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      Instagram Filters CHOOSE MY MAKEUP! | NikkieTutorials

      In today’s video, an Instagram FILTER picks my makeup! CRAZY RIGHT?! The filter selects everything from foundation, to false lashes! I tried to film this video …



        Fun Gurl

          Pieken en dalen

          Abc Xyz

            Hey! Dutch word of the day: Pieken en Dalen.
            Life is full of pieken en dalen but time fixes it all! Value time tho! Peace!
            IG: mood_reee

            Kelly Krossfyre

              Quarantine has certainly had its pieken en dalen, but trying to use it to fuel all things creative in my life 🙂

              Royal Touch – Mrunayal Lohakare

                Dutch word of the day: Piekan en Dalen
                Meaning : ups and downs
                Usage: Chasing your dreams is always a Piekan en Dalen journey.
                IG : mrunayal

                U r so cute😍❣️
                U r my inspiration for makeup
                Love u Nikki
                _ Your subscriber from India😊🥰

                Kitty Spalla

                  Okay but why do I lowkey suddenly wanna try this even though I'm too pale for foundation and concealer?

                  Julia Dechen

                    ok I never heard her name since the "IM TRANSS" thing and now I just cannot stop watching this perfect tutorials that I know that i cannot do and i will never do but I can´t stop watching cuz she is perfect, boi sorry i´ve never met u before, u the best <3

                    Nawwal Jardine

                      Dutch word of the day: Pieken en Dalen
                      My moods are so pieken en dalen when it comes to deciding to do uni work or just sit in front of the mirror for four hours doing a winged liner look 😩 @atavistically1804

                      Paulien Daems

                        the dutch word of the day pieken en dalen . In deze corona tijd is het zeker wel eens pieken en dalen .

                        MaMa_ KaRmA

                          Omg Nikkie you should a colab with someone Christien fom simplynaillogical for instance and than because of the quarantine you should face time them that would be so fun to watch like so she sees this !!!!!!

                          emma sherr

                            This isolation/quarantine has definitely had some pieken en dalen 😫

                            Romy Smeets

                              Ik ben nederlands dus deze 'Dutch word of the day" word makkelijk!😂😂😂 Maar veel mensen gaan nu door pieken en dalen en ik voel me gelukkig dat mijn fammilie en vrienden nog gezond zijn en dat ik het goed heb want ik merk nu al helemaal dat dat niet van zelf sprekend is. Groetjes Romy xo!😊☀️

                              Specific Ocean

                                Ah the wholesome Nikita moment 😫😭❤️

                                Lara Njeim

                                  I love you and your videos!! But please can u tell me what’s the filters name?

                                  Changbean Jam

                                    we are having pieken en dalen for dinner

                                    it sounds like food

                                    Sara Saad

                                      What’s the filters name ??

                                      Breanna Hough

                                        Pieken en dalen describes my life all too well @breannahough

                                        Angie Tucker

                                          “Pieken en Dalen” Dutch word of the day. 😄😘😍

                                          Melissa Gee

                                            I cant find the filter 😭 would love to try it out looks so fun!

                                            Fanni Molnar

                                              Pieken en Dalen !!!^w^ @molma6

                                              Ευγενια Βουλγαρη

                                                Dutch word of the day:
                                                Pieken en Dalen
                                                Ig: eugenia.voulgari

                                                It’s Brandy

                                                  Dutch word of the day: “Pieken en Dalen” I LOVE YOU MY GLAM QUEEN✨🌻 (my IG: gaia_brandani)

                                                  Adella Barnum

                                                    That blush tho, there's definitely no pieken en dalen there!!! @barnumadellabjj

                                                    Teresa Feltner

                                                      Pieken & dalens, nothing, if I was doing this challenge it would've been all dalens. I don't have enough makeup to do this, lol. teresa_feltner_

                                                      Julie Nov

                                                        Deze quarantaine heeft voor ons allemaal voor ‘pieken en dalen’ gezorgd.
                                                        Piek: ik ben closer geworden met mijn mama
                                                        Dalen: familie, vrienden en ‘offline’ school missen

                                                        Holly Smith

                                                          Quarantine is 100% Pieken en Dalen but we’ll get through it~ instagram hollysmith21_

                                                          Damien cy

                                                            Dis video was all about Pieken en Dalen 😂❤️

                                                            Mel Mich

                                                              My life is a bunch on Pieken en Dalen, but I’ll make it though ❤️🙏🏼 my insta is full of makeup looks @melaniemmua

                                                              Mel Mich

                                                                My life is a bunch on Pieken en Dalen, but I’ll make it though ❤️🙏🏼 my insta is full of makeup looks @melaniemmua

                                                                Christie Francis

                                                                  Who said you could use white eyeliner girl


                                                                    Nikkie has defintely shown us the pieken en dalen of being in the public eye , but thankfully she's a phenomenal role model that shows those pieken en dalen who's boss 😌 my ig is @jemmasmakeup 💗

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