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    Jackie Aina

      Is Boxycharm Worth The Coints!? | Jackie Aina

      This video is done in partnership with BOXYCHARM. $25 per month. Guaranteed 5 full size products every month valued at over $125 featuring Beauty, …

      celebrity born

        I love watching you❤️ we’re around the same age. I just turned 30 and it’s inspirational to see someone in the same age range doing so well and so happy. Thank you

        Olivia E

          So I finally got to sit down and watch the newest vid but had to get up for the door. From the other room I hear my 21mos old son giggling and saying JackieJackieJackie along with you. It was so cute!!

          Nicole Sandra Perkins

            I thought this was a old video. I STAND CORRECTED!

            Monique Richards Washington

              I can’t with the horn honking lol 😂 too damn funny

              E M M A N U E L

                Jackie Aina and Kash Doll give me the same vibe

                Yolisa B

                  We LOVE 😍

                  Nickie Torres

                    green shimmers on ur lid are everything

                    Jay chis

                      Where are the sunglasses from sis they’re bomb

                      Lalaina Muriella Mazibuko

                        I love the amount of research you do into the products!!

                        Avida Deneen Beauty

                          Hi Jackie! Love your channel😍 You always make us laugh 😂😂while giving us gorgeous💥💥💥 makeup looks at the same time. TFS Boxycharm with your subscribers. I've been getting their boxes for a few years and I love it. I get the Boxyluxe as well. Love your eyeshadow palette. It's BEAUTIFUL❣❣I purchased mine the day it launched on the ABH site. Thank you for creating it for ALL of us to enjoy. Can't wait to see what you bring us next!! 💙💛💜💖😃



                            Juggie Bonebrain

                              The f-ck is a coint?

                              Gisellee B.

                                I died when you said your joints start creaking! 😂

                                Jennifer Opal

                                  The intro!!! 😭😭😭😭 I'm actually dead! I keep rewinding it 😂😂😂… The editing is sooo great as well by the way! ❤

                                  Nicole Guillory

                                    Swiper no swipey yass 😂

                                    Suellen Sofia

                                      This is my favourite make up look on you 😍

                                      G. Aloysie

                                        OMG, this is the best video ever, and I need my ownboxy charm 😭😭😭😭 but I'm a poor university student and I can't afford it


                                          no .

                                          Shanique Hyde

                                            Yes please!!! Do that comparison video

                                            Erica Reid


                                              Alexa Gomes

                                                There's no boxy charm in London,uk

                                                Chezgirl Rose

                                                  I wish Boxy Charm and Boxy Lux was available here in Australia , I’d be right onto it every month Jackie 😫 … oh well maybe one day 🤞🏼

                                                  Jasmine Lopez

                                                    adore your energy & humor:)))

                                                    KAMY Enterprise

                                                      Are there any African American boxes you can review?

                                                      Talya Marie

                                                        I come for Aunt Jackie but I stay for the editing and the outros.

                                                        Tanya Petersen



                                                            I loved this eyelook ! It's beautiful

                                                            Ania Pawelak

                                                              I love love love you for your personality! <3

                                                              Pamela Scott

                                                                It has been two years now that I have been subscribed to your channel. Younglady yous a nut from way back. I am always LMAO! When I come rushing to see your tutorials. I will be so glad when you start your own product line for us. However I need help. I have hooded eyes and my age is far above your. When I put on eye primer when I go to apply shadows they look bumpy. Not smooth is there something I can do so that it look smooth on my eyes? Just above my crease is where I notice it. HELP this older WOC. We like to look just as good as you younger women. Many blessings to you. P.S hurry up with the JackieJackieJackie…. Makeup line.😊😊😊😊😊😊🎁🎁🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🙏🙏🙏

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