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      JOJO SIWA Halloween Makeup Transformation! | NikkieTutorials

      Today I’m transforming into JOJO SIWA for Halloween! If you’ve always wanted to become the rainbow loving queen with a bow, keep on watching! North West …



        Andreea Pinkyy

          everyone else: look it s jojo!!
          me: omg! who? jonathan? joseph? jotaro?
          everyone else: jojo siwa!
          me: oh.

          Arman Sandhu

            THIS is the future jojo siwa


              omg i hate the intro!!!!! :DDD so funny!

              Arshad Ansari

                😍😍😍😍 luuuuvvvv u nikki

                Ricardo Santiago

                  ROFFFFLL THE INTRO

                  Walid Yehya

                    I just got a pompoen spice from starbucks

                    Shelby Ivory

                      Absolutely obsessed with your background music! So chill! ❤️

                      Tasneem Khan

                        I love Pom poens

                        Fran Rod

                          Quite Spooky!

                          Elda Abazi

                            I love carving pompoen

                            colleen cookney

                              Oh my God you really do look so much like her!!

                              Fflur Morris

                                I can’t wait to carve out some pompoen’s this Halloween 🎃

                                Sonia 14

                                  So good !! 💖💖💖

                                  Abigail Sian

                                    The glitter on the rainbow is amazing!!!!

                                    Dorotea Dora

                                      Jojo is 16 years old😁

                                      Lovisa Andersson Öhr

                                        I love your energy and i love u sm

                                        Yoni Parnas

                                          We want you to do the "skeletone girl" look from LADY GAGA🖤

                                          Ruby official

                                            U look exactly like jojo…. 😱

                                            Silje Hoel Sakshaug

                                              Great transformation Nikkie. Love all your videos so much!<3<3<3

                                              Souzana K.

                                                This tutorial could be a so fucking good pride🏳️‍🌈 makeup look bitch😍❤️ ( love it )


                                                  What do you mean with a break of horror?! This is the scariest one of them all 😂😂😂

                                                  Abigail Sian

                                                    Love this! Love the boo headband🤙

                                                    Wendigo Whispers

                                                      Don't know Jojo, but this was fun. Ooh, what about a look based on your intro?! Mystical moon goddess witch <3

                                                      The Loon

                                                        "You're the queen of your own rainbow"
                                                        So cheesy, but a really good concept 😂

                                                        Yoana Peneva

                                                          I am in love with this intro❤

                                                          Brittany P

                                                            I HATE pompoen spice ANYTHING! Lol.

                                                            nic pace

                                                              what is that bronzer brush she's using? she never listed it.

                                                              sam theviking_alt ;D

                                                                I thought her neck was in pain and that she was ill in the beginning… then realized she's acting like Jojo XD


                                                                  The only thing I know about Jojo is that Ive seen her pictures on the colorful hair bows I bought my niece but this is spot on!!

                                                                  Adventures with Mariana

                                                                    Nikkie this is scarier than your other looks 😂😂💕💕

                                                                    Esther Mirjam

                                                                      Looooove the backdrop

                                                                      Britt brat Makeup

                                                                        I would so wear that just to wear it love

                                                                        Madeline W.

                                                                          I went pompoen picking the other day 💕


                                                                            Ngl…the nikita face pallette bronzer…did not look too great. :/

                                                                            ayushi sahajwani

                                                                              The freaking intro gives me lifeee every single time💖💖💖✌🏻🌸

                                                                              Eline Dennison


                                                                                Emma Sondra

                                                                                  Loved this!

                                                                                  Dilcia Guzman Sings

                                                                                    This is how you go as Jojo for Halloween. Tana, please take notes 📝

                                                                                    Mia Hayes

                                                                                      I WAS CARVING A POMPOEN, BUT WHEN I GOT THE NOTIFICATION I RAN AND THEN MY PRUIK FELL OF AND THEN I GOT TO MY LAPTOP AND CLICKED HELLA FAST!

                                                                                      Kyla Mangalindan

                                                                                        HAHAHAHA THE INTRO 😂😂

                                                                                        Heyo mayooo

                                                                                          When carving pompoens, I make mine really scary

                                                                                          elizabeth josephine

                                                                                            Wait when you did the lips It was really looking like Jojo

                                                                                            Allie Marie

                                                                                              I just took a DNA text turns out I’m 100% a pompoen

                                                                                              Hunny Bunny

                                                                                                I like how this whole video it seems Nikkie is low key roasting Jojo 🙈😆


                                                                                                  Me, a 27-year-old recluse: who the f*ck is Jojo siwa

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