Is DAMN GIRL Really It, Tho?!? Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review | Jackie Aina

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    Jackie Aina

      Is DAMN GIRL Really It, Tho?!? Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review | Jackie Aina

      Hey guys! Too Faced just recently launched a new mascara, their newest one since they’re cult-like Better Than Sex was born, it’s called DAMN GIRL and today …

      dramatic_ eyesgloz

        Nice it loooooooks amazing I guess better than sex mascara was good but too clumpy too

        Jenny VanderPas

          She said that was two coats? lol My mascara always flakes because my eyelashes are so long that they hit against my glasses.

          flying underpants

            “OnE cOaT”
            Sis I saw you coat ur lashes (and back coat them) like 50x 💀😂😂

            Lady Naja

              For me, the better than sex didn’t work because my eyes are naturally watering more throughout the day. I don’t mean constantly streaming but I know that with the environment I work in, my eyes are definitely producing more moisture which caused the ‘flaking’ … I literally would look like a panda as my under eyes would have mascara under them 🤦🏻‍♀️


                You look great even without falsies I’m jello!

                Autumn Williams

                  Ok but why did she just call me out about watching a lot of her videos lately and not be subscribed yet 😂


                    I didn't even looked at the mirror until you mentioned. I don't feel like it's that important

                    Ken La genie

                      Why would I want to keep to the mascara? I love listening to you

                      monee ladson

                        sheesh look like ur wearing falsies 😍😫


                          The tutorial I never knew I needed

                          Sea Mee

                            My eyelashes r long so this brush is too much.

                            Mikeya Young

                              jackie what app do you use for editing your videos? you should make a video 😭

                              Madame Jean

                                It looks like you have falsies, oh wow


                                  I envy you for those amazing lashes 💙💙

                                  Teni Giokabari

                                    Mascara for the mole..😂took me back to '96!

                                    Sea Mee

                                      I normally wear better than sex mascara waterproof, but now I love essence princess lashes the black and pink tube. This makes my eyelashes look beautiful.❤️🙌🏻👏🏻

                                      susana lopez

                                        I think i blink a lot then


                                          Absolutely flex your lash curl! I would if I could, but if mine were any more lifeless, I’d look like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. They need zero gravity and a direct phone call to jesus to have any upward curl. Lash perms changed my life 😂 Thanks for the review, going to give it a shot!

                                          Emily Lovesmakeup

                                            The better than sex mascara never worked for me. I don’t have long lashes to begin with and it didn’t do anything for them. I want to try this and see if it’s better.

                                            Tabara Lo

                                              Is that skin glowing or is the glow skinning 🤩🤩🤯 ???

                                              rije mitchell

                                                That glitter on the lid had me QUAKING

                                                Caressa Renee

                                                  I know we are here for the mascara but your face was 🔥🔥 after all those hours😍

                                                  Vanetta Abayomi-Cole

                                                    I liked the video before Jackie had time to say her name 😂

                                                    Regus Streeter

                                                      I wanna know when we are getting a Juvia place review ?

                                                      Audrey armsey


                                                        Linda Mitchell

                                                          I love wavy hair on you. This mascara made your lashes look amazing. I need to give it a try because I never wear falsies. Jackie, don't worry about the mirror. It doesn't distract from your content.

                                                          Kristan Waterman

                                                            Oh my goodness I do the exact same thing when it comes to picking at my mascara


                                                              That Cover FX pallet had me triggered…SINCE BOXYCHARM DECIDED I WAS FAIR, WHEN I CLEARLY FILLED OUT MY BEAUTY PROFILE TWICE!!! I'm not bitter though😒

                                                              Brianna M

                                                                I died when she checked her invisible watch 😂💀

                                                                Neslii GM Mesllitoo

                                                                  Jackie: She is ………… THICC

                                                                  Me:🤨😂😝🤔😋😉( just got emotional)

                                                                  Tatiyana Sutherland

                                                                    I was bout to say Auntie Jackie forgot to re-expose her mole

                                                                    Clarissa Balandrano

                                                                      Anyone know if it’s waterproof

                                                                      anna james

                                                                        Best beauty YouTuber by far

                                                                        candy Mathers

                                                                          Thank god we have Jackie and Chloe morello every other beauty guru is shit

                                                                          roxanne gold

                                                                            that mascara makes it look like falsies, i love it🤩

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