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    Wayne Goss

      It Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer. Is it really the holy grail? And why is the tube so difficult to use! LINKS US UK SHOP …

      Misty Parsons

        “It requires a small degree in body building”😂🤣😅😭💀💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ I absolutely love the original IT Bye Bye Under-eye concealer!! Thank you for sharing these with us. Love you, Wayne!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        Leanda Stellato

          Thankyou Gorgeous 💗

          Ida Clk

            Thank you 🙏 You’re amazing!

            Nicola Bleakley-Wadlow

              I love these, I really like the illumination version of the cc cream too, I jammed my nail scissors down the hole of the concealer to make it a bit bigger! x

              Seana Wallace

                I don't have luck with their products at all….

                Jane E M MCDOWEL L

                  If you ever forget to wink it will break my heart. lol

                  Jane E M MCDOWEL L

                    Tight and not in a good way.😂 😂😂

                    Vlada Kay

                      I love the original formula. The illuminating version covers well but accentuates my undereye bags even more!

                      Château Rochalle

                        “It requires a small degree of body building” agreed! And 💀 😂


                          Definitely willing to try that one, the original was way too much for my dry skin.

                          Devi Natalia

                            This is one of my fav concealer, it's really similar in texture and coverage with Tarte Creaseless concealer. However, those two are very2 tricky concealer. I hv to set my undereye with powder more compared to any other concealer or else they're so emollient it will crease badly.

                            Melissa Huff

                              I’ve had the regular one (black tube) almost two years and finally getting low 😂
                              Just bought the illuminating one and about two
                              Months ago and have barely used any. A little goes a long way with this stuff. But this and the tarte maracuja creaseless concealer are my faves hands down.

                              Maryann Townsend

                                It was too thick for my old eyes,sent it back to QVC.

                                Melanie Helo

                                  You just saved mine from the trash. I'll give it another go and cross my fingers.


                                    I have very dry skin,and for some reason It Cosmetics is the only foundation and Concealer that works for me,i've tried so many products and everything looked dry and cakey on me,but not It Cosmetics,so i'm staying with this until i found something else.

                                    Nicole Preston

                                      Can you do some videos on less expensive products like, Morphe, Makeup Revolution, Nyx & other good cheap brands. Maybe a dupe for extremely high end products ☺️

                                      Mimi Bernier

                                        Oh Wayne…u r gawgus!!!
                                        Love all yr videos…yr the best…plus u crack me up!!! "Don't get mental" hahaaha 🤣😘

                                        Lesly Zepeda


                                          C Katz

                                            Waiting for the 2018 Holiday Brush return. anyone have news?

                                            Hillary Smith

                                              I really appreciate how short and concise your videos are. No rambling just good info. Thank you!!!

                                              J Jadot


                                                Moonlight Serenity

                                                  I've given up on concealers for under my eyes. No matter what I use – drugstore or expensive, it always turns out cakey. Use a little or a lot, still cakey. I now just build up my foundation in that area, and it works fine. I have mature skin, btw.


                                                    I Love this concealer in the medium tan color, unfortunately they discontinued that color in illuminated version. And packaging has changed too.


                                                      I have been using the original Bye-Bye Undereye for a couple of years now. I love it!! What really made the difference for me was seeing Wayne's video on how to keep concealer from creasing by dabbing with a dry, small beauty blending sponge wrapped with a tissue before setting. I think this is the BEST makeup tip I have ever seen and used!!! I also have a couple of the larger tubes, one medium tube and a tiny tube I use for traveling. This should last me for years!! You really only need a tiny bit for full coverage. ❤️

                                                      Mallorie Carroll

                                                        I would love to see how you apply. I have both too but feel like I don’t know the best way to apply

                                                        Ashlie Crombie

                                                          I had so many issues with this concealer. It was difficult to blend out, and no matter how much I set it, it would crease horribly.

                                                          Paula Smith

                                                            If this product color corrects as well then it might be a win for me bc right now I color correct and use concealer

                                                            Alison Fleury

                                                              I think you forgot the biggest indicator of aging: SAGGING SKIN. Can any skin products help with that?


                                                                There’s a definite learning curve to applying this concealer but it is very effective and fabulous for all skin types and ages. The trick is LESS IS MORE. You need just a small dot on your fingertip and then rub it between your fingers to warm the product and then apply starting at the orbital bone area and blending upwards. This way the majority of product isn’t right underneath your bottom lash line where those fine lines like to live. It’s not a concealer that you should swipe back and forth, that will move the product around. It’s emollient so gently pat in product and roll your fingertip pressing it into the skin. It’s does actually cover tattoos and setting it with a LITTLE bit of powder sets it. You can’t use too much otherwise it won’t give you the desired effect. Smallest bit. I am a brand demo for iT Cosmetics and it’s one of our best sellers for a reason. 👍🏼


                                                                  😂“requires a small degree in bodybuilding, to push product out” 💪🏻💪🏻❤️

                                                                  Di :3

                                                                    I tested these and i like them but as a woman of your same age, I have to use the smallest of the smallest amounts, reason why I am still using up the sample lol

                                                                    Asilana A

                                                                      How do we set the concealer to maximize and not lose the illumination factor?

                                                                      Cindi Barber

                                                                        You just helped my decide which one to buy! xoxo Cindi

                                                                        Kimber Lee

                                                                          I’m 48 with very dry skin. I love the original It bye bye concealer. A little goes a long way! I use it to prime my lids as well. Teeny bit of powder on my lids only

                                                                          Lissa McKee

                                                                            The original formula comes in 48 shades now and there’s new packaging for both of them, it’s a larger opening and way easier to use. The ones you have here are the older ones!

                                                                            Laura B

                                                                              “It’s just a tight, tight fit, and not in a good way.” 😉

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