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      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: What’s up guys… In today’s video I wore fake designer clothing for a week! This was …


        Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video! Took a long time to film and edit! Also which outfit was your favourite? 😉

        Flower Wild

          well doned fake designer stuff is the best thing in the world😂💗

          jennis slay

            Stop being like this … what's the deal of wearing fake designer 🙄

            Neha Rustagi

              Are you an artist? Check this out https://youtu.be/WSvnaMMfpXc

              Precious Kaye Tizon

                Just watched your videos and I’m a fan now. You’re the kind of person everyone would love to be friends with. 🤗

                Francesca Finch

                  12:14when that woman walked past and just looked at her like ‘I just heard u saying ab that fake designerrr’ 🤣🤣

                  kiran irfan

                    Again your voice is so lovely


                      Am I the only one who can’t tell the difference?

                      Amalie Jensin

                        07.45 the reason why people are allowed to stare at you, are because you walk in to a store with fake cloths on…. it's respectless not just of you, but of anyone wearing fake.. the people working at Louis Vuitton and Gucci work there butt out, to make a good product for you.. and lots of lots of people are saving up, to afford something nice for themselves.. it's not just respectless, but also embarrassing to look at. if you can't afford designer, then go get yourself a pretty dress and bag from HM, nothing is wrong with that! but if you absolutely shall were fake, don't be a bitch about people looking at you.

                        Neeta G

                          It doesn't matter whether noticed or not. Fake is fake. Can't afford it, don't wear it. Maybe you should encourage fake copies of your palettes instead?


                            Maybe they staring cos the dress is horrific even for Gucci fans

                            Charlotte Holt

                              i don't like how on Tuesday you had ur bag down so low

                              Mharian Ngo

                                Damn, it looks legit girl😱

                                Yogikaji Fftooo

                                  No one in Oxford City centre or tesco will know if it's real designer. And omg banna tree story 😂😂 i might try that as well

                                  pop star

                                    I love roxi she's prettyyyyy

                                    Pink Rose

                                      please put the subtitles in Italian
                                      I love you and I love your videos but I struggle to understand them for the different language❤️

                                      Abbie Wade

                                        What's wrong with fake things just cos you can afford them

                                        Britteniee Victoria

                                          i have a gucci obsession 😭 i’m even wearing a gucci scarf in my avi😭😭

                                          Lauren Chloe Wilson

                                            I literally thought you was wearing genuine Gucci on your Instagram that’s probably because I’m not massively into designer 😂

                                            Antonia Winter

                                              I really like you Roxy, but why are you making so many videos of fake designer items. It is so bad for the brands… You should better use your reach to do something good and tell your followers to not buy fake stuff. Also it is so important to tell (especially younger people) that it doesn't matter how brands you wear, it doesn't matter if they were cheap or expensive!

                                              Steve and Johanna Cotter

                                                Obviously the Gucci

                                                fiona walsh

                                                  Noooooo please say Gucci were not using real fur in those products, that's cruel as hell. However I admire you for going out in all those fake products,makes me think twice before buying anything remotely designer. All these videos show real insight and I love your channel. Thankyou 😇😇

                                                  Harriet Hunter

                                                    I saw you in bicester town yesterday wearing the balmain hoody 😁

                                                    Olivia Burrows

                                                      I don’t think there staring at u because of the fake designer clothes I think it’s because ur holding a camera and talking to it 🤣🤣

                                                      Foizul Hoque

                                                        Yayyyyyyyy! I suggested this!!!

                                                        Jana Deni

                                                          why am i subscribed to u? 😒


                                                            12:40 that burberry t shirt is so cute


                                                              i thought that you wear the dupes that you buy normal!!

                                                              Iam sabrina

                                                                The Gucci became stupid

                                                                Zeynab Ahmad

                                                                  I feel like you're just being wayyy too self conscious. Like majority of people in public wear fake designer items and noone even cares. Go rock it girl, have some confidence❤

                                                                  Charlotte Curbishley

                                                                    I would love some raybans but care assistant wage is rubbishhhh! If only!🥺😍 xxx

                                                                    ᴘᴀᴜʀᴇ sɔonosɔınʇǝ

                                                                      You should be on love island

                                                                      Liz Wyatt

                                                                        At 12:05 the guy in the background waved 😂

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