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      I Worked Out Like A Fitness Guru For 6 Weeks

      “I’m already out of breath.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …

      Rhiannon Cairns

        Try EMilySKyeFit AMAZING

        Ebony Allen

          You pronounced her name wrong. It's Its-seen-is.

          J.S. Simmons

            Her last name is pronounced IT-see-ness, no?! It’s definitely not “it-signs “ tho

            Olivia Morgan

              Restricting food that much doesn’t seem healthy. For anyone looking for great (and scientifically backed) advice about exercise and food, and for anyone recovering from an eating disorder, I would highly recommend checking out Natacha Oceane’s channel!


                You know what else helps you lose weight? Getting proper sleep.

                I was trying to fix my body after graduation. Started by fixing sleep patterns–lost 5lbs that week. Then cutting fast food–lost about 7lbs after a couple weeks. Started walking in the evenings, not a lot, 1-1.5 miles. Lost 3lbs after a few more weeks. It was slow but steady. No extreme diet or hard exercise, but easy to maintain. Going on 8 months now 🙂

                Ina Čamber

                  Its pronunced as itseenas

                  Lia Kruaprasert

                    Who dis new girl at buzzfeed

                    Patience Bailey

                      Do you have to pay for anything?

                      Nadine Rei

                        Ur Voice is so soothing

                        Japanese Shopoholic

                          There's only 172 comments? Okay

                          Coffeecup 345

                            She has the same first name as me but with two r’s!


                              holy cow you are beautiful


                                Yesss I love all the fitness buzzfeed videos!!

                                Bunny Boop

                                  Is it free or does it cost money??

                                  Aanya Pande

                                    I am watching this as I eat yogurt filled with m&ms and sitting lazily in my bed

                                    Alyna Paparazzi

                                      WOW! Who would've thought that eating right and exercising….would make you feel better?!?! 🤔


                                        Her name is pronounced it-see-nez

                                        Emerson Fipps

                                          i’m very confused about why she didn’t eat cheese… cheese in moderation is very good for you


                                            Kourtney Kardashian, is that you?

                                            Also, Fitness Blender is definitely the way to go. They encourage eating whole foods, not working out for vanity, and they sweat and struggle right along with you. There is no pretending with them. You can also do programs for “busy people” with workouts 30 minutes or less. All of their videos are on YouTube, and they have a great website. I prefer the ‘realness’ , I guess.

                                            Jessica A

                                              I dont understand why she cant eat cheese. Cheese fits into a low carb diet, and if she is eating yogurt, its not a dairy restriction

                                              Kelly s

                                                Girl its just impressive how a lot of these young ladies who do it for weight loss or fat loss were eating bad foods.
                                                The program is great but 6 weeks or 8 or 12 weeks is not enough to see great results and the exercise is mostly cardioishh so the fact it lacks weight lift without circuits is sad.
                                                And its very easy if you are a advanced

                                                KAR Beauty

                                                  Kayla’s guides are highly effective and her food guides are just that, a guide for anyone who doesn’t have a clue about good food, it needs to be tailored to your own body and even Kayla will say that. I changed my unhealthy food habits to good ones and just portioned my food and I still found pretty great results. She promotes “strong” not skinny.
                                                  Also I could barely walk the next week after the first leg workout.


                                                    This one time?
                                                    At band camp?

                                                    Sophia Salgado

                                                      Does anyone know of some completely free workout apps? Thanks boos


                                                        Or you can subscribe to Sydney Cummings workout videos here on YT for free. She does daily workouts and is a motivational and inspiring gal!!

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