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      I Wore Saris Casually 3 Different Ways

      “Mixing these saris with my western looks really boosted my confidence.” #APAHM Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily …

      Shay Lizzard
        The Melissa Show

          I used to always take random fabrics to make cute dresses for my dolls, and now I can do it on myself


            im indian american AND I LOVE THIS

            Barbara Muro

              Last one looks like little mermaid wrapped on a sail 😅

              Rich 91

                do a men wear sherwani video

                Michelle Ruiz

                  Yay to anyone and everyone who openly express their heritage with traditional clothes in a society where anything the differs from the norm is seen as scary!! She looks absolutely stunning.

                  Srionti Maitra

                    Loved this! More ways to wear saris casually/change them up –
                    1) Wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless top underneath your sari instead of a blouse and wrap the pallu (pleated really tightly) around your neck like a long scarf. Means you might have to pay extra attention to the hip pleats since they're on show more than usual, but you can swish and slap haters with the draped end and feel generally invincible.
                    2) Use the gargantuan piece of fabric you have and use it to create little elements for a capsule wardrobe! Reaaaally easy to get a turban/hair band, shirt and skirt or pair of pants out of that amount of material – particularly if it's a bit longer than usual or taller than your average sari (some silks like Chanderi usually are tall on me, but that's because I'm smol). Having a sari with falls sewn into the bottom adds a good amount of weight for skirts. Also great for upholstery and easy wall hangings!
                    3) Look up the Bengali 'aatpoure' style. It's super traditional, but I've found that it's more friendly than the usual drape if you have an androgynous figure or if you just don't want to have your pleats all in the back. Looks BRILLIANT with a crisp white shirt underneath!

                    P D

                      You can get a the dhoti type or the normal type saree stitched so you can just wear it like pant and do the pallu or for the normal one tuck the front pleats at the back like you did but since they are stitched together you don't need to repleat them so it will be more convenient just letting you know if you are interested

                      Fathima Mehnaz

                        Ayyy sisssss I am a srilankan toooooo ♥️♥️♥️🙌🏼🙌🏼

                        Валерий Терёшкин

                          @t @t Dating gay people. And women.

                          Suchi M

                            How did you go to loo in all these outfits, wearing jeans and then taking it off then pleating it again? 🤔🤔


                              You’re Lankan!!!? Me too lol

                              Sushmita Sharma

                                Check out @thebohobalika and @theunicornhairedwoman for edgy saree content. Also masaba gupta (indian rockstar designer) for her offbeat take on sarees.


                                  I swear it just looked ridiculous and nine of these styles are practical smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

                                  sandra sharon

                                    You shud try wearing different sarees to work 👏🏽 it would look really elegant ♥️

                                    Amrita Ramesh

                                      Girl. I'm twenty seven and Indian. As in never left the country. And I cannot pleat. God, I gotta learn.
                                      You look gorgeousss!!

                                      briana Gangaram

                                        white ppl r so funny

                                        alina munir

                                          I am impressed dude, that's sexy

                                          Ishana Maini

                                            check out raja kumari's sari on top of a full camo fit w/ combat boots in her music video for Shook. thats the coolest sari styling ive ever seen

                                            Pallavi Dass

                                              1:14 I replayed this like 10 times😂
                                              Great video btw👍

                                              Vidyasagar Yadav

                                                hey guys do you know that the saree is more than 5000 years old dress.


                                                  Will you share the tutorials you found please? Particularly interested in the short dress tutorial

                                                  Tiara Averhart

                                                    All these ppl in the comments not knowing what a Sari is has me shook tbh. I'm so happy I'm pretty cultural educated

                                                    Brently G

                                                      Man… It must be so fun to be a woman. You get so many fashion choices. The most fun I can have with my outfit at work is wearing pleated Kakis and a tie with cartoon ghosts on it 🙂

                                                      Dira Boddie

                                                        "My life isn't that bougie" 😂

                                                        Yasheelee Kalingamudali

                                                          Sri Lankans slaying <3

                                                          zoe verseghy

                                                            The last one looked AMAZING! You go Nina!

                                                            Thara Venkateswaran

                                                              I LOVE THIS

                                                              Eu A



                                                                  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Saris, Lehenga Chotis etc. I haven’t bought any with a fear of offending someone since I’m Korean American and not Indian. Would it be ok if someone like me wore a casual Sari or a formal Lehenga? I’m not trying to steal anyone’s culture, but I love everything about Indian culture!

                                                                  Jessica Chestnut

                                                                    Gorgeous. .I love the idea of finding a way to show off ur culture by turning some traditional pieces into more of a day to day look. .the legging look was a definite favorite!

                                                                    Ben Hawthorne

                                                                      Sari, not sari

                                                                      Tie Dye

                                                                        The girl probably just didn’t now it was called a sari


                                                                          Wow!!! Gorgeous and trendy!


                                                                            That was a sawri sari… 🤣🤭


                                                                              Buzz feed have a lot of liars for workers….that's all I'm gonna say.

                                                                              :ANNA M:

                                                                                It’s so HARD to wear saris!

                                                                                Holly Gandy

                                                                                  You looked so great and very colorful! Love It!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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