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      I love you all so much… PREVIOUS VIDEO • FIANCE DOES MY MAKEUP IN DUTCH!!! → Make sure you subscribe to my …


        I love you all so much 🥺🌈💖


          Whow! Bravo! Beautiful girl, beautiful soul. I'm proud ❤️

          Dara Loves Makeup

            I love YOU nikkie! YOU will always be nikkie to me and no one else! Xoxoxo


              How are you going to tell other trans people not to tell truth to the people they like/want to be with right away they deserve to know before you make them gay like you did Dillon 😂

              Juan Sebastian Beltran

                You have been such an inspiration throughout the years and now that you have opened yourself to us there's nothing more than thankfulness for being you with us and I know great things are coming to you

                Alessandro Pepe

                  Vrow 💄💋

                  Valeria Bunacalea

                    YOU ARE WONDERFUL ✨


                      14:28-14-33 YAAAAAS GIRL!!!
                      “This ones for you, I hope you can sit on it”

                      musiola 13

                        I'm so proud of you . You are amazing honey ❤❤❤

                        Ploppy Meowmeow



                            Very happy for her!
                            But. Having said we're in a world full of label, she then describes all the attributes that made her 'girly'. That's fine, but I get a sense of hypocrisy. Does being 'girly' set you up to sexually female? – not an easy question. Truth is, there are no concrete answers.

                            Ashleigh Reuter

                              We all support and love you Nikki!! I grew up with you struggling with issues similar and im so happy that your comfortable enough to say this all! You've grown so much!! I'm so happy for you!! 🖤🖤👽👽

                              Irina Leto

                                From Russia with love

                                Mapy Liñan

                                  I love sooo much you middle finger way of blowing vilains !! 🤩🌈✨💜

                                  Guerriero Shardana


                                    A Azarie

                                      I am so proud of you! You deserve success and I hope you find so much happiness and love in the years to come.

                                      Atoosa Molaei

                                        I love u ❤️ u r inspiring ✨

                                        Amanda Tucker

                                          Girl we love you for who you are. Would never look at you differently because you are who you are. Nikkie you are Beautiful inside and out. Keep being you love!💜💜💜 I love your Makeup Tutorials!


                                            You’re truly you now and that’s beautiful. I’ve watched your channel sometimes but now you have +1 subscriber!! You have full support!!🥰

                                            steve austin

                                              Who are you? Thats nice.


                                                We don’t care!


                                                  ليش يا تريند ليييششش

                                                  Bern Seast

                                                    Awa i still love her nikkies so heart touching. Honestly, the fact that you saying this is so beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing a smile on my face. I legit uwu smiled with your words.

                                                    Ellenora Maarsen


                                                      Terence Rose

                                                        So is she girl or a boy now?

                                                        Aksun Ocoto

                                                          If anyone got fooled by this chances are you might like balls on your face


                                                            so proud of you 🙂

                                                            Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo

                                                              I cant believe this. So happy for her… Had no idea. Such a beautiful, strong soul

                                                              Life of Studying

                                                                We support you nikkie

                                                                Rodrigo Ramirez-Arvizu

                                                                  Sooo she's a guy


                                                                    I don’t see a difference in you. You’re still a person. I’m SHOCKED AS HELL!!! But nothing has changed for me be you because at the end of the day all you have is yourself. ❤️

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