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      🙊Period Talk -Pads Vs Tampons Vs Menstrual Cup ?Female Intimate Hygiene |Super Style Tips

      Happy Women’s Day !!! hi guys welcome back to my channel, on this beautiful day i decided to share this with you questions every girls wants to ask a …

      Super Style Tips

        यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:।
        इससे बेहतर तरीका नहीं लगा कोई आपको wish karke ka 🙏😊🤗
        Watch this video till the end to participate in the massive giveaway 🙏

        chanchal sharma chanchal sharma

          Di very helpful video thanku thanku veery much

          angel kothari

            Hello mam,this video was so helpful for me n all of us.. thanks alot fr coming up with ds video..I wouldn't HV ask this to my gynaecologist..this made me clear about menstrual cups.. thanks thanks alot.. Happy Women's Day..keep shining 💕😘

            sunanda karale

              thankyou di very very helpful you di .you are the best youtuber.

              Ismail Hussain


                sara khan

                  I am using it…and its very comfortable…..
                  Period ki sari prblm ko solve kr dia iss menstrual cup ne..
                  It is very easy to use.

                  Abb no daag no dhabba 😜😜😜

                  sahin parvin

                    I also want to use this but shaadi k baad 😁😁😁😁

                    Free Minded Girl P

                      Happy Women Dau… To all ..

                      secret super star

                        Love u yara ur all video is very helpful and great 💖💋😍😘

                        Free Minded Girl P

                          Thank uh very much diii…for this helpfull n usefull video..👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

                          Bharti Singh

                            So nice of you diii..this is really the best way to wish women's day..
                            Apko bhi happy women's day..keep on growing..god bless you🤗

                            Sandhya Mehra


                              Prerna Anand

                                This video is a gift for all super style tips family… in today women's day..

                                Monika Monika

                                  Smj hi nhi aaya

                                  Rukhsar Shaikh


                                    Vaishali Kaushal

                                      Friends Ko tag kha krna h di..I mean konsi post m plzz reply…😫😫😭😭😭😭😭 I want to win a t-shirt badly..

                                      Neha Chauhan

                                        Happy women's day Komal dii..😘

                                        Midhatkhan Pathan

                                          Thank uh sooooo much diii it was really very helpful 👌❤️ love u dii keep up good work ✌️ Happy women's day

                                          Asmi Anish

                                            This video is very use Ful n my all doubts are clr Now thanks for this video ni love you a lot 😘 😘 😘…..HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY

                                            Niharika Rathore

                                              Thank you soooo much

                                              Kinhfu Hu

                                                Same content thanks komal
                                                We too had same session yesterday on behalf of women's day.
                                                Happy women's day ☺

                                                Yashasvi Surana

                                                  You are the best❤❤
                                                  Happy women's day 😍😍😍
                                                  You are making jaipurites proud❤❤❤❤

                                                  Pooja Choudhary

                                                    Tysm komal di and tysm to doctor… Too useful vedio😘😘😍😍😍😘ur best komal dii😘😘😘Happy Women's Day to u both…


                                                      But being a virgin iam very scared to insert it……is it painful…plz reply

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