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      Inside The Lives Of Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas

      Inside Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Relationship Subscribe to our channel: …


        Cringed when they pronounced DNCE as ‘dance’


          Power couple! 😍


            I don't know much anything about these people so i don't know why i have the feeling like Sophie deserves something better. Hope I'm wrong!


              Aaand couple of years later – bum brakeup! 😂

              Vette Latrioux

                Love GOT, and happy for ANY happy couples. But sounds like baggage being brought in will cause drama in the future. I'm so damn happy to be single.😅😁


                  Got a Game of thrones ad before this vid started

                  lauren hemmings

                    nick & priyanka now please !!!!

                    Hannah Cornett

                      They’re such a sweet, adorable couple. They make me want to believe in love.

                      Cruella D

                        So cute the are from the same small town as I am. They parents own a restaurant here.

                        Chelsea Daley

                          They look so cute and adorable together


                            Hailee Steinfeld being the matchmaker 😂😂 love her

                            Space Goblin

                              Won’t lie I think Joe seems like a sleaze bag and I feel like he’ll eventually cheat on Sansa. It may not happen soon but once a cheater always a cheater.

                              Tye OliviaSusan

                                This is Laci.
                                Laci is pregnant.
                                Lets see how many kids she can get!
                                1 like = 1 kid

                                a girl hiding in her room

                                  5:32 she was cast at 13 😒

                                  ale vega

                                    Watch all this video all I can think of is remember when Joe used to be the tall one:)

                                    Kimberly Cruz

                                      They are so cute I love them😍!

                                      G.A.M.E SMASHERS

                                        Am the 111th like

                                        Rebe I

                                          The're so cute together!!!

                                          Dusan Bartok

                                            She was cast in game of thrones at the age of 12 not 16

                                            Random Editz

                                              As much as I’m jealous of Sophie I’m so happy that my Joe is happy ❤️

                                              make up forever

                                                hey have a look on my instagram account 🖤 (oldfashionhoe)

                                                초마드 CHOMAD

                                                  Omg.. I’m korean boy 😂
                                                  He is so handsome 🙆🏻‍♂️👍🏻

                                                  trebor asesino

                                                    Nigga 7 00000

                                                    Rithika Mahesh

                                                      Youtube is out of its brain because of Sophie's prettiness and Joe's handsome Ness
                                                      It's says 2 views and 7 likes


                                                        I didn't know either one was dating let alone dating each other.

                                                        Random Editz

                                                          Love my joe 😘😍😍😍

                                                          M k

                                                            Im so funny omg😂😂😂what I just zexted my friend lmao

                                                            Yasmine The Devil

                                                              OOOOF JUST SAW THIS AS I SCROLLED WOO HOO BOREDEM IS GONE

                                                              Jadyn Padayachee


                                                                Blanka Malinowska



                                                                    Hi bet you can’t like this comment with your shoulder

                                                                    Ishan Ali

                                                                      This just goes to show that girls can be taller than guys and height shouldn’t matter

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