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      Iconic Celebrity Kids Who Went From Messed Up To Successful

      Iconic Celebrities Who Were Messed Up Children And Crushing Life Now Subscribe to our channel: …

      Amelia Jopp

        Early gang has entered the chat🤟

        Laura Alc

          I think u crazy if Rihanna was messed 10 yrs ago


            stop using the flash of light constantly its bad for our eyes. it might make people stop watching your vids

            Elaine Snow

              RDJ is lucky to be alive, poor chap. Lupita is beyond gorgeous – who cares about how dark her skin is? One of the most beautiful women on the planet. Glad to see these folks are thriving!

              Linah Osman

                can you tell us the music name playing in the background callled?

                Anisa Alimova

                  You forgot to include Demi Lovato, I'm upset.

                  areallyniceperson duhh

                    The forgot about Nicki Minaj her baground is pretty sad

                    Adrielle Hook

                      Where all my early ppl at?

                      Frank Lenolds

                        Who else clicked the 🔔… OMG

                        jus me

                          I think she has beautiful skin color.shes a very beautiful girl and shes smart

                          Carleen JJ

                            No shania twain?

                            Picket Pants

                              As for Em, ain't nothing needs be said than he beat his past into a sad shit paste and rose from the shit ashes like a fucking majestic phoenix.

                              Picket Pants

                                I am glad that McCaulay is doing better. He was straight up my super crush when I was just a tiny little one myself. I watched on bated breath as a 8-10 year old as he fought for his independence from his parents. It breaks my heart that he had to go through what he did, and to be betrayed by the ones who are supposed to protect you. I am glad he was finally able to escape his demons (somewhat) and make it past the drug trap. I'll watch anything you do sir. Edit: Ok now I love Jamie Fox too. I always thought he was ok. That's not my style of comedy, but I got why he was funny. Now I love him for his sweetness to his sister. He could have hated her for what she represented. He could have disliked her for her disability and how it took the spotlight away from him. But instead he decided to love her, because how can you not love a sweet little innocent one that looks up to you for protection? She didn't choose this life or make the decisions that lead her to existing, and he was good enough to recognize that. I hope the both of them get heaps and heaps of blessings.

                                Lyidia Ameh

                                  How can a kid drink anchol at 7 yrs old like wtf people

                                  malavika s


                                    Simply Sara

                                      I think the thumbnail should be reversed…

                                      Mix Mel

                                        Hey love this chanel so interesting

                                        jewel and friends

                                          Home alone star look exactly Paris Jackson

                                          Gabrielle Valentine

                                            I just wanna give Rhinna one big hug!

                                            ricardo salmeron

                                              Aww Rihanna my queen


                                                WOW impressive stuff

                                                An American Scheme

                                                  Macaulay Culkin was the Sperm Donor Daddy for Paris Jackson.

                                                  Spyros Kesisoglou

                                                    1:05 Drew Barrymore
                                                    3:16 Robert Downey Jr
                                                    6:35 Macaulay Culkin
                                                    9:38 Lupita Nyong'o
                                                    12:19 Shakira
                                                    14:27 Jamie Foxx
                                                    16:04 Charlize Theron
                                                    18:37 Christina Aguilera
                                                    20:24 Eminem
                                                    22:38 Nicole Richie
                                                    25:17 Rihanna
                                                    28:21 Oprah

                                                    Glitter house pink 2

                                                      Love this


                                                        TALKO! YOU'RE NOT BEING TRUTHFUL ABOUT WHAT REALLY HAPPEN WITH MACAULAY CULKIN!!! WE KNOW THAT HIS LIFE WAS DESTROYED BECAUSE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE MICHEAL JACKSON TRAIL! STOP LYING! and stop trying to make it sound weird the way people react to Macaulay Culkin! YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHY THEY REACT THE WAY THEY DO! the case of Macaulay Culkin is a really sad one! the tabloids were ruthless to this little kid who found himself in middle of a power struggle and a war to destroy Micheal Jackson! the fact that the tabloids used this kid and destroy his acting career just so that they can get to Micheal is disgusting! AND ALSO AS A SHAKIRA FANS AND SOMEONE WHO SAW HER RISE TO FAME FROM THE BEGINNING I FIND YOU PUTTING HER IN YOUR STUPID LIST IS INSULTING! WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT SHAKIRA IN YOUR LIST! SHAKIRA WAS NOT A FUCKING MESSED UP CHILD FOR YOU TO PUT HER IN YOUR GOD DAMN LIST! SHE NEVER DID DRUGS OR WAS FUCKED UP LIKE MOST PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST! FOR REAL! GET SHAKIRA OUT OF YOUR STUPID LIST!

                                                        Successbro 21/7

                                                          Never been so early!!!!

                                                          C. H. D.

                                                            Chris brown

                                                            Just tryna smash

                                                              I was home alone on Valentine's

                                                              Spyros Kesisoglou

                                                                I am only here for Robert Downey Jr ( RDJ)

                                                                Shantalize Lizan Izaaks

                                                                  They couldn't get better for iron man Proud fan LOVE YOU ROBERT!


                                                                    Who’s here before 10k views!

                                                                    Naomi J.


                                                                      alvin jones

                                                                        INTERESTING UPLOAD THANKS!!!

                                                                        Tejaswani Bhardwaj

                                                                          Finally I am early 😅

                                                                          Star Scream

                                                                            I love Drew Barrymore I'm happy she survived Hollywood

                                                                            Rishabh Bansal

                                                                              Justin Beiber never gonna come in this list

                                                                              Apple Pie

                                                                                Cool video,but u guys forgot Britney Spears….


                                                                                  Transformed by a perfect touch of light 👌

                                                                                  Nyjeal Smith

                                                                                    Hey everyone 👋

                                                                                    dude cx

                                                                                      Dang culkin had balls

                                                                                      Knights Play

                                                                                        Watch me be so inspired for five minutes then go back to watching Netflix…

                                                                                        Massi Beauty Pageant

                                                                                          New vines great a new youtuber here please check me out

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