June Boxycharm Unboxing (Try-on Style) | 2019

Main June Boxycharm Unboxing (Try-on Style) | 2019

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      June Boxycharm Unboxing (Try-on Style) | 2019

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is my Monthly Boxycharm video! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products In My Box: …

      Gigi McGuane

        WHAT PORES?

        Paan Nadia

          Man I need to save some money, I NEED ALL KATHLEEN RELEASES

          Eilish Shovelin

            I know the eyeshadow palette is pretty "simple" but I love your eye makeup! x

            Haley Torres

              Can't wait for this mystery blush ⚡🙌🥰💕

              Jake A

                ugh all tarte palettes look so freaking cute from the outside and u get all excited and then u look inside and it's literally all just browns, champagnes and golds. like every single time. i s2g lol


                  "A blush there, from Colourpop" ExCuSE mE >.<

                  Katie Otoya

                    I KNEW that you were coming out with a blush with Colourpop Kathleen!!!!!

                    Michelle Rivas

                      Kathleen: omg this smells like something
                      Me: your childhood

                      Michelle Rivas

                        Kathleen: omg this smells like something
                        Me: your childhood


                          Please, do another must have brushes video! 💕


                            I hate that palette. Honestly it’s in the top 3 worst palettes I’ve used. 😢 unfortunately I’m getting another palette like that in my boxychermmmm.

                            Christina Jana

                              Kathleen, you forgot to include Dominique Cosmetics on the description box and the breakdown of prices 😊

                              Amber Davis

                                Totally just subscribed to “boxy sherrrrm” lol can’t wait to get my box!

                                Reebs K

                                  Kathleen: I like this sound

                                  Me: That's what good p*ssy sounds like

                                  Niki J

                                    You’re actually supposed to use the prime essence AFTER applying the foundation. It’s so weird.

                                    Michelle Lee

                                      The editing 😂

                                      Elle Bee

                                        For anyone who needs to know the shade on the DC lipgloss, it's called 'Peach Tea' and it's so beautiful!! 🍑🍵

                                        Maria Parra

                                          Yes!!!!! I loved this everyday look!!! Thx Kathleen te amo!❤

                                          Anqi Hu

                                            tbh it feels like boxycharm reached out to tarte like "hey just use whatever is left in your inventory and make a palette for us we will pay you $10 each it's a win-win.." ;(

                                            Chloe Galla

                                              The way you do dewy is everything to me! Also I’m obsessed with that highlight 😍😍

                                              Ariel Jimenez

                                                Soooooo A toasted C./ Madley blush dupe by Colourpop X KL is coming soon? Cool got it, ummmm BISH I SEE IT, I LIKE IT, I WANT IT, RELEASE IT SO I CAN BUY IT! LOL

                                                Rei Life

                                                  I want those glosses 😍

                                                  TJ M

                                                    I think the palette had too many light shades. I love neutral palettes and I thought it looks a little boring. But, I do like tarte’s formula so I am sure I will use it anyway.

                                                    Julie Vargas

                                                      Would love to see a “best body simmer” video from you! I trust your opinion and it seems like so many brands are coming out with more body shimmers!

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