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      JUNE BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2020 (Try On - First Impressions)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Watch me test out June’s BOXYSHERM!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products In My Box: First Aid Beauty …


        HI MY FRIENDS!!! How was your weekend?!?! I love you guysssss hope you enjoy this video!!! Xoxo

        Alien baby

          All the your hair is straight comments. …but yeah.

          Lacey Soleil

            My box sucked this month ): mehhh


              The fact that shs messes one little thing up in every video makes me love her even more ahah

              Mina Waid

                My box was trash??? Wish I got yours!

                Stephannie Metz

                  Hahaha!!! I have CC’s on and it read…”I’m going to curl my lap cheese.”

                  YJ M

                    I find the lip color look amazing on you, Kathleen! It made you so bright and lively! The Laura Gellar pallet also looks stunning !

                    mayra vazquez

                      Love you so much Kathleen! ❤️

                      zazzy zaz

                        I felt like the zoom was a bit too much while you were talking throughout your review. Wasn't a fan of this one. 😕

                        Elizabeth Epp

                          Oh wow, that lip color was gorgeous with just the lip liner. It, like, spoke to me.

                          Leah Johnson


                            Michelle Hunt

                              Juitsy, glotssy, and chiney!!!! Love it!!!

                              Kat H

                                Influencers get the best boxes. I never get what she gets.


                                  I haven’t received my box this month yet. Which is weird, because I usually receive around the same time you receive yours.

                                  Erica Wijaya

                                    How i miss your straight hair 🥺🥺❤

                                    Tifani Thibodeau

                                      That lipstick look amazing on you

                                      Kelley Carpenter

                                        I got a $140 eye cream.. a Boxy Charm palette, the mascara, a liquid lipstick, and cover fx glitter drops.. i was floor at the value of the eye cream!

                                        Sydney P

                                          Damn I hope this AINT my box

                                          Matilde Nunez

                                            I was so disappointed with this months box 😞 I got the glassy skin balm AGAIN (received in a prior box). I have oily skin so I didn’t like it the 1st time. I got another porefessional which I don’t mind cuz I like it. I also got a face cream for dry mature skin (I have oily skin). The only thing I liked in there was the zoeva eyeshadow palette. The lip trio I got I probably won’t use because I they’re not shades I use.

                                            Maddilyn Smith

                                              Maybe it’s the voice bu5 I feel like this would be like if nathaly Cuevas was was a beauty influencer

                                              Erik thaos

                                                I hope I don't get none of this products!! Im sick of the same palettes and lipglosses..

                                                Miranda Dominguez

                                                  Gurl just found out yu made the so jaded eye shadow pallet let me tell yu thats my go to eye shadow pallet i loveee it! 🤣🥰

                                                  The Beauty Scientist

                                                    I dont skip ads for kathleen ❤

                                                    Xun Fu

                                                      Have you subscribed to the Boxy Charm Luxe box? Curious as to your thoughts!

                                                      Blake Spesard

                                                        I like the palette with different sized shadows because the one in the middle I would use WAY more than the other colors. The white would be used second most often! I always hit pan on those shades way before I do with others. Sometimes, I never hit pan on other color shades, they last forever.

                                                        Cultivating Beauty

                                                          I got two eyeshadow palettes in my box this month. And a purple highlighter. This month was a “whomp-whomp” month for me.

                                                          Amber S

                                                            I think that lip color looks beautiful on you.

                                                            Rebecca Busic

                                                              You’re so jaded palette is sold out 😫

                                                              Emily Ritchie

                                                                Everyone go sub toakemeupmissa she's amazing at makeup

                                                                Renu Kumar

                                                                  What is this hair, my gurllll???
                                                                  You still look so gorgeous 😍

                                                                  Lacey Medina

                                                                    I got almost exactly the same things except instead of the eyeshadow palette I got the Kylie skin foaming face wash! I was shook lol

                                                                    Tamelan Smiles

                                                                      SadLy, the basebox is much better than the luxe box. I did not like it at all. I wish I got this instead! I am not happy with BOXYCHARM lately.

                                                                      Susan Varela

                                                                        Tape will pull off the glitter and not remove your other makeup. Just wanted to share a tip I’ve found that works.
                                                                        Oh sweetie that lip combo is amazing on you!

                                                                        Makeup by Bryy

                                                                          I got my box today. But I got two boxes different size though and they didn’t come with a card. Hmm and my boxes are different except the mascara.

                                                                          crystal mosqueda

                                                                            I recently had to unsubscribe from boxycharm, since the last 3 boxes including a boxyluxe are going down in putting in quality products. I hate that they added boxycharm products in them now. Wish they would go back to the original way.

                                                                            Bianca Maldonado

                                                                              These are my favorite videos


                                                                                No matter what makeup you use, it always comes out beautiful! I wish I had your talent!


                                                                                  i died at "32 dohllas.. nope, just kidding, 24 dohllas…" 😂

                                                                                  Kelly Rodriguez

                                                                                    Im very upset with my boxycharm box this months, I only get the base and I’ve been a charmer since November. And this month I got ZERO of the new products they leaked for this month. I really don’t want to cancel but I can’t justify it if I barely want and like 2/5 of the products I get. I do want the choice item for next month so I hope that next month is better overall.

                                                                                    Kirstyn Carney

                                                                                      Your boxes are the reason I resubscribed, but I swear your boxes are always so much better than mine! I wish I knew how to get the boxes you do xD

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