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      Jeffree Star CREMATED Palette REVIEW... Yikes! | NikkieTutorials

      Jeffree Star is at it again! With his new Cremated Eyeshadow Palette, a lot of people have had a lot of opinions. This all-grey eyeshadow palette definitely is the …



        Frederic Coudrier

          How superficial is that! soon gonna be scary


            Oohh where are those earrings from?? 😍😍

            S S

              I love this palate

              Just Jude

                Love it! Want it! Will work well with my mask 😷

                Im WatchingU

                  Nikkie: “some act really greyish”

                  Me: wElL nAh DuH?


                    Hi it’s Nikkie calling!

                    Summer Barnaby

                      Everyone: “omg I’m dying😂” when there laughing and now there moaning about a pallets named cremated ._.

                      Summer Barnaby

                        Y’all are so serious over a name over a pallets ._. If you watch his video on it you will understand what it means 😐

                        HOLLYWOOD BANDIT

                          🌈‼️🦊‼️COME TO MY YOUTUBE💔🔪🩸

                          River x

                            Hella mella clickbait 😑


                              Nikkie: I am so dead right now! 💀 Me:…and I oop 👁👄👁👂🏾did i hear Nikkie make a funny punny!

                              Sandra Watson

                                When nikki had the gray glitter gliss on those lush lips if hers I was like oh my gosh beautiful…she hated it …I'm like to each there own ..adds to cart😂😁


                                  oh, so that's what wahmen watch

                                  Molly Jewls

                                    Did she say, POMERANIAN PALETTE??

                                    S Riddell

                                      Me: doesnt know anything about markup
                                      Also me: THAT SHADE IS EVERYTHING!!!

                                      Cydney M

                                        death should be celebrated! even during dark times these people have lived beautiful lives and they went through something extremely tough, and fought their hardest through it. Death in many cultures is a celebration of life and not feared and seen sadly like in a lot of western countries, people really need to not take a palette so seriously.


                                          Jeffree’s Blood Sugar palette is offensive to diabetic vampires.

                                          Kerim Demirkan

                                            These shades look phenomenal on you!!!

                                            Kakla 003

                                              12:34 What happened to the one lash tho Nikkie?

                                              Maree Wardle

                                                Your eyes looked amazing but they seemed hidden by those eyelashes.


                                                  Yeah… not changing the name or delaying the product seems like he doesn’t give fxxk about pandemic and just wanna get richer😂😂😂😂😂

                                                  Mariona Fernández

                                                    If this palette was launched by Nikkie she would be cancelled in 2 seconds

                                                    Femke Pirlet


                                                      RedWolfie Grey

                                                        10:40 not gonna lie thought she said “abortion” almost freaked out and though that was a name of one of the little colours

                                                        Lilith Raven Bloodworth

                                                          People are so damn sensitive… it's not the first "death aesthetic" thing I see. Do y'all know you can't cancel death? It's not gonna disappear cause you refuse to mention it. Are y'all gonna cancel the whole goth community too? Cause it reminds you of the possibility of dying one day? He didn't call that fucking palette "Virus", get over yourselves.

                                                          Great video as usual♡

                                                          Quicker Den 14

                                                            3:20 ok thats pretty sad you guys gotta admit

                                                            • S u n n y •

                                                              Nikkie: oh my god, OH MY GOD THIS SHADE!!! 😱

                                                              Also Nikkie: omg I am so DEAD RIGHT NOWW!!!

                                                              Me: laughs cause I can’t tell if it’s a pun or not

                                                              Forever Stressed

                                                                People die all the time. People will be offended no matter what.

                                                                Louise Robinson

                                                                  Okay, I respect people’s concerns, however, in my opinion people may be overreacting a little. It’s name is clearly in relation to ash shades which perfectly suit the name of this palette, I don’t think it was made with the intention of offence, so I personally do not understand why people are so mad about it. Again, I do understand and respect this concern, this is just my opinion.

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