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      JACLYN COSMETICS HIGLIGHT COLLECTION...not what I expected.....

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I recently got the new Jaclyn Cosmetic Holiday collection in the mail and I thought I would try some of them out on camera for you …


        Hey guys!!!!
        Here are my thoughts on the new JC holiday collection!!! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!!!!!! Thanks for watching this video! I appreciate you!!!
        ps. Excuse the clickbaity title (I mean it’s not really click bait? Lmao) but I’m trying to prove a point to my friends that we don’t need click baity titles around here!!!!!!!! (So if this video gets extra views than I normally get I lose Haha)

        Meaghan Pavao

          James Charles saying that highlights are overdone is hilarious considering he released a mini-version of his already existing palette… how is that not overdoing it?? Not to mention that we could argue that eyeshadow palettes are just as overdone…

          Tiffani Shields

            Are the artist couture loose highlighters more natural than Jaclyn’s loose highlighters?


              What gets me the most is how uninteresting the packaging is. I don’t think it’s that hard to make something unique and cute but I guess packaging design was not at the top of her list.

              Nora Shepps

                When she snaps on James Charles

                Reneeta Love

                  It’s crazy because I can rarely ever see the highlight on YT videos but you literally look like you have two sparkling stars ✨ on your face! I’m literally captivated!

                  Alice Sormani

                    How beautiful you are in this video 😩 I'm jealousss

                    Fit Barbie
                      Hayley f

                        “also excuse my mustache tysm” hahahah you crack me up


                          Idk kathleen i feel like the highlights made your skin look really textured! Usually your skin is so flawless!

                          Rachelle Bañuelos

                            I’m so excited for this collection and I can’t wait


                              Thank you for filming this review! Love you & so excited for this launch 💕

                              Mel 21

                                Okay but where is your sweater/top from? Lol I lov

                                Nancy Thao

                                  The highlighters are beautiful…. don’t know if I’m going to get it still…

                                  es p

                                    "Highlights Collection" not "Higlights Collection" check spelling.

                                    sobhia kohli

                                      When everybody was making video about her lipstick . you did not make it only to support her and now when she has highlighter which has no issue you are sitting here making video how hypocrite you can be … fooling your subscribers just to support jacklyn


                                        I heard not everybody got their refund

                                        lubna s

                                          HARD PASS.

                                          Alice Ibrahim

                                            Thanks for the review girlie

                                            Andrea Basilio

                                              You are the sweetest❤

                                              Kristīne Kalniņa

                                                Love those little dupe recommendations since this collection is soooooo expensive! 🙂


                                                  "I know James Charles says highlights are overdone…". I chocked on my brioche. 😂💀

                                                  allison muszynski

                                                    This reminds me of Hourglass ….
                                                    …with a splash of Lancôme Absolute…
                                                    …and a sprinkle of the Kylie Ultra Glow….

                                                    All wrapped in a Fenty box!!

                                                    Dannielle Obenchain

                                                      Not really impressed

                                                      Monica Ibanez

                                                        But please please PLEASE tell me where you got that shirt though 😩😩😍😍

                                                        Rachel Marie

                                                          Honestly, I think your makeup looked way prettier at the start of the video!! Each item you put on just kept emphasizing the texture on your skin and your pores. Don’t think I’ll purchase, but appreciate the review!!

                                                          b w MakeUpMomma

                                                            I definitely want the palette 😍

                                                            Nafisah Ayub

                                                              How I wish that you use a matte foundation instead of this dewy foundation as your skin already dewy looking so it’s really hard to focus on the highlighters

                                                              Bambe FabuLash

                                                                You’re so unbelievably pretty…GOTCHH 😁


                                                                  Lol "dew me"

                                                                  allison muszynski

                                                                    I swear Kathleen is a VAMPIRE! Babygirl hasnt aged in 6 years!! She still looks 20!

                                                                    Please Kathleen, teach me ur ways!!!

                                                                    Melissa LuvsPlease

                                                                      I wasn't expecting to see this so soon. I guess it's not that soon. Huh


                                                                        Okay… just starting the video and that PR box is ridiculous (not in a good way). It's trying too hard to be classy and it is just garish. I actually laughed out loud as Kathleen balanced it on her shoulder.

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