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    Alex Centomo

      I’ve been trying out intermittent fasting! This is what I ate today! Get started with 8 free meals – that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh.


        I have been IF'ing for YEARS and it's amazing (I usually do around 18/6 and try to do 20/4 2-3 days a week). It really does give your body a break from digesting to work on healing other things in your body! I also workout (powerlifting) fasted too, and my training has been awesome. I thought I'd share some tips:
        1. I make sure to eat enough (without overeating obviously) during my eating window.
        2. It definitely helps to stay busy in the morning to distract from wanting to eat, but drinking coffee/tea/water helps in the mornings to give me something "to do with my hands" lol.
        3. It takes time to get used to! I did it for multiple months before I moved from 18/6 to higher periods of fasting.
        4. I have found a big part of it is my relationship with food. By moving away from my "obsession" with eating, it's so much easier to fast because I'm not thinking about it all the time.
        5. A little can still go a long way! It can be stressful to IF at first, so even starting with 2-3 days a week can make a huge difference (I notice this when I travel and don't IF every day). It's not worth it obsessing about it because that just stresses me out.

        These are just my tips that I've found over the years! Not a doctor or professional or anything 🙂

        Julia Somogyi

          HelloFresh waste so much on packaging. It is sure convenient but when it comes to waste you still better waste a slice of paprika than plastic.

          Angela Milosevic

            Need your vlogs 😭😭😭

            Julie D’hossche

              Your ring looks like a daylight ring haha

              Diana Cabrera

                Just want to let you know I’m your biggest fan! Love you ! Sending you positive vibes from Orange CA💜

                Celia Amato

                  I love how little pupper there is watching you too😫❤️❤️❤️

                  Julie Jigsaw

                    Boo running in his sleep at 6:13 😍

                    hamdoulillah hamdoulillah

                      IF is amazing and it works for loss weight and getting healthy but for people who have a "normal stressful work" , it's complicated to go to work without having Breakfast .
                      So I decided to do IF on week ends .

                      Abigail Pattenden

                        This video is really motivating, I struggle to find a salad or vegetable-based meal that I like, because I’m really fussy about them, but both meals you showed look appetising so it’s given me some recipe ideas! Thank you 👍


                          To anyone watching this video and dealing with an eating disorder.

                          Please, do not feel that this method is the way out of your disordered eating habits – not matter what sort you struggle with. I speak from personal experience, when I am telling you that there is better ways to manage your many thoughts around food.

                          It will not affect your body in any negative way, if you eat before 8.00 am or after 6.00 pm. A late night snack is delicious and well deserved after a long day (whether you were busy or lied on the sofa the entire day). Snacks in general are delicious – go have your snack. Food is good for you. Food gives you energy to all the fun things in life. Food gives you life.

                          Take care, lots of love.


                            That dinner looked soooo yum x

                            Mathilda K.

                              you should take bcaa before workout not after!

                              Thalita Pestana

                                You need to break the fasting with a high protein meal. I don't eat meat so I either eat a burger made of chickpea with a salad, a protein shake or protein pancake.


                                  Boo is the cutest

                                  TOWANDA the STYLIST

                                    Thank you for Sharing 💗

                                    Makyden Parreira

                                      You’re goals!❤️

                                      Marissa Blair

                                        What is the mustard dressing you use on your salad?! 😬

                                        Taylor V

                                          Are you going to be doing any Coachella videos this year?

                                          Sophie Jayne

                                            yesssss I did a 7 day IF experiment video a while back and it did definitely give results. I however am a person who really really enjoys breakfast, so I kind of just changed it up a bit to about a 14/15 hour fast where I have dinner around 6pm and then breakfast around 8/9pm and that works so well for me! I think it’s super important to just find what works for you! Xx

                                            Camila M

                                              Actually for a faster and healthier metabolism your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, lunch medium size, and a small dinner, its been proven long ago idk why it keeps being the total opposite for sooo many people, just a fact not trying to judge 😉 ( at least this is what i learned at medschool)

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