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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I’ve been getting so many questions about this foundation so I thought I’d film a review/ wear test for you guys! I hope you enjoy!


        The graphic eyeliner is giving me an Egyptian vibe or an editorial vibe

        I K

          Would love to see you try Clinique's foundations. i heard the silk one is a dupe for estee lauders foundation 😊

          Lesley G

            This eyeliner is a hott mess lol

            You're still bomb tho!! 💖

            Cassie Bohrer

              HELP!! I feel I always have that "dry nose" issue☹️ By the end of the day my foundation is breaking down on my nose, etc. Love to hear your top 5 foundations divided by categories (full coverage, dewy, natural, skin tint, long wearing) Thanks Kathleen!!!😘


                Next tarte product, Condation, eye blush, lip and cheek shadow. LOL


                  can u please do the alphabetical makeup challenge

                  FJ Coppola

                    one ur so cool

                    Jeneca Laplant

                      Favorite unique formulas . Shadows blush highlight

                      Gigi McGuane

                        Your skin does look radiant.

                        M Chaney

                          Whenever tarte comes out with a foundation it’s like a fart so it’s totally ok that you keep calling it that. tarte sucks…

                          Becky Galvez

                            Hi friends, I am a beauty and humor lover as well as many of you. I recently started up my own channel with makeup tutorials AND hopefully more content soon. PUH-LEASE take a look! 🙂

                            Kelley Thurlow

                              I’d love to see a video from you on your favorite **long-wearing** radiant/dewy foundations 💘 I want the dew but I work 10 hour shifts so I also need the staying power 💪🏼

                              Meg Walker

                                Watching everybody comment they "didnt like the eye look" make me sad especially on a foundation review. She feels beautiful she looks beautiful love you Kathleen!

                                Janelle Noble

                                  I want to see this look in a tutorial and I want to try this foundation from Fart 😂.

                                  bonnie maye

                                    The names of tartes products make me not wanna buy them lol

                                    YoSoy LaPoly

                                      I can’t stop laughing at the fart Lmfaooo oh lord I love you!!


                                        Can you do a review on the new MILK makeup hydro grip primer?

                                        Alexia Mariel Tan

                                          Update on top 5 fave drugstore and high end foundations 💙💙💙

                                          MICHELLE Cook

                                            Love you but I could barely watch this video because of how ridiculous your eyes look 😆😆

                                            Becca Sides

                                              I tried this foundation and I really really dislike it. I don’t know what it is about it but I absolutely don’t like it.

                                              Carol D.

                                                Boob job, filler….😪😖

                                                Aisha Hassan

                                                  You have to use Estée Lauder translucent powder and bake with it on your smile lines!! It works amazing!

                                                  Lily Elise

                                                    Tutorial on this look please

                                                    Amber Leitl

                                                      I want the look!!

                                                      Grisel Trujillo

                                                        Twiggy vibes , I love it 😍

                                                        Marie J

                                                          Pattie Boyd looking ass. Lol. I love it.

                                                          J Jadot


                                                            J B

                                                              For some reason I always call the tart shape tape, shart tape shape. It always comes out!! I don’t mean to 😂😂

                                                              Christina Ni

                                                                your eye look wow incredible

                                                                Marcela CH

                                                                  Love your videos and your eye looks but today I’m not feeling the liner look. It looks like it’s incomplete yet I can’t stop looking at it. Maybe that’s the point 🤷🏽‍♀️. Either way I still enjoyed the video 😊

                                                                  Sabeen Butt

                                                                    Come on Kathleen what lines lol

                                                                    Miriam Rodriguez

                                                                      What is up with eyeliner on your eyelids. Strange 🥴🥴🥴🥴

                                                                      Marcela Carmona Tobón

                                                                        I don’t get your eyes makeup… there’s nothing good to say about it.

                                                                        Gillyanna Coops

                                                                          Look at you with the graphic liner!!

                                                                          Davika Siwon

                                                                            FARTE xD

                                                                            Elizabeth Dusza

                                                                              Obsessed with your eye look today!!!

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