I WORE SHOES FROM WISH FOR A WEEK!!! A VERY EXTRA SHOE HAUL 2019 (and also slightly embarrassing)

Main I WORE SHOES FROM WISH FOR A WEEK!!! A VERY EXTRA SHOE HAUL 2019 (and also slightly embarrassing)

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    Pretty Pastel Please
      I WORE SHOES FROM WISH FOR A WEEK!!! A VERY EXTRA SHOE HAUL 2019 (and also slightly embarrassing)

      Wish App Review / Wish Shoe Haul / A Very Extra Wish Haul / A Very Glam Wish Shoe Haul / Wish High Heels / Expectation vs Reality Shopping Haul / I Wore …


        1. Archie is being extra cute in this video 😍
        2. What kind of shoe store only has one black pair?? 😱

        nofun angie

          There's a store that sells the (original?) high end of those plastic shoes for about $250. I wonder what the difference is because they look EXACTLY the same!


            The fish slippers are the best.

            Erin gemini

              Aloha Alex & Archie; here are some WEIRD shoes that popped up on WISH under FISH SHOES, however there are no "FISH MOUTHS involved. 2018 Summer lovely woven high heels FISH HEAD platform sandals $15, Raised Sandals Womens Slope with waterproof Platform Shoes Summer Shoes Casual Wisp of Air Permeable FISH MOUTH shoes, These next ones are fascinating, they look like fishnets molded into clear heels; Transparent High Heeled Sandals With Hollow Tips $31. Lastly 2018 this pair has an OCTOPUS MOUTH- Womens Fashion Sneakers Fashion Increased Platform Wedges Canvas Denim OCTOPUS MOUTH Open to high heel sandal shoes. All of them VERY STRANGE!

              Carlivampiregirl Cloyd

                Aww 🥰 Archie is so cute ❤️❤️❤️ I love your videos!!! They are the best


                  Wait… I thought she works for a media company thing… like I found her when she made those videos about beauty influencers

                  Giverny-Bernadette Petersen

                    I'd bought the white shoes shown in the beginning a long while ago. Bought in my size but also to to small

                    Nicole Fetcenko

                      You're so beautiful girly😍Praying rn for you all&your alls family&friends&anyone reading this Salvation&a Healthy&Happy future&Healing by his stripes we are Healed I'm Claiming&Declaring all these&having Faith&Believing all that in Jesus name Amen God Bless you all& May he Bless you all abundantly Faith of a mustered seed can move a mountain I'm Claiming&Declaring all these things&Having Faith&Believing&Rebuking the Devil in Jesus Name&Praying rn for you're alls friends&family Salvation&a Headge of Protection&Healthy&Happy Future I'm Claiming&Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen the Lord is with you every single step of the way just have Faith&Believing&Pray and Claim&Declare all these things and rebuke the Devil in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless❤ Have a super Blessed day may God pour Blessing upon you all&anyone that is reading this I'm Praying rn I'm Claiming&Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen God is Great all the time&all the time God is Great all Glory to God he's Almighty always Praise&thank God for each&every Breath of life&each&every beautiful Testimony&your Healing my Healing my Mommys Healing&Felicias Healing&his Forgiveness&Salvation&guidance&your lost family&friends for Salvation may this Prayer lead many to Salvation keep your head up the Lord is with you every single step of the way just God Bless Praying rn for you all Healing and Salvation&for guidance&for your lost family&friends for Salvation and for protection for this county&your lost family&friends for Salvation may this Prayer lead many to Salvation&may you draw closer to him&show his light through you&remove everything thats unright&bring people in your life that is right&you all and your family and friends for Salvation for these bonds&chains to break I'm Claiming&Declaring all these things and Having Faith&Believing&Rebuking the Devil&these bonds&chains&sadness anger&depression&any addictions&any unright in your life in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Hallelujah Faith of a mustered seed can move a Mountian and there is power in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless you all❤

                      Poppy Willmott

                        Omg love the peacock chair were did you get it from i live in Sydney so i might be able to buy it


                          Archie kinda sounds like you when he says hello and it’s super cute

                          Marzi Pan

                            I want those fish shoes for festival season lmao


                              Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but those weird swirl shoes were originally made by Julian Hakes and they’re also called mojito shoes. The originals cost around $100-$300. I want to say they came out around 2013.

                              Maxine Ripley

                                It’s so cute that Archie has an Australian accent

                                Soren Pan

                                  I wish I could get a harness to fit my cockatoo, he's suuuuper chunky so he has to wear an ankle leash 😂

                                  Laura Bal

                                    I re watch your videos over and over just to see Archie again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 best thing ever: Archie's comments. Makes me laugh out loud every time!

                                    Ashley Nicole

                                      WHERE DID U GET THAT CHAIR! GIVE ME THE SECRET! please 💞


                                        Those docs are gonna last you forever though! They’re the best shoes. My last pair lived for 10+ years

                                        brand nyu day

                                          Keep a pair of shoes in your car Alex~

                                          Fairy Moon

                                            Closet tour pretty pleaseeeeee🍒
                                            Or maybe your favorite pieces?

                                            Michal Derrick

                                              I have expensive shoes that the heels wobble on and they are not even that tall, it’s weird. I think it might just be the soul itself wobbling.

                                              Amber Joy

                                                archie sounds like how my dog would if he could talk

                                                JoAnn Ray

                                                  I’d actually like to see a Archie vlog while he’s out and about

                                                  Viva la Diva

                                                    Green fairy shoes

                                                    Nanis K.E

                                                      Let Sam fix those black shoes :3 !!

                                                      Cynthia Lim

                                                        Archie is so cutteee

                                                        Christine Weihbrecht

                                                          The bird is 95% of
                                                          The reason I watch.

                                                          Megan ramage

                                                            Does anyone know where to find the harness? Ive been looking for one for ages xx

                                                            bri insta: __briqueen

                                                              you should totally try wearing Demonia's for a week.

                                                              Ashlee Jade

                                                                I kind of love the fish shoes…they must be mine!!


                                                                  oh my god achie is just too cute

                                                                  Soap Chan

                                                                    7:56 wHaT aBoUt ScHoOL sHoESssss

                                                                    Mushroom Destroyer

                                                                      i have those fish shoes , and i wore them to my last job too. they are always good for a reaction

                                                                      Analiza Gallegos

                                                                        Hi Alex I was wondering if I could have a shout out for my birthday I love your videos and seeing Archie bother Sam

                                                                        Katie Taylor

                                                                          please do more videos of you going places with archie

                                                                          Lauryn Iti

                                                                            im binging all ur vids because i need more archie and you

                                                                            Karine S

                                                                              Archie belongs in a proper habitat. You are promoting poaching. Shame on you!!!!

                                                                              Nia (Espurr) Meowstica

                                                                                Do more Wish Shoe haul!! >8D

                                                                                (And more Archie~)

                                                                                Sarah Murphy

                                                                                  I love how Archie destroyed that one fin on the fish shoes lol

                                                                                  Andy Saunders

                                                                                    Alex keeps saying watersports a lot … I don't think she knows what that means

                                                                                    Let’s Get Punk

                                                                                      I LOVE the first outfit you’re wearing!!!

                                                                                      Jenny Behr

                                                                                        at the end Archie is shitting on the floor :-DDDDDD

                                                                                        Chloe McMillan

                                                                                          The curly no support shoes my friend actually bought lepord print ones in a shop mooonnnths ago i don't know what shop or what they are made of but she says they are super comfy im guessing they are a different material witch maybe makes them better thn the wish ones comfort wise?

                                                                                          FrecklesThe Artist

                                                                                            You and Mia maples posted the same video the same day with the same thumb nail.

                                                                                            edit no hate!!! I just think it’s funny

                                                                                            Sarah Murphy

                                                                                              Omg it's a Pretty Pastel Please video that isn't an hour long

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