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    Natalie C

      At 0:42 can u see Evantube Hd in the background

      Stacy Robertson

        I went to this exact places and Nassau is very dangerous!

        Peyton H

          Omg I have that exact same swimsuit as Rylan. In fact this is the second year on a row I have had the same swimsuit as Rylan!

          Ava’s Life

            No way! I went to Nassau Bahamas for spring break and saw your boat!! So cool!

            Lily Haynes

              OMG I was in Nasas the same day as you guys on the really big royal Caribbean boat oasis of the sea’s was the name of it

              Joanna Segarra

                Did you guys notice EvantubeHd was their did not notice look back on 0:42 and you will see them

                Cute Girls Hairstyles

                  Kamri Ate a SNAIL?? | Disney Cruise

                  In this week’s Behind The Braids, you’ll see the ENTIRE family head for #SpringBreak to the Bahamas on a #DisneyCruise! We had a slight delay as we realized …

                  Cute Girls Hairstyles

                    Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you go?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy

                    Lehya mukku

                      00:42 did anyone see evan tube hd

                      Pravleen Sandhu

                        i see evantube hd's family


                        Ron Weasley

                          0:43 – you can see Evan , Jillian, mummy tube and daddy tube from even tub HD!

                          Tate C

                            Kamri and Rylan look so much alike!

                            Sarida Olson

                              Those horses never get breaks it makes me sad

                              Michelle Muskeyn

                                Why does this channel have comments on but others don’t???

                                Addi S

                                  I love your videos!! ❤️


                                    I’m going to Disney in summer so I’m watching so much like Disney and packing videos (ik it’s so early but I’m so excited) and when I saw this I was like YAYAYYAAAAA

                                    Manasi Patel

                                      where did kamri get her bathing suit??

                                      Dynamic Dynamic

                                        Oh at 0:43 scene Jillian tub HD and Evan tube HD are seen

                                        Karrington Davis

                                          When did you go because I just went on one, and saw Taylor and Vanessa but was scared to meet them

                                          Emmelia Tavoulari

                                            In Greece we love snails 🐌

                                            Megha Dabholkar

                                              I love beauty and the beast 🧚👹

                                              Mel George

                                                I am so jealous I’ve been on about 8 Disney cruises! 🚢

                                                Heart2003 Akk

                                                  0:42 thats EvanTube family!!!!

                                                  Amelia Sclawy

                                                    I am going on the Disney wonder boat next Wednesday I am so excited

                                                    youtube H

                                                      could you possibly make a video about body issues with teens / kids? maybe super weird but with having 4 teen girls i could see that that maybe has come up in your family

                                                      Emma Chen

                                                        At 42 I see the Evantube family!

                                                        Ali Lamb

                                                          This was amazing omg loved this so much

                                                          Isa-May Wilson

                                                            Has anyone got Mindy's book?

                                                            JennFlProfile Updated


                                                              Demilee McNally

                                                                Uhh no one gonna mention that the kids club is 6 hrs

                                                                JennFlProfile Updated

                                                                  ThanksforThe videos!

                                                                  Bella Gibbs

                                                                    Omgosh Rylan looks so much like Brooklyn or Bailey in the thumb nail

                                                                    Liquid Emily

                                                                      Who else was here when the video was called “forgot our passports”

                                                                      Zayan Sadath

                                                                        0:40 you can see evantube and his family

                                                                        Vipers #31

                                                                          I’ve been on a Disney Cruise, and a Carnival Cruise they were sm fun. Which one did you go on? We went on the Disney Magic.

                                                                          Hannahlaine Harris

                                                                            Where did Kamari get her shirt during the fireworks?
                                                                            Love you guys

                                                                            Alexa McCurdy

                                                                              I'm going to be going on a Disney dream cruise for spring break in April I am going to the Bahamas and castaway key from the ship!! was it fun??? and what ship did you go on??

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