JANUARY BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2020 (Try On – First Impressions)

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      JANUARY BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2020 (Try On - First Impressions)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Watch me test out January’s BOXYSHERM!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! …

      Allie Cat

        Anything below 65 and this Louisiana girl is PEACING OUT

        Melissa coviello

          I just received two of your nail polishes today in the mail. I can’t wait to paint my nails tomorrow!!! I got the ruby red and the emerald. They’re so pretty. And the packaging is stunning.

          Kayla Strozina

            It's literally 9 degrees where I am lol I freaking love you so much! Missed you muchhooooo! 😍🙌🏼


              kathleen: *complaining abt 47 degrees being cold*

              me living in wisconsin: i wish it was that nice outside!

              Shayna Angela-Ruth

                Keep doing what you're doing Kathleen! You seem happier, and I'm glad to see 🥰


                  For anyone with a dry mascara, you can add a couple drips of eyedrops/saline solution to make it a bit wetter.

                  Farihah Shaari

                    Hey I really want to see you try the trendmood box? It just look so cool and i really believes in your opinion before I splurge my money buying it. Love you 😘

                    Kristine Olver

                      My mascara didnt come in a box.. did anyone else get it and get it in a box?

                      Gemma G

                        Lol that is exactly how I feel about all these crop sweaters coming out! Like, mmmkay…a sweater to keep me warm but it's going to expose my midriff!🙄


                          Oh my god girl you had me dying this video😂

                          Anthony Quiroz II

                            I busted out laughing when you got the bronzer and was like "who's this for" 😳🤣 I unsubscribed last year but this actually makes me want to subscribe


                              That's so weird, my Wander bronzer / blush duo was actually a bronzer and blush.. way darker than yours! And I actually enjoyed both. Perfect for traveling!


                                I was so excited because it was so warm outside today: 52 degrees. I live in Washington state, and we've been dealing with snow, and temps in the low 20s recently. 52 was such a great change. It was the first time in months that I didn't need a coat! Sorry you're so cold Kathleen. I hope it warms up soon for you.

                                Amanda Rood

                                  It's been below zero everyday here in ND

                                  Ayesha 10

                                    "I look like casper"Lmao Kathleen…your videos are always so entertaining😂😍💕

                                    Rosey Bennett

                                      I got my box and it had same brand palette but I got a more sunset inspired one with more oranges yellows n reds… got a TooFaced hilighter , a liquid matte lip cream , a overnight sleeping mask that had a value of 87 ( not watermelon one and an Avon glimmerstixks eyeliner in 24K which is stunning I will say

                                      Tianna Rivas

                                        Omg this was the BEST birthday gift because I’ve been so eager to see your new beauty room!! 💗💓

                                        Alyssa Frazier

                                          Kathleen. PUT SOME NEW BATTERIES IN YOUR FIRE ALARM 😂

                                          Kassie Greer

                                            I got the bronzer blush duo too and I thought the same thing!! That bronzer is SO light! 😂

                                            Jesse Campbell

                                              Yesss I have been checking YouTube everyday waiting for this video! My January box was probably the most disappointing one for me yet (I've been subscribed for 2 years) but I picked the Becca foundation for my choice in February so I'm excited! Fingers crossed they send me the shade I asked for 🤞🏻


                                                I did the same thing with the “bronzer”… I looked at the packaging like 3 times.

                                                Krish Suarin

                                                  Room tour please..

                                                  Rosey Bennett

                                                    THANK GOD GIRL HAHAHA I GOT THE SAME BRONZER BLUSH DUO AND I WAS LIKE HOW ON EARTH IS THIS A BRONZER I THOUGHT IT WAS A TYPO !!! LOL glad to know it's not just me !!! Hahahaha

                                                    Kimberly Dunham

                                                      I agree with the bronzer I literally am the palest person on earth Alabaster shades are a touch to dark for me and that bronzer still doesn’t show up for me

                                                      Beep… beep…. change your smoke detector battery lol you are the third person I have watched in the last couple days where the smoke detector is chirping

                                                      JENNA LAMBKIN mani_fique

                                                        That bronzer was a joke! Didn’t work for me and I’m fair

                                                        Queen Vee

                                                          Is that your smoke detector alarm going off in the background? LOL

                                                          Larissa Hostetter

                                                            That turtle neck is adorable though! I oce cropped shirts, sweaters, etc. But you are like me and 65 degrees outside is pushing it. When I lived in Vegas it got 30 outside at night and taking the dogs out was brutal! I looked like an eskimo. And eskimo in the desert! lol

                                                            heather greller

                                                              Did you get a new ring? 🤩 so pretty

                                                              Audrie Smith

                                                                I went through this whole video thinking the fire alarm beeping was in my house LOL. Then I rewinded an realized it was Kathleens hahaha

                                                                L Smith

                                                                  Wow I’m excited for the bronzer!! I’m very pale skinned. Anyway- I honestly believe boxycharm accepts makeup that was determined to be safe for use but which didn’t pass quality control for sale at market. Some makeup won’t work out after production. Selling it to boxycharm cheaply is better than a total loss

                                                                  Tori King

                                                                    I'm also a Florida girl 🌴💁🏽‍♀️ was dying this week! I hate anything below 70 😂😂


                                                                      My family and I are probably some of the only Floridians that love when it gets cold lol we’re originally from nj so we appreciate the bit of cold we had here in south Florida lately

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