"I'm Surprised She Even Has a Fiancé From the Way She Dresses!"| Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Main "I'm Surprised She Even Has a Fiancé From the Way She Dresses!"| Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      "I'm Surprised She Even Has a Fiancé From the Way She Dresses!"| Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

      Stacy Ballard wants her mother’s approval during her bridal consultation, but the two have very different tastes in wedding dresses. Catch Say Yes to the Dress …


        Everyone in this video is over weight. No hate just an observation. Being big must come with that accent lmao


          with her budget i thought that they would put her in more flattering dresses


            damn she is tall😍…and the most beautiful thing about her is her Confidence.

            Abino Rose

              Y'all watch the whole video before commenting….. dont hate the bride or the mother… gosh…

              P S

                The mother literally has the same body type as the bride

                Sadie Ostafin

                  I love how the mom only cries when she has lace on

                  Elizabeth Heard

                    Why are they putting her in strapless! It doesn’t flatter her

                    Giss Mary Thomas

                      I have seen the third dress many times but when she put that dress on all I could think was that she looks so perfect in it.

                      Lucy H

                        I feel like all of those dresses would have looked better with some kind of straps or sleeves. Plus it would have supported her bust and made her feel more comfortable.

                        sha yoga

                          When was this shot?

                          yukio shirazawa

                            I think that 2nd Dress was much beautiful! Maybe because I have seen that 3rd one a million times now. 😁


                              Love this bride she is so fun

                              kirsty Penman

                                I would be ditching the mother if she doesn't have anything nice to say. A lot of women these days are curvy. Her mother isn't exactly size 6 herself. So she should just her mouth and take a look at herself in the mirror and have a hard look at herself


                                  hourglass figure where?

                                  Cath Chen

                                    Stacey’s mum needs to stop criticizing her daughter; she’s beautiful the way she is!

                                    Yasmeena Obeidat

                                      1,330 view 26 comments 193 likes and 2 dislikes damn I’m early

                                      shivangi rai

                                        I loved the first dress better on her!!

                                        Lucia Ashantewaa

                                          At long last mama cried

                                          Kk dragon

                                            The dress in the thumbnail looked like a curtain lol

                                            Kk dragon

                                              The dresses they put on her did not flatter her! With her budget they could of tried harder or atlest gave her different options!!

                                              winkle bird

                                                Her mum is not good looking at all but she have time to pick on the younger better looking version of herself wow lol

                                                Bateman Furfur

                                                  That's why i went without my mother

                                                  Victoria Castelino

                                                    This show is 🔥❣️

                                                    Fariha Siddiqui

                                                      She looks beautiful!

                                                      Rori Mcleod

                                                        Love this show ❤️❤️

                                                        Ishita singh

                                                          Me already eye rolling because of the unecessary drama this version and og version has 🙄😑

                                                          Deepa D’cruz

                                                            The second dress was gorgeous with blings 😍 but it gave her a top heavy shape. The third dress was simple but the shape was too good ⌛😍😍

                                                            shanaya sharma

                                                              she is really beautiful 💜

                                                              Pop Gems

                                                                Dress 2 looked much better on her than dress 3.

                                                                Gayathri Manoj

                                                                  In my personal opinion, I think a princess gown would have been the best for her🤔🤔

                                                                  maryam bibi

                                                                    Your mama’s crying 😂

                                                                    The Broken Artist

                                                                      No one cares if you're first or not.

                                                                      Gayathri Manoj

                                                                        I am Soo in love with this channel…. And I am from India

                                                                        Marie Valerie Adobo

                                                                          What a lovely choice💖

                                                                          nishita datar

                                                                            Second lol

                                                                            DR PHIL IS MY MUM


                                                                              Clo Clo


                                                                                Faith Fuimaono

                                                                                  First I love this channel ❤️❤️💕

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