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      I Went To Prom For The First Time

      “Will they accept us into the teen community??” Macy’s: Macy’s Pasadena: LA Home School Prom: …

      Harry Potter

        My school was weird, we didn’t have a prom.

        Katie Donaldson

          "I wanted a cocktail real bad"…..👉Me

          Shallow Stream

            I'm in an all girls school and we still have prom. I feel like its gonna be awkward…

            deoo iopg

              I love this!!!!

              Mel Bees

                I went with my best friend!

                Mical Ceus

                  I saw Gadiel at the airport a couple days ago walking by my bar.😜

                  Ella Bartman

                    You ladies look gorgeous!!!!!!

                    As much subs i can get with no videos

                      The sky slide looks so fun! I wish I was here even tho I'm not teen or an adult XD ❤❤❤

                      As much subs i can get with no videos

                        Prom outfits were the best! ❤

                        Totti Vera

                          When Lindsay said “because you’re so giving” I thought she was going to say “because you’re so gay” 😂😂

                          As much subs i can get with no videos

                            Omg Jasmine loves three things I love! Sunflowers,Cardi B, and Fried Chicken

                            Incredible World

                              Good video! Always keep creating worthy content and you will build up really fast! Subscribe to our channel and then we shall subscribe back to you!

                              Jessica Anyanwu

                                but was prettymuch there/invited?


                                  The only promposal I’ve ever gotten teary eyed at! Such a cute video 😍

                                  Rania Moin

                                    If Lindsay's the one who's never been to prom, shouldn't jazz have promposed to get her the experience?

                                    Fatoumata Ceesay

                                      SIS YOU GOT THE ORANGE DRESS YOU SHOWED IT ON 7:01 … WOW SO SECRETIVE HAHAAA

                                      Sakura Light

                                        After watching this
                                        I’m still trying to decide whether to go to prom next year or not

                                        Neon Matcha

                                          At least, my school doesnt have prom……. should l sad? 😂

                                          Chyna Rivera

                                            Why the chicken 😑🙄

                                            bella lipsey

                                              wait her dress is absolutely beautiful


                                                Why did the prom posal make me cry lmao

                                                Joana Durão

                                                  Every time I see movies or videos about prom nights in USA, my thought it's always "Damn.. That's soooo different from prom nights in my country" 😅🇵🇹

                                                  Joyce Jin

                                                    Is it just me or are her nails huge?

                                                    Alejandra Amezcua

                                                      I love this!!!!


                                                        okay but is she aware that we saw the orange collar when she said it's a surprise

                                                        joeh tom

                                                          The nails 🙁

                                                          Nandini Rao

                                                            Why are they such goals and goddesses 🥰

                                                            Katie Murphy

                                                              My best friend asked me to prom with a high school musical 3 themed thing…. I had never seen it…

                                                              Jasmine Delacruz

                                                                “ this would never happen to a teen. This is a mid – twenties-“

                                                                Me- LIES I WENT TO URGENT CARE THEN TO PROM 🤣🤣🤣

                                                                HiHer Nation

                                                                  Selorm 😭 My whole wife 😭

                                                                  Bella Kok

                                                                    “I woke up and my neck hurt and I thought this would never happen to a teen. This is some mid 20’s bullsh*t.”
                                                                    Oh my god I feel that 😂


                                                                      SHE was prom queen? She looked way better when she was younger, yikes.

                                                                      Jaclyn Macm

                                                                        Prom was the last time I saw a lot of my friends that sadly passed away shortly after starting their life on their own. I appreciate prom for the people, too.

                                                                        Valeria Cortez

                                                                          "Don't make out with your ex"

                                                                          Me: LUCKY FOR ME I'VE NEVER DATED ANYONE BEFORE

                                                                          Juliana Gondo

                                                                            Awww that’s the cutest thing ever.

                                                                            alleynia a

                                                                              I saw her graduation photo and at that moment I knew where in Texas she was from lmao

                                                                              Amy Ceja

                                                                                I love the dress and sneakers idea very fashionable

                                                                                Amy Ceja

                                                                                  Both of you guys look like goddess

                                                                                  Greg Jones

                                                                                    Who cares waste of time and money

                                                                                    Sharon Rodriguez

                                                                                      Her nails did not even look good 💅🏽🤢

                                                                                      Emma karis

                                                                                        Heck yeah homeschoolers!

                                                                                        Kate Bolton

                                                                                          We love how she wasnt going to show us the dress at the beginning and then say a minute later that her dress is orange and when she was trying on there was only one orange dress that she tried on😂😂

                                                                                          Thals O

                                                                                            Lol it triggered me when she said okuuurr the wrong way


                                                                                              Wow it’s better than my prom so luxurious haha

                                                                                              G Gizzle

                                                                                                should’ve had prettymuch prepare you for prom 😭

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