Inside Kylie Jenner's Sad Life Since The Jordyn Woods Scandal

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      Inside Kylie Jenner's Sad Life Since The Jordyn Woods Scandal

      Kylie Jenner lost her closest friend in the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson Scandal. Subscribe to our channel: Other videos you might …

      Anonymer Benutzer

        She's a billionaire. She'll manage.


          Funny how that happened but kylie is still following


            10 minutes I’ll never get back!!! Lol I love my simple satisfying life✨😍✨

            Angie M

              I like how kylie is getting more press than the hurt sister KHLOE!

              Roger Smith

                Why does Tristin keep dating women if hes just gonna cheat on them ?? Youd be able to sleep with all the women you want if you just stayed single, plenty of thots out there looking for a one night stand. I just dont see the point if you're not going to be faithful. Either keep it in your pants or dont have a gf , cant have it both ways. Just makes you look like a sociopathic piece of shit dude.

                noeletta thurmond

                  Get out of the sunken place

                  Titan H

                    I would still be her friend ,she would definitely need to give my sister an apology. If my sister accepts it she does and if she doesn’t then oh well. Speaking hypothetically . my sisters man is a whore right? I could care less about him we all know how men could be. They can make you fall in love with their words and make you blind . And I would be glad that it happens so my sister could find someone better. If anything I’ll probably have my best friend do something shady like jordyn did . Just so my sister could move on. The pain only hurts for a while eventually she’ll find someone better. 😂😂😂😂😂

                    Sabvachi Leng

                      Everybody's stealing mans away from girls. Smh, but Jordyn was like family to them, what she did was more kind of more fucked up. But whatever.

                      Tнe Princess Pink

                        I would never do that to my best friend or her family. That's crazy.

                        fuck you

                          the sale of the lipsticks is fake too


                            jordyn is so dumb. Give up friendship with kylie over one night with tristan. Its not like hes gonna be with her now or anything. Shes all alone and has lost all the privilege. If she was drunk she should not have even gone to the party.

                            •Like a Girl

                              damn. i feel so bad for kylie 🙁


                                Ya'll have too much information for this to be real.

                                bokuphish p

                                  I truly feel bad for Kylie. This whole thing smells of being deliberately concocted by the Kardashian Publicity Machine to keep their storylines chugging along and relevant for the show’s sake and Kylie’s relationship with Jordyn was just caught in the crosshairs. Kylie hasn’t needed the show for a long time now but PMK and the older trio are so desperate to hold onto it whichever way they can, they’re only ready and willing to sacrifice Kylie’s one true friend for it.


                                    Yeah so ”sad”

                                    Yianna Laracuente

                                      jordyn woods is so dumb kylie literally gaved her everything and she lost all that for some dick🤦🏽‍♀️

                                      Al Re-day

                                        STAY AWAY FROM THE KARTRASHIANS!!

                                        Punam’s kitchen

                                          This is so weird people are talking about hooking up and all and i am here like why was even Jordon invited to the party..and who goes to bff's sister's baby dadyy's party .Specially when no one is invited from the family😮

                                          *spill Tea*

                                            Ive heard rumors about that kylie did forgive her, and they might end up together as best friends agian.

                                            Bxby Hentaii

                                              Theyre going to forgive her because it is alll fake news, why is there NO PROOF and i have a feeling people close kris were the only ones who "saw" it. Kris is greedy and wants that 2 million dollar show contract. Its all bullshit. Also kim is BEYOND ANNOYING!! Why didnt she sing that song to KHLOE WHEN SHE STOLE TWO OF HER "FRIENDS" BOYFRIENDS

                                              Tamara Proctor
                                                MissClaudia Acost’a

                                                  Hell kylie can buy 💵 a "friend if she wants LOL. She'll definitely be ok.

                                                  Isabella BarrattMeldrum

                                                    If they are true besties they will work it out

                                                    upichan 69

                                                      Jesus christ how many videos are you going to do on this topic this is like the 10 video

                                                      Emma Sellers

                                                        Btw the sale on the Jordy lipstick was a special that all the Kylie lipsticks had

                                                        Crescent moon

                                                          Where kan I apply to bekome Kylie's new bff?

                                                          Maurice Chambers

                                                            Who likes Kylie Jenner?

                                                            Shaylee robinson

                                                              only you friend know you secret miss woods need to😯cause they get bk to together it nuh easy to fine a good Friend like Kylie and jordyn they will forgive har they were so happy together #real friend better than pocket money

                                                              johanna hansson

                                                                This is tea sis😏

                                                                Tiffani Wells

                                                                  She's just sorry she got caught!!

                                                                  _alexation _

                                                                    This is so sad

                                                                    Kamiyah brown

                                                                      I heard somewhere that this was fake so kuwtk can get more viewers something like that.

                                                                      celina Ann Ann

                                                                        Just watching eating pizza and lonely home want warm hug anyone "woow#

                                                                        space forever

                                                                          Yeah i know Talko you get a lot of money by doing videos about this scandal. But this is enough…THIS IS 7TH VIDEO ABOUT THIS!!!

                                                                          Daddyio oo

                                                                            Why should it be Kylie’s fault for Tristians and Kholes actions? Khole is just that mean highschool thot. Wants a perfect family, be rich, and live life. But she can’t without ruining other people’s relationships.

                                                                            Brandi !!

                                                                              Probably can be with her real sisters, spend more time money with family instead of leech bums.

                                                                              Ishan Ali

                                                                                Where do I sign up to be her new best friend?

                                                                                Caroline Curry

                                                                                  how many more vids you gonna make on this lmao

                                                                                  Hannah K

                                                                                    Can y’all not repeat the same shit in every video y’all do about this situation 🙄

                                                                                    Mark Reed

                                                                                      I WOULD NOT MIND TO BE SAD MILLIONAIRE OR A BILLIONAIRE LOWLIFES DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT THEY ARE ALL DOUCHEBAGS AND THE MOM IS THE WORST

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