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    Wayne Goss

      Razor burn? Red bumps? Ingrown hairs? This really does work! LINK! SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: …

      VS M

        Tend Skin is alcohol filled garbage. People should just use salicylic acid. Stop pushing shit products.

        Marina Lemonari

          Ordered this before your video! Glad it’s approved by you 👍🏻👍🏻

          Super Vixen

            Do they sell Tend Skin in The USA? Ingrown Hairs have been the Bain of my existence but then companies came out with glycolic and lactic acidosis moisturizers that have helped me.

            Niccho Johnson Maione

              Wayne…. look at u sneak two shots of ur sexy biceps in the tutorial 💕💕💋

              Shari Steed

                You have the most soothing voice. I listen to your videos all the time, like a crazy person I will admit. Lol ❤

                Tom Ripley

                  God, I love those Airplane and Naked Gun films. Jammed packed with hilarious moments. My bad but the stewardess knocking the drip out of transplant girl's arm with her guitar and the mom rocking along to the music kills me every time.

                  Hajira S.

                    That bottle is $30? For alcohol and salicylic acid?? 😧


                      Can you please do a recommendation for a good skincare routine but using drugstore products

                      steve long

                        My biggest nightmare just got solved. Will get some immediately!!

                        Sharon Todd

                          I think he is the cat's meow. <3

                          Aimee Mentzer

                            Two videos in one day? Aww yeah. 🙂


                              I shave my legs and i get the worst rash, redness and lumps when my hairs are growing back ive been going mad itching 😂

                              bella bee

                                I've been using this for years and its amazing! ❤❤❤


                                  Been using this for a couple of years. It works great on bikini line. Use everyday as directed even when not shaving.

                                  creamy jalapeño

                                    I've been using this for years. Good stuff.


                                      We've been using this very one for a while, does work!

                                      Bernadette Moran

                                        Haven’t been able to get tend skin in Ireland for ages! I thought they had stopped making it. Another great product for ingrown hair is Waxperts Wonderpads 😊


                                          I love tend skin!🤗 It "tends" to dry out my skin though so I always go in with a moisturiser a couple if minutes after I use it. It's amazing!

                                          Flavia LP

                                            Can you also give some advice on how/when to apply it?

                                            Stacey Noffke

                                              Tried it a few years ago. Did nothing.


                                                Do you apply some body losion after this solution if you use it for your body? And can you recommend some? Thanks 🙂

                                                sakia d

                                                  Been wanting to try this glad u made a video on it


                                                    Tend skin is a miracle for curly hair . Really it’s great for anyone . We’ve been using it for about 19 years now .

                                                    Tiffany Huber

                                                      I find plain witch hazel works really well too!

                                                      Teresa Kindle

                                                        I’ve been using Tend Skin for years. It’s great for after waxing too. Love the Airplane 2 reference!😂

                                                        Alexandra L.

                                                          I love this product. I use it on my bikini area and legs. I don't have bumps anymore and the skin has become smoother since there are no ingrown hairs anymore. Beautiful product.

                                                          Judit Krasznai

                                                            Wayne, I want to experience your makeup line so much, I watch all the ads 😉 Good luck to you!

                                                            stephanie paque

                                                              does anyone know if this works for legs (specifically strawberry legs, ive been trying everything to get rid of them😭)

                                                              Jessica Orlowski

                                                                every other product and skin technique to get rid of ingrown hairs is a waste of time. i freaking love this stuff!

                                                                nahlesu nica

                                                                  Who giggled when he whispered "other areas "? I love this guy.

                                                                  Abby Moneyhun

                                                                    How do you actually use this product? Before or after shaving?
                                                                    And how do you apply? Cotton or just spray it on?…. I need all the details… for a friend of course

                                                                    Marisa Ericson

                                                                      I’ve been using this stuff forever. It’s like dream. I used to torture myself with bikini waxes and my esthetician suggested it. She told me never to use it the first couple days after getting waxed because the skin is too raw. But after waiting a day or two, it doesn’t hurt at all and it works so well.

                                                                      glam_by _lydia

                                                                        If this is mostly alcohol, can I just use normal rubbing alcohol? If not is there anything else anyone recommends for cheaper?

                                                                        TK W

                                                                          I use rubbing alcohol & zit cream….so, basically the same ingredients. And the alcohol hurts but when a lady has to go to the beach…she deals.


                                                                            This stuff is magic! Never had razor burn or ingrown hairs until after I had my son and found this stuff and it burns at first but almost instant results!

                                                                            Misty Parsons

                                                                              “Hey, everyone..ingrown hairs”😂🤣😅😭💀 Thanks for the recommendation..I’ll have to give this one a try. Love you, Wayne!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

                                                                              Erin Altstadt

                                                                                Thankyou for this! Perfect timing before summer really gets going


                                                                                  Perfect timing I’ve been on the hunt for something like this!

                                                                                  J Jadot

                                                                                    Thank you ☺️


                                                                                      Hi Wayne! I know you mentioned that you were trying a new format with your videos and breaking things up a bit to help with your upcoming products so I just wanted to say that I’m watching every single one of your videos and I’m really enjoying them. I hope everything goes well and that these videos help. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve as I know it will be great! Stay positive and best of luck! 😊💕


                                                                                        Omg I was gonna buy this like a week ago lol. I saw it on IG


                                                                                          Wayne: recommends any product
                                                                                          Me: BRING ME MY WALLET!!! D:<



                                                                                            Fairy Cindy

                                                                                              thank you. because of you I will become make up artist. you are inspiration

                                                                                              Marta XYZ

                                                                                                I needed this right now! Thanks! Aloe gel helps prevent red bumps too

                                                                                                Supergirl Fitness

                                                                                                  Can you link to the specific alpha h product? I'm not a fan of tendskin.. thank you, Wayne! Love your work!


                                                                                                    I make a dupe for it with crushed aspirin and witch hazel from the dollar store works well .

                                                                                                    Nini N.

                                                                                                      This is the best thing! It’s not irritating to my skin at all. I highly recommend it to anyone who gets razor bumps quite often when shaving

                                                                                                      Lana Letien

                                                                                                        thanks Wayne I'll let my husband know about this product.

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