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      Justin Bieber: From Selena Gomez To Hailey Baldwin

      The Justin Bieber Story Subscribe to our channel: Justin Bieber, You know him, we know him, everyone knows him. Justin was thrown into …


        Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! SHOW SOME LOVE

        Daniel Freestyle
          Susan Sugimoto

            I love Selena and justin

            Adonis Makshana

              I kinda like the intro

              Kirit Roy

                i think the selena gomez and justin is perfect and hailey baidwin is not perfect yes thats it and now i haTE JUSTIN BIEBER VERY BADLY

                Mahi. snappyfill

                  Jelana forever!

                  It’s unicorn

                    The title should be Justin Bieber 1 to 25

                    LM5hassnatchedme already

                      Selena and justin were just toxic to one another. Like their personalities didn't match or get along at all.

                      Kip Schweb

                        I will tell you my feelings I have a fat crush on you

                        Sofie Tamor

                          what happy ending??

                          Jimin has got no jAmS

                            Is this still a thing🤦🏻‍♀️

                            TITU DEBNATH

                              He has been through a lot……….and today he is the biggest entertainer on this planet

                              Arpita Biswas

                                He's the best love yah justin… #being belieber forever…. U r the best m happy with ur happiness Respect from heart for u… Ur songs r my life

                                Flower Bloom

                                  A big degrade from Selena a classy women to opportunistic Hailey

                                  Deyannie Garcia

                                    Justin Bieber is mean and he talks smack do not like and not sub

                                    diani tri

                                      But i was accept it in real

                                      diani tri

                                        I really like when justin with selenaaaaaa

                                        Sandra Cardozo

                                          No entiendo ni mierda 💩 ajajajajajja

                                          Tokyo Drift

                                            Dude can get any girl in the world

                                            Dawn Meek

                                              i dnt think justin could handle the fame in the longer run really. he never has been able to deal with fans well

                                              hi it’s me.

                                                pastor bff

                                                how disrespectful

                                                hi it’s me.

                                                  um it’s actually hailey BIEBER


                                                  dezy garcia
                                                    Alissa Marie

                                                      Justin and Selena are meant for eachother lmao

                                                      Priya Uniyal

                                                        I love Justin and respect him for everything! ❤

                                                        Daniel Phineas

                                                          Neither Selena nor Hailey.
                                                          Music is what makes Justin happy.

                                                          Johku Pohku

                                                            The name of the video doesn’t for the vid at all

                                                            Joyce Paguirigan

                                                              I think Justin have so much pressure in his life right now, because of being a child star. I can understand why he's being rebellious we can see that he is very busy in his show, tour, concert, etc. He doesn't have ownn time for himself. I mean not for a short time,but for the time that he need more rest and have peaceful mind (i don't mean to go to heaven). He have so much pressure in his 20's, he never grow up with a guidance with his parents to teach him what to do or what he wants for his future, but the manager and co-workers that makes him pressure for his career instead for his own decision for his own life. There's the only possibly reasons that are possibly be, he is no longer popular bec. He doesn't listen to his manager's or other people that influence him. That he can't decide on his own decision. Early marriage that makes more pressure to him. It's too fast that they get marriage for the reason of jealousy and after that they got divorce. I think there are more problems that we never knew about Justin. We only see the bashers, and paparazzi's make some video that nake him bad in our eyes. We don't know the whope story of his life. The more we pressure him the more he's miserable. He only wants to be just like us to be normal and wants to show his talents in the world. I don't know Justin either, but i feel hes suffer for so much attention that he need some privacy, but this people take it as bad. We don't know him and also he don't know himself too because he grow up in the showbiz industry by himself not with his guidance of his parents. So that he think he can handle it by himself but, he didn't. Look at him now he is suffering. He don't know what he gonna do to himself. He just was do some what he wants, that's because no one there for him. He thought that girlfriend's of hime can help him but, it didn't it get worse. My question is HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW Justin? Even do i I don't know him. Just like other celebrities suffer for so much pressure. LET HIM BE FOR THE MEANTIME, HE JUST NEEDS SOME SPACE AND THINK WHAT HE WANT TO DO. let's still supoort him of he still going to his career or not. @justinbieber #ibelieveyouwillovercomethis #bestrong #happybirthday

                                                              David Walsh

                                                                OMG I'm such a beliber I love him him so much he's be best. <3<3<3<3<3

                                                                ILoveToRoleplay HD

                                                                  I had a feeling he would dump her again

                                                                  Vanessa du Toit

                                                                    Can u just fucking leave selena ALONE!!!! He is happily married thank you very much!!!


                                                                      Hey guys, I know this is off topic between Selena, Hailey and Justin although I just wanna say I’ve been a fan of Justin since Baby came out and I just covered his song Purpose in my channel 🥺🤗 it would mean a lot if you guys can check it out 🙏 Thank youuu 🙏💛 guys have a bright day ahead – Josh #AllYellowEverything💛

                                                                      Sha’iere Smirnoff

                                                                        Him??? Lol

                                                                        Bennet jBr

                                                                          Jesus Loves you ❤️ Justin

                                                                          angel taysel

                                                                            The biggest downgrade of the century. Gomez to Baldwin

                                                                            Evangeline Moonlight

                                                                              Now he’s gonna divorce Hailey for Selena…

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