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      JEFFREE STAR Jawbreaker Collection Review | NikkieTutorials

      Jeffree Star Cosmetics just released the brand new JAWBREAKER Summer collection and since you guys know I love me some bright colors I knew I had to put …



        Diana Majka

          You can find jaw breakers probably on line but Cracker Barrel sells them in their restaurants/gift shops. The gift shop section sells them the big ones and the mini ones!


            With so much drama in the LBC it’s kinda hard being s-n-o-e-p but I, some how some way keep coming up with funky bleep bleep like every single day 🙏


            Miko MiMi

              You look like Barbie. I loved the make up 💕

              Zara Saad


                rownak rubia

                  This looks remind me of Elle wood or Regina George y'all know just saying

                  Holly Griffin

                    I love how the pink eyeshadows kind of bled into each other as one. There’s still the center pop of color but it’s still a wearable look.💖💖

                    Ashwaq Jp

                      This is so pretty I love you 😭💗💗💗💗


                        Beautiful!! 😍😍

                        ILIANA TRECE

                          If someone has beef w her then they’re just a hater cause she’s sweet af :(((

                          creative student

                            I think you look like a modern Dalores Umbridge 😅

                            Ian Garcia

                              16:10 Nikkie just do magic. 🤣

                              Matey Pusok

                                if u had no offense on your lips it wouldve looked like wanda gave cosmo a good bj

                                Cathy 21

                                  Thanks Nikkie for a real review and for always being sweet like Snoep. LYSM 💜💄💜

                                  glenn orodio

                                    Nikkie going full on BARBIE AAAAHHHH❣️

                                    Kristen O’Neill

                                      I thought of you when I first saw this collection! The colors are gorgeous!

                                      Catrin Jones



                                          Nikki: “let’s makes this minimalistic”

                                          Jazzy garcia

                                            DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT

                                            Brooklyn Paul

                                              this would of looked SOOOOO good with a black liquid lip

                                              Laura E

                                                Wait… Fairly Odd Parents are a 90’s thing girl.

                                                Pia Meadow

                                                  in norway snoep is almost the same only its written like `snop` 😛

                                                  R N

                                                    I thought you guys don’t talk anymore?

                                                    Hannah R

                                                      LIVING for this look 😍

                                                      Lililetus C

                                                        I really liked this simple yet joyful look. This palette is absolutely stunning. Very pigmented.

                                                        Alyssa Marie

                                                          I feel like the looks bomb but she should've done black eyeliner with like a neon green around it

                                                          Michael yost


                                                            TheChristina Cakes

                                                              this is one of my FAVORITE looks you've ever done! i love it!

                                                              miss beauty

                                                                Qui est français et ne comptent rien de tout


                                                                  Someone needs to make a compilation of her moaning at bright highlight 😂😂


                                                                    Anyone else was disappointed because of the eyeshadow

                                                                    f l o r e n c e

                                                                      doesn’t do a hint of makeup yet watches people do it and still gets stressed

                                                                      Lizzy Pelosof

                                                                        Frruuuh … ffuuuhh

                                                                        Jetsy Pagan

                                                                          Anybody else getting mean girls vibes?

                                                                          Love this makeup. My 2 favorite colors coral and pink


                                                                            I WANT SOME SNOEP IN MY LIFE!!! lol 😀
                                                                            BUT, i realllly LOVED THE 80'S VIBE OF THE MAKE UP LOOK!!! <3333333 Wish you added pink shadow to you temples and cheeks a bit lol, 80's alllll the waaaaaayyyy <3 🙂

                                                                            Madella Beauty

                                                                              I love love love love pink makeup!!!!!!!! Love this look!


                                                                                Does anyone know what brush she uses for her bronzer ?!?!!😭😭


                                                                                  How is this a pride month moment? That made no sense.

                                                                                  Murielle Diaz-Caamano

                                                                                    Your makeup looks better than SNOEP!

                                                                                    Chaelah Vuuren

                                                                                      This is where the real sh*t is at!! Living for this video!

                                                                                      LOVE THE HONESTY WITH THIS REVIEW. Makes you really have a better look on whether to buy it or not. The answer is a definite yes from me tho

                                                                                      Fflur Morris

                                                                                        I lovedddd this look!! I also love “snoep” 😉💓


                                                                                          Did anyone catch the name of the bronzer?

                                                                                          iram Khan

                                                                                            Nikki do full face makeup with eyeshadows challenge

                                                                                            Tuğba Albayrak

                                                                                              Mükemmel renkler beee

                                                                                              Carley Warnock

                                                                                                10:34 dori is that you ? 🐳

                                                                                                Rayhana Khan

                                                                                                  Pink/coral again

                                                                                                  Destiny Hoye

                                                                                                    I think the stars would look better on the outer corner of her eye but her makeup overall looks so good as always !!

                                                                                                    StyleBoy Esposito

                                                                                                      I'm in love with this look 😍

                                                                                                      hayden official

                                                                                                        I love Nikkie for many reasons!
                                                                                                        She’s family friendly!
                                                                                                        She’s never in the drama!
                                                                                                        Her makeup is INCREDIBLE!
                                                                                                        She inspired me to carry on wearing makeup!
                                                                                                        I now am brave enough to start a YouTube channel!
                                                                                                        I love u Nikkie!!💜💜🧡🧡💜💜🧡🧡💜💜🌈🌈

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