I Wore Only 5 Pieces of Clothing for 5 Days

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      I Wore Only 5 Pieces of Clothing for 5 Days

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      vanessalynn sarver

        I don't have enough clothes to do this change i only have like 9 piece of clothes that i need to go throw and up cicle some of them

        Rosa T.

          Donate decent condition clothes, if they're ruined cut them up for reusable dusting cloths and cleaning rags. Who freaking throws away clothes!?

          Shreyashri Das

            I were one t-shirt and one jeans everyday for months

            Matthew Matwee

              As a guy….i think I've done this since forever 😂😂

              Krazi Kommando

                Next she’s going to do the “Eat three meals a day” challenge.


                  I feel like she showed us what she liked in her closet bc she wanted to show off 😂

                  Some Lilliputian

                    I’m so broke right now that I’m on this challenge 24/7

                    Blair Lavoux

                      So, u don't wear 1 outfit per day?

                      niru style beautiful

                        Can I get some subscriber please please please

                        Carolyn Tucker

                          I feel like wearing underwear as outer garments throws off the 5 pieces count. Also, most people can't wear a sports bra and a blazer to work 🤷😬😂

                          Erika Lahnsteiner

                            This is giving me some fashion inspo to start pairing and layering clothes I wouldn’t normally

                            Treka Double

                              I couldn't use 5 pieces of clothing for 5 days, because i need one top per day. It depends of course of what I do, but I sweat a lot. So I would need 6 or 7 pieces: 5 tops, one sweater, one pair of jeans. I can absolutely not understand people who change every piece of their outfit every day.

                              AD / HD

                                I only shop at the thrift store I Rarely get stuff from an regular store and maybe every now and then I get something from online … I dont do this to be environmentally friendly… I am just a cheap broke stay at home mother lol and dont wanna spend $20 on a top lol seems a bit outrageous to me lol idn

                                Vicky Rose

                                  Right you mentioned all the clothes that go to landfill yet you shop non stop for buzzfeed…?

                                  todayillfight becauseImarmy

                                    That’s me every summer break for 2 months


                                      YES THEY HEAR ME!

                                      Naomi Frederick

                                        This girl. B-a-s-i-c 😂😂

                                        Cherie Chaney

                                          Some bottoms we don't donate because they won't accept them with holes. It's just thrown away.

                                          Alice Dann

                                            i thought it was As Ls until she said it 😑 lowercase L and capital i look too similar

                                            Andrea Arguello

                                              Same clothes doesn’t mean you have to have the same hair everyday!

                                              Dana S

                                                Am I the only one who noticed the Shooky t-shirt 6:00 !!!

                                                Cornelia Septyani

                                                  This is me every 5 days….. only wear 1 clothes a day….

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