Jordyn Woods Scandal Affected New KUWTK Season 16 And Here's How

Main Jordyn Woods Scandal Affected New KUWTK Season 16 And Here's How

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      Jordyn Woods Scandal Affected New KUWTK Season 16 And Here's How

      Kylie Jenner Quits Keeping Up With The Kardashian Because Of Jordyn Woods Subscribe: …

      Birdi Nyong’o

        I hope nobody watch that show.

        Sarai Ayala

          You know jordyn is getting paid for appearing on the show

          Garn Walker

            Nasty family needs to go away PLEASE!

            Tamara Walker

              When will
              They cancel this mess😒😩 like people Kim went from 30 when she started to 50 look 50 anyway 🤦🏾‍♀️ like move on to keeping up with jordyn now

              Bratty Baby

                Meanwhile I'm over here thinking about potatoes 🤔


                  Khloe looks like a female chucky doll .

                  Car Guy

                    Jordyn needs to fix her nasty looking teeth

                    Ashley Bradley

                      It's like the old saying goes "What goes around comes around." besides it's obvious that Tristan has no respect for Khloe but although they have a little bundle of joy together, she needs to move on with her life and love herself because jumping from one relationship to another is why she keeps getting hurt.

                      Larissa Smith

                        Jordyn literally looks like the grinch in the thumbnail! 😂☠️

                        Jean B


                          Crimson Nikolaevich

                            jordyn is looking broke on the thumbnail 😂😂😂

                            Kenya W

                              Who will actually watch this show? This is all fake. You can't be yelling and screaming about a man you broke up with bc he kissed another woman when he has been KNOWN to actually have sex with MANY women WHILE you were with him… So, ppl really think this is really…

                              joe q

                                Cancel them already .

                                gina cheselka

                                  Making Jordyn famous, I had no idea who she was before the Tristan scandal.

                                  Denise Rumbaugh

                                    Uh hey khole…it’s called karma.


                                      Blah Blah Blah it's called Karma Deal with it
                                      Koko took Tristain from his baby mama
                                      But let's remember they have all profited from this especially Kyle
                                      Let's hope that Jordyn gets her cut she deserves it

                                      Tadia Clifton

                                        Oh well. Talk about all the real hoes he slept with..instead of using jordyn name…they been broke up…


                                          Jordyn in the thumbnail 😂


                                            The fake Jordyn Woods scandal affected the show by boosting up their ratings. LOL.

                                            Jourdyn Terrell

                                              That thumbnail? I think I could do a better job with photoshop and I don’t even use it.

                                              Kathiana Phaedra

                                                Idc I’m still watching this season 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                Angell sky

                                                  Where I can see keep it up with the Kardashians?

                                                  Afro Atheist

                                                    It was all for their ratings.

                                                    Chrissy Hanson

                                                      Decided after seeing the trailer that I WILL NOT be watching kuwtk ever again. ALL FAKE BS

                                                      Kelsey H.

                                                        it's all about the benjamins baby

                                                        Sharon Novak

                                                          The show is soooo boring with 10 commercials, let's see if they stepped it up.

                                                          Sharon Novak

                                                            Is Kylie bi sexual I think she is in love with Jordan. Kylie is always all over her and I never acted like that with my best friend of 40 years🙄🙄🙄

                                                            Roxxi C

                                                              Please the girl is young and very stupid!. Get real quit making it out to be more than what it really was.

                                                              Bitch im a Cow

                                                                I forgot about this lmao

                                                                Yolanda Kota

                                                                  Khloe is desperate guys,she's scared that wat people say,not sure of herself,@wat what we know is Tristan is going to cheat on her again ,again@again,he'll never come rite,History is repeating itself.

                                                                  Aj Aeries

                                                                    Poor Kylie she hurt. Lil girls playing on the playground yassss… you will be burned an played love bug. Tyga lol KARMA

                                                                    Dawn & Tasha’s World as life Happens

                                                                      Keeping up with KARMA!

                                                                      Alicia Fulson

                                                                        Like…how is your family so rich, but still so classless and trashy? The world doesn't need to see any of this–let alone know about it.

                                                                        Park Bom red velvet

                                                                          Boring so over this 💩

                                                                          DRIZZELNCHEW TV

                                                                            No Body Watching..They messed up hating on JORDYN😜

                                                                            nicky Lingard

                                                                              Kylie s pregnant!!!thats the reasons she will hide from cameras!!😒😒its just kardashians drama!

                                                                              patricia brown

                                                                                PEOPLE ARE SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE FAKEDASHIANS GET A REAL JOB STOP POSTING FAKE NEWS.


                                                                                  Damn I wish this show would go off the air. #PleaseCancelASAP

                                                                                  Cierra Harmon

                                                                                    He was a dog! Khloe should have none once a cheater always a cheater! She got something so beautiful from her relationship with that dog! True! I just hope she realizes that she is better off her an True! I pray someone good comes into her life!

                                                                                    Jesse Vazquez

                                                                                      Listen you never had a family, you took him from another woman that was pregnant at the time with his baby .. it's carma homegirl get it right

                                                                                      Purnell Fuller

                                                                                        Chile Bye…"pleazz"🤨
                                                                                        Don't cry for me Argentina….😥
                                                                                        🗣If they dont want ppl to speak on their situation stop advertising your private life in public…..🙊🙊🙊
                                                                                        This is for rating.💯
                                                                                        Not here for that negative drama or energy!!💅
                                                                                        So over it they want to drag everybody👥 👥👥👥
                                                                                        Their mishap is not ALWAYS someelse fault "STOP IT"🚫
                                                                                        Get out here with that drama 🆗️ just so they can be revalent🤔
                                                                                        KARMA Kar-Jen

                                                                                        Glydelyn Buquid Remo

                                                                                          You know what really hurt for them is they treat Jordyn a family to them and it happen.

                                                                                          Lynette Dates

                                                                                            These Bitches are Always Mad when they get Dumped!!! Who cares what didn't Happen!!! Tristin doesn't care and Jordyn is moving on up, so rehashing Lies to Bring in Rateings is Bad Business… Tristin will never go back to Khloe…


                                                                                              Why jordyn looks like a 50 yr old lady in the thumbnail? And no shes not the reason the show is affected, she helped boost ratings


                                                                                                no they're gonna drag it out and put filler episodes in between and then you have to wait till the next season to get only 5 minutes of the story. which by then they'll be like "there was never any bad blood to begin with. people love to spread drama" 🙄

                                                                                                badd dexter

                                                                                                  16 too many

                                                                                                  Rene Tatom

                                                                                                    I don't get it..all these "women" are whores as are the mother's..what is wrong with people that they believe being a white and raising whore's is acceptable behavior…very sad

                                                                                                    Blayze Kirk Atin

                                                                                                      I think they just needed a story for KUWK 16 and this is all planned 😱

                                                                                                      Alice Fountain


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