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      Juvia's Place VELVET MATTE FOUNDATION - Dry Skin Approved?!?

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I test out the BRAND NEW Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching!

      Clau Cirano

        Poquito pelo = media cola 🙂


          I am thinking to buy this solely bcs of the packaging 😂😂😂😂 I just hope brands have more of this type of packaging 😂

          Amanya Fernandez

            Hey this is a wired question… but do any of you guys shave your face? I’m thinking of doing it but I’m scared if I do it there’s no turning back lol


              Why not try doing setting spray on half of your face? I think most people would use it so id do that!

              janella wilson

                Can you do a full face of juvias place, pleaseeeeeee!

                Crystal Lizz

                  I got your boxycharm ad before your own video 😂💜

                  Brooklin Bernek

                    Blush ? Hmmmmmmmm🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

                    Vanessa Gil

                      Try the lawless foundation it’s a dewy full coverage foundation!

                      Violeta Lemus

                        “Poquito pelo” little (in quantity) hair?
                        Lol what? You have bastante pelo

                        Saige Avis

                          Obsessed with your eyess💚💚💚

                          Sabeen Butt

                            Question does fillers in smile line hurt ?

                            Annie Van

                              You should’ve reviewed the concealer with the foundation! 😩

                              Katie Werda

                                Kathleen i wanna know literally everything in your hair right now, or if it's nothing but it has looked so good lately and i need to know


                                  I thought I smelled farts LOLOLOL . Was not expecting that…I'm dead


                                    Was a little bit disappointed with the review. Maybe next time you can be more specific about what you like and don’t like, or maybe compare it with another foundation you own and know how it performs? I love you but sometimes I get really confused with your reviews and opinions… like you are just saying it’s good so you don’t offend anyone

                                    Alana Calles

                                      Your brows look PERFECT in this video 😭😍

                                      Abbey Partridge

                                        Did you get Jaclyn’s PR package if so I wanna know what you’re thinking!


                                          I just tried that foundation today on my oily ass face with 100 degree temp outside.. horrible😭 like just melted off my face!

                                          Dulguun M

                                            Pls review Khadaan cosmetics!!!! I love your reviews

                                            L Ahlm

                                              TFS. Was wondering how it looks on dry skin. Looking forward to your update. Take care.

                                              Tee Dove

                                                Who else got a Kathleen boxycharm ad before this video??! Go Kathleen 🥰

                                                Christine Marie

                                                  Can you try the PUR love your selfie foundation/concealer?

                                                  Christine Marie

                                                    I was going to buy the primerizer but on Sephora it had like 50/50 reviews. Have you ever had any problems with it? Or any other hydrating primers you recommend?

                                                    Audrey Herrera

                                                      sooo glad you reviewed this!! I trust your opinions because we usually have the same preferences 💜

                                                      Christine Marie

                                                        Did you use concealer under your eyes?

                                                        Potassium Makeup

                                                          they have the foundation at ulta!!

                                                          Shivana Mb

                                                            Idk love you but I dont love dis foundation on yous ! Mhm 🤔

                                                            Alexandria Jayy

                                                              'A blush"??? COLLAB

                                                              Adlin Ahmed

                                                                This foundation made my skin break out in a weird way only on one side 🤔

                                                                Leticia De La Cruz

                                                                  Kathleen Add eye cream to your smile lines… It'll help

                                                                  minerva abarra

                                                                    Kathleen your eyes are lost. I am sad seeing you pushing yourself to post even if you’re not feeling it. Please give me a favor REST! SLEEP! and make TIME for yourself. I love you and i CAN wait whenever you feel like posting. Love- Your Aquarian subbie❤️

                                                                    Rekha Muralidharr

                                                                      we need an updated brow routine pls!!! i cant stop looking at your brows!

                                                                      melissa goritski

                                                                        Do a full face of nudestix!!!!!!!!!! I hear you talk about them all the time but I want to know more about the brand and there arent many full face vids for them

                                                                        Size Qu

                                                                          Hey Kathleen!! Love your video!!
                                                                          Would you mind testing the new Wet n Wild MAKEUP LOCKER- 3-IN-1 SHEER BB CREAM, HIGHLIGHTER & CORRECTOR-LIGHT??? Thanks lol

                                                                          Pratima Wairawen

                                                                            Um random but where is your shirt from? Lmao I've just been looking for the perfect basic white t-shirts and yours just caught my eye and it looks like it fits that description. Sorry I know its a weird question to ask 😂😭

                                                                            Alejandra Reyes

                                                                              I had a condom ad before the video started😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                              Amanda Holland

                                                                                🙌🏼🙌🏼 love every single video you put out!


                                                                                  Kathleen!I wonder if you could do a setting spray collections video. It's summer now, I'm always very sweaty in summer. Foundations will only last for like 5minutes on my face. So can you please recommend some setting sprays?Thanks!I love you!!!!

                                                                                  Steph W

                                                                                    Love, Love, Loved this video! I've seen a few reviews for this foundation already but this is my favorite! Thought you did such a great job and I would really love if you'd review the concealer too please!? I've seen some hate the foundation but really like the concealer so really confused about it. I love how you gave this an actual chance by using a moisturizing primer. I live in Florida too so I really value reviews, especially foundation reviews, from someone who also lives here. Our weather is VERY tough on makeup! LYSM. Thanks

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