Inside The Messed Up Life Of Kylie Jenner’s “BFF” Jordyn Woods

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      Inside The Messed Up Life Of Kylie Jenner's "BFF" Jordyn Woods

      Who is Jordyn Woods outside the Tristan Thompson scandal. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Rhonda Willis

        Nasty White cunts

        true truth

          All the Ho- Jenners have been side chicks taking the ppl (they call friends) man's she did it to Tristons baby mama so we are supposed to feel bad for her? She got her Karma for what SHE did to Jordan by the other Jordon what goes around goes around I don't feel bad for these ho's!!! Also KHLOE lost all that weight but has a BIG head and now looks like a bobble head don't think plastic surgery can help that sucks for her oh well!!!!

          Mind Broke –

            Wow. She really just gave up her friendship with Kylie for some mf dick🗿 that shows a lot about her.


              Does anyone remember Khloe stole Tristan from a Jordan and now she lost him to a Jordyn. KARMA!!!people don’t feel to sorry. I’m sure they killed jordyns soul and drained her of happiness and she finally had enough and didn’t care anymore.

              g a b y

                i predict kylie and jordyn will become friends again

                alexis Flowers

                  IDK That whole family has weird odd iffy energy this is so extremely vague and one sided just seems like good old fashioned karma

                  Louise Belcher

                    Stop with the flashes!!!! My eyes hurt

                    Terena Rosa

                      Kylie's not doing detective work on a fucking Samsung.

                      Carbon Feetprint

                        Lol all this is made up. Why are you guessing people’s feelings. This vid is trash.

                        holiday 2406

                          Well, poor Khloe. NOT. Khloe and the entire world knows that you should never try to build your happiness with someone that was "taken" when you met the person you wanted to fall in love with. Karma usually finds a way to ruin the "wonderful" life you envisioned after you decided to rain on someone else's parade.
                          Sorry, but Khloe's is the biggest fake of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She claimed to honest and true when she was married to Lamarr, so why would she lie to her then-husband (Lamar) and give him the impression that she was trying to conceive? Sorry, Khloe, but you deserve (and you've most likely received) a double DOSE of Karma…..serves you right.

                          Emilia Newman

                            Well…it could've been worse. Jordyn could've slept with Tyga or Travis Scott

                            Maria Xo

                              they started a GoFundMe page yet are rich??? wow.

                              Moera Piilua

                                I think Kylie and jordyn will still be friends. You can't just put all that shit yous went through down the drain. Like bruhhh. It's going to be a hard and long way to go to gain that trust back but they fricken had a wedding like gummon HAHAHA.

                                LEA 001

                                  Always a scandal before the season premieres

                                  Mikey Gurrola

                                    This channel makes them seem like it would be an honor for your Son to date anyone of these Kardashian's. Really?

                                    A V

                                      Tristan was more in the wrong

                                      Business XX

                                        I always thought that Jordon was a sweet girl with a way too stifling friend. If there would have been anyone in that friendship I'd mistrust it would have been Kylie not Jordon. It could be that Jordon was so hoping for love that when Triston started hitting on her she was flattered and thought that maybe she could get a piece of what Kylie had.

                                        Brian De Bradzinar

                                          Don't judge the book by its cover

                                          Mikey Gurrola

                                            Who gives a shit about the Kardashian's. Really have they ever payed anybody's Water Bill? I mean how are any of these girls healthy for you ?

                                            art styles

                                              but, would Jordyn give up everything Kylie gave her for a boy?


                                                Jordyn was paid off a hefty sum, like a hitman, to do the deed. But who hired her is the question

                                                VOLËNA Love

                                                  Tristan is so ugly to me idek what khloe or jordyn was thinking


                                                    Ya'll Kartrashians had nothing atm to stay up on all the gossip mediums and thought of setting up this drama! Worked well!

                                                    Jocelyn Padron

                                                      Jordyn probably sad because Kylie canceled her phone 😂

                                                      โลกสวย นางฟ้านางสวรรค์

                                                        I am not sure about this story. Maybe they just make it up

                                                        Sultania Burns

                                                          Really? Let's not pretend that Khloe never stepped out with a close friend's man before. Jordyn will be fine. Shake them birds off young lady and become your own person instead of that family's doormat.

                                                          Katara Queen

                                                            She took him from Jordyn & lost him to Jordyn 😂

                                                            Kristin Lynn

                                                              Baby jordyn kinda looks like north


                                                                I don't understand the Kardashians and their "friends", they're always dating or fighting over the same guys; is their social circle so small?
                                                                And I think they could do better, they always seem to pick womanizers and just my opinion but I think Scott Disick is the only cute one.

                                                                jersey k

                                                                  Damn who else thinks this is more information then u thought it was lol

                                                                  Matt Fernandez

                                                                    Like she couldve cheated on kourtneys man or kims, but khloe???? Thats like kylies favorite sister. Now thats really really fucked up. Jordyn what possessed you?!?

                                                                    Amber Gray

                                                                      I could forgive Jordyn over Tristen! Jordyn doesn’t have a history of this so I could see how her doing it could be a mistake or a “cry for help” to get space from Kylie. But Tristen is just a cheater and doesn’t seem to care about anyone’s feelings but his own! If I were Khloe I’d kick him to the curb!

                                                                      Melissa Halim

                                                                        Kris if you're reading, you should next make a reality show where Kylie auditions girls to be her new BFF

                                                                        Jazz Showbizz

                                                                          Please subscribe to my channel I need to reach 1,000 subscribers

                                                                          Rosa B

                                                                            Makes no sense. Unless she did it on purpose because she wanted to be done with Kyle and that whole family and she felt that was the only way to do it.

                                                                            Villa Soph

                                                                              JORDYN needed space….. think about it, she has been up under those people for years tristan had his whole situation going on he needed space too I am pretty sure they both needed space and were tired. After you explain but so many times how else would you get out and or respond to a situation like this.

                                                                              Gia Brazil

                                                                                Idk I low-key feel like this is all fake and it's all set up for the new season of KUWTK

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