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      Thank you so much for being supportive while I took a break from filming. I really missed you guys and I’m just grateful to be back today talking about makeup!

      didi smolfawn

        tati: looking perfect af
        also tati: it is a lil greasy
        everyone: WHERE


          The Honest beauty facial oil is so good, you can honestly sometimes mix it with foundation and it’ll help dry skin issues and stop it from being cakey if you have dry skin

          Eliizabeth Mancera-Martinez

            Wow!! That was real quick to take some time off. LMAO

            Abby Golladay

              You look so good in dark blue! That shirt is adorable on you! 😻

              Filza Vaid

                So glad you’re back ❤️

                Erika R

                  your eyes POP with that color! love it💖

                  Elizabeth Gibson

                    Thank you so much for reviewing natural products. I am very picky about the ingredients in my makeup and prefer natural and "clean" products. There isn't a lot of reviews out there on natural products. Please continue trying natural products and providing wear tests like this.😍 💄

                    T Nicholas

                      Lovely to see you back at it! I want that blush, it's so hard to find blushes that are talc-free AND vegan (that cost less than $40 per shade)

                      Jessica Serrano

                        So excited for the next video!

                        Jessica Serrano

                          Loved tbe Nail Polish!

                          Cielo Andrei

                            Hello back! Lmao so corny 😂

                            Susan Speicher

                              I love your blouse!!

                              Jessica Serrano

                                I lived the eye look!

                                Angel Rodriguez

                                  I almost started to cry because she didn't put highlighter in her inner eye LOL my OCD really kicked in!!

                                  iiiphoxbe X

                                    Tati squad ———>
                                    TATI IS AMAZING

                                    Joey Ahmadieh

                                      Yayy tati is back🥳🥳🥳🥳 I love this girl so much

                                      Rebecca Robbins

                                        okay maybe i wasn’t paying attention but why is this called I’m back when she uploaded like 2 days ago? were those pre recorded?

                                        Gimme cookies

                                          I love you, Tati ❤❤❤

                                          Jessica Rose Jones

                                            This one was awesome 👏

                                            Dakota Kilgariff

                                              Please review jeffree’s new lipglosses!!!!! Hope y’all are still good buds after everything

                                              Miss Meliss

                                                This makeup line is a no go for me…. 😮
                                                Glad you’re back 💕

                                                Lely Beep

                                                  This video seriously cheered me up. I was having such a terrible day and this made me laugh and feel calm. Welcome back queen 👑 I don't even use makeup and I love watching Tati. That really says something about how fascinating and entertaining she is.

                                                  Bridgett Marie

                                                    I missed you!!!! Glad you are back!!! I just ordered my new Halo!!!

                                                    Yuberlin Perez

                                                      Love it!!!

                                                      hey vsauce Michael here!

                                                        Love you tati!!! ❤❤


                                                          Thanks for the review 😍 I can’t wait to try em out.

                                                          Yuberlin Perez

                                                            Review the new brand called Found, apparently they’re natural and drugstore makeup at the same time

                                                            juliett kopp

                                                              Tati is so cool to watch. No unnecessary yelling and screaming and being obnoxious like a lot of other beauty gurus. She's calm and collected and I love that about her.

                                                              Aspen Chezlyn

                                                                Tati! You look like you reversed aged 10 years! you seriously look amazing!!! Keep thriving!

                                                                zalak soni

                                                                  Review jsc the gloss


                                                                    you're back? You uploaded two videos recently O_o

                                                                    Sarah Wheeler

                                                                      Tati, you are a total mood. And its the kind if mood I've been in, too.

                                                                      I need this foundation. Wow.

                                                                      You look amazing.
                                                                      Thank you, Black Tourmaline 🤣

                                                                      CindyLou Bindi

                                                                        Tati those crystals in the background are everything!

                                                                        Vanessa Venegas

                                                                          i loveeeee the background 😍😍

                                                                          Lori Adams

                                                                            I missed you. So glad you are back ❤️💜💖💖

                                                                            beth turvey

                                                                              More more more Scott Barnes pleeeeeeease 😊😊😊

                                                                              •Hayley’s Channel•

                                                                                Sisters forever

                                                                                Manuel Tellez IV

                                                                                  We’ve had “I’m living for this”, “I’m deceased” now ladies and gentlemen we have “I am erased” 😂😂😂

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