JLo’s Makeup Artist Transforms My Sister Erika …

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      JLo’s Makeup Artist Transforms My Sister Erika ...

      Scott Barnes does a FULL GLAM Makeover on my Sister Erika! xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES …

      Danielle Demianiuk

        “Why don’t you marry it!”
        She’s so friggin great.

        This is the best Scott video yet.

        tarhnie koeleman

          can you please do a video about Erika talking about her job because I want to become a nurse and would love to hear about it x

          Betsy Hernandez

            Hoey an glowy 😂

            kendra kinard

              Why can’t she just say “ Scott Barnes “ instead of the title Jlos make up artist


                I love Erica’s eyes better than Tati’s. Got 2 get that palette. Tati Lay off of the bronzing all over the face. Looks better on Erica!

                Andrea Shink

                  Erika is also gorgeous! love your work! If you need a 'mature face' I'm happy to be your canvas, Scott!!! <3

                  Gisele Lam

                    Since I’m real life she is a nurse, can you do a “nurse beauty” video…everyday real professional quick and easy makeup

                    Amanda Mueller

                      I can’t even tell a difference in their voices and personalities wtf

                      lux 28

                        Are you twins?

                        Andrya Velazquez

                          Yes hi hello! I need a Scott Barnes full face of drugstore under $7 tutorial!!

                          Myra Marangi

                            Are you guys twins?!?

                            Jillian Wolfe

                              Yes! Love when Scott Barnes comes to do makeup he is so good 💜

                              Amy Smith

                                @14:15 is that a Brian Regan reference I wonder?? If you know it, you know, I can't explain properly lol

                                Denise Jacobsen

                                  Okay but like why the heck did he put eye drops in her eyes? Like what were those

                                  Karen Haskins

                                    Erika looked absolutely beautiful! But Scott had a pretty gorgeous blank canvas to begin with! She really does look and sound so much like Tati!

                                    Did anyone happen to catch which lip liner Scott used? Thanks!

                                    Alexis Ruiz

                                      Every time Scott films a video with Tati I learn new things about makeup and placement. Thank you Scott, Tati, and Erika!

                                      Nicole Walsh

                                        When Erica said she doesn’t wear lipstick because it wears off and looks bad and chaulky, I felt that. I was hoping Scott or Tati would give tips so that doesn’t happen but oh well lipgloss it is lol 🙈😆

                                        Dana Kaman

                                          I got so excited when he used the Alexis Vogel lipliner pencil! She made my love of makeup real! I remember her infomercials from back in the day and I was gifted her makeup kit in my teens! LOVE IT

                                          Harlee Jade Zuern

                                            She’s so much like Tati omg

                                            Michelle Lawless

                                              I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALEXIS VOGEL LIP LINER, thank you Tati for telling me about her in the first place and RIP Alexis 😘

                                              Shelby A

                                                I love Tati’s sweater ❤️

                                                Genevieve Reed

                                                  A chubby face?!?! Really? If I had chiseled cheeks like yours I would never wear makeup again. You look gorgeous. 💄💋🎉

                                                  Megan Smith

                                                    My facial structure is just like Erica’s, and I’ve always hated my high cheekbones and angular jaw… but Erica looks stunning! Ps, my sisters name is Erica, too!

                                                    Krystal Saucedo

                                                      Buffy! You look gorgeous 🔥🔥🔥 love seeing you like this ❤️


                                                        He always works with what looks like a light hand, and I feel like it makes things that much more beautiful! Love his work.

                                                        Rachel Marie Kowalski

                                                          I love that Erika wants to learn from Scott. Asking him questions along the way, not just sitting there like a lump. I love when she’s on Tati’s channel!!

                                                          Paola Alvarez

                                                            She’s so cute I love her lol

                                                            Isis Leiby

                                                              @glamlifeguru who is the "Jamie" person you guys are mentioning ?

                                                              Sharon Adams

                                                                What is with Scott Barnes big pink lips and pink scalp?

                                                                Rachel Marie Kowalski

                                                                  I want to look glowy and hoey

                                                                  Avion Hanley

                                                                    I wonder who looks the most like their Mom/Dad, erika or Tati

                                                                    Laure-Myriam Jouili

                                                                      Erika you are gorgeous!!! 👌😍😍

                                                                      Kathleen Nalon

                                                                        What a dream come true

                                                                        Chris Devene

                                                                          Turns her into Tati then Tati said she looks flawless

                                                                          Teary TeaBags

                                                                            I forgot about the title or the whole purpose of this video and literally thought they edited the video in the beginning for like ten seconds because of how identical they look 👀💀

                                                                            Elizabeth Preciado

                                                                              I just love Scott !!!


                                                                                Love Tati. Love Scott. Love Erika. Love everything!

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