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      INVERTED X-RAY Makeup! WTF!

      OMG! This has got to be the hardest makeup look I’ve ever created! Today I’m taking the challenge to create my look in an inverted/negative style! ALMOST LIKE …


        DO YOU HAVE A CRAZY MEDICAL STORY? 👀 share it with us in the comments!!! ✨


          Pokémon card collector here aswell! 💪

          Miruna Amatoaiei

            I love your nails, simplynailogical will be gelous

            Brook Henzie

              What's the symbol system–?

              Ankita Mishra

                It's beyond any Youtubers' work…So much love for you Nikkie.

                charmingmendes x

                  No one:

                  Nikkie: Breaking her botten for a pokemon card…

                  Flo Rosal

                    OMG there is no challenge that would ruin your makeup. You always make it on fleek👏👏👏

                    Wholemeal Blousey

                      The perfect line separating the normal and the inverted is so satisfying. It looks amazing

                      Ksenija Mihajlov

                        I have never broke a bot 🤷🏽‍♀🙆🏽

                        Riddhi joshi

                          OMG Abby did this too! (Abbyrartistry) what a coincidence!!

                          Valentina Cvrk

                            Nikkie is so talented for make up… I barely do a wing eyeliner 😂😂😂and nikkie does some super hard make up tutorials i love make up and nikkie


                              if it makes you feel better my boyfriend broke a bot in his foot jumping over a bench I still make fun of him to this day ! 😂❤️

                              l23 r4

                                My wrist hurts because I broke my bot! 😂🍉 I actually broke it when I was younger by jumping out my high chair!

                                Ola Brzezińska

                                  I'm so proud of our polish MUA Kamila Patyna <3

                                  theofaneia tzialla


                                    Aicha Blz

                                      Im not skipping the ads so nikkie can get her cons ❤️❤️❤️

                                      Kevin Streutjens

                                        Just skin and botten!


                                          14:56 this has me shook wtf

                                          Carlyle Shaw

                                            Loooove this!

                                            Edyta Latowska



                                                Waarom doet het muziekje bij het Dutch word of the day me denken aan het sinterklaas journaal???

                                                Alison Seymour

                                                  During the montage the x ray filter over her makeup made it look amazing

                                                  marva tauseef

                                                    7:04 give it to me, give it to me, it reminded me of mark lee sorry bye.

                                                    Lina Jordahl

                                                      Omg this is sooooooooo cool!

                                                      Ivory Yang

                                                        You are just AMAZING!

                                                        Arzoo Shaikh

                                                          You're so damn talented…!😍🔥


                                                            I hope you did some grocery shopping with this 😀 AMAZING!

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