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      ~jewel tones~ Makeup Tutorial

      Hey, Guys! (Watch in HD) OMG! I recently posted this look on IG & so many of you guys wanted to see it!!!! So happy you loved it! I hope you enjoy this video!

      Betsy Glitter Queen

        I wish point zero was available!
        I swear I saw it a few weeks ago and now I can’t find it :/
        But this look is beautiful !

        Katherine Miller

          Not enough!!!!!

          Faith Pate

            Nooooooo keeep going with the so jaded🙂🙂🙂

            Amber Price

              We loooove when you do looks with your cp pallets!!!

              Arinta Merry

                It's not enough..we need more looks kathleen ;))

                Jasmine Currie

                  I love all the videos with looks using So Jaded, gives me inspo to play with my palette!

                  Laced WithLacey

                    I love when youtubers create palettes and use them all the time to show us looks❤️❤️🥰keep going girlfriend!

                    Barbara Kvesic

                      Kathleen you lucky to have all that lid space haha my eyes are almost as hooded as can be
                      Love the look ☺️


                        So juitcy 😍


                          You should do a Halloween series. Eg Scorpio, Aries xx


                            This is SO beautiful

                            Lissi Gutierrez

                              Keep going! I still want to see more looks with this palette 😋

                              Serena Niederkorn

                                Absolutely love this look!


                                  AMAZING! please do a look with the glittery black Onyx shade <3

                                  Marissah Osmundson

                                    MORE SO JADED

                                    Jamie Anderson

                                      Beautiful look

                                      Naomi Alexis

                                        More please!

                                        Alondra Rodriguez

                                          What brush do you use for blush?!! 😭😭😭 love the makeup, I’m on a no buy but might just buy your palette 🤫🤫🖤


                                            You alwayssss kill eyeshadow but this loooook 😍😍😍

                                            Madison Fisher

                                              How much is the pallet

                                              Tania Moreno

                                                Today I received my palette and I can't wait to recreate this look! Please make more videos with the so jaded palette!!

                                                Prata Kid

                                                  Imma do this with a chocolate brown. Gorgeous!!

                                                  Michelle Kendle

                                                    Awesome look!😍 Would definitely love to see more looks with this palette.Its such a great palette. I love mine so much. It’s so gorgeous!

                                                    Dafna Cohen

                                                      More So Jaded looks pleassse 🙂 Love it! Got it like two days ago


                                                        When u can’t do this look because u don’t have any lid space 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

                                                        Noemy Ruiz

                                                          Please do more So Jaded tutorials queen😍


                                                            I love the job you did on your eyes, AMAZING BABE!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤👍


                                                              5:54 anyone know what brush that is? <3

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