              Your amazing and got that natural beauty Queen

                              Yasmin Rosas

                                Omg 😓 so I’ve been in car accidents recently 😭 I’ve had 3 accidents this year & two were a month apart 😭

                                Star Akbar

                                  “I’m getting old, i don’t wanna get old” girl shut yo fine young ass up plus everybody know black don’t crack baby

                                  Seriah Alexus

                                    Fellow youtuber here!!! but umm sis your voice is 🔥 i'm waiting for the single to drop

                                    Breaza Bum

                                      Go balayage for your hair like a natural blonde brown balayage would look great

                                      Kayla Katherine

                                        it's so weird that you have 2.41 mil subscribers but less than 100K views ):

                                        Kimoy Edmondson


                                          Ceara Lynne

                                            Car accidents are very, very scary. So glad to hear and see that you’re okay! 🖤

                                            J A M E S

                                              I like your hoodie 🥶

                                              Tyler Snead

                                                Ummm why have you been hiding that singing voice all this time ???

                                                Della Modeste

                                                  I've been in a car accident and totally get how you're feeling. Dealing with all the legal stuff after suffering such a trauma both physically and mentally is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. You'll get through it though ❤

                                                  Anna Nicole

                                                    “I feel like I would lowkey, actually die” girl what?🤣


                                                      I really want that sweatshirt 💙 curl gang!!!Australia is awesome and I ended up taking a shower with a spider. I thru a shampoo bottle at it!!!! Ugh!!! But Oz is beautiful definitely go. But the best is New Zealand!!!

                                                      Precious Turner

                                                        I love that comment get married first then have children somebody need to tell my classmates that they just graduated from high school 3 years ago and they pregnant and got babies

                                                        Alexis Gordon-Martin

                                                          Sending love from Jamaica!!!

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