Kamri is Going to TWO Proms!

Main Kamri is Going to TWO Proms!

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      Kamri is Going to TWO Proms!

      Today we’re bringing you along for another #BehindTheBraids week with the family! You’ll see Kamri’s TWO “promposals”, Paisley’s #CHEER competition, and …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

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          Kamri is so pretty!

          Patrick Star

            I remember that! I was Lucille Ball and I rocked it!

            Lil Lo

              OMG when I was in 3rd grade I did Walt Disney also and I got to dress up as him!


                I find that sign racially insensitive….

                Ainslee Shumate

                  A couple years ago (in 5th grade) I did a living museum, and I just so happened to be Harriet Tubman too!

                  Camille Camille

                    pais life museum is like my schools wax museum

                    Paola Segoviano

                      Paisley is a sore loser and that on being white washed

                      Shakira Bighba

                        Habari kamri jina langu ni shakira natoka kenya. Ni muzuri ku ona watu wana jua kenya❤🇰🇪

                        Lets see if you can translate this kamri xxx

                        Maddie Rush

                          i love that she picked harittet tubman i did her in 1st grade

                          Bethany Cook

                            Paisley is so cute

                            alice puna

                              I was Jane Goodall when I did that in school


                                The losers club is ssoooooo good

                                Aoibheann Casey

                                  I live in Ireland 😍 where are are ye going

                                  Jipan Enterprises

                                    Lol I saw my country’s flag( Kenya) and clicked. Thanx for recognizing it as a country.

                                    sakshi kulkarni

                                      You guys are winning at parenting. For real

                                      shanika narcisse

                                        Camri looks alot like Brooklyn

                                        Michelle P

                                          omg i didn’t realize kamri was a senior 😱 they really do grow up so fast haha!


                                            Aw I feel so bad for paisley 😢 I hope she is ok❤️

                                            Olivia Marcum

                                              My friend competed at that cheer competition too!!! She cheers for thunder elite!

                                              zunisha creation

                                                I really like your all hair style and other activities 💕

                                                vidhi patel

                                                  Im from Kenya ❤


                                                    Wow, Paisley looks like a beautiful teenage with the "crazy hair" – I love it !

                                                    Avery Rytting

                                                      I was Harriet too!!!

                                                      Emma Tacchino

                                                        8:33 reminds me of an episode of Chopped 😂

                                                        Arushi Mehora

                                                          I’ve got to say, “Kenya go to prom with me” pretty creative!! 🙂

                                                          Arushi Mehora

                                                            I did something similar in 3rd grade!! my school called it a “wax museum” & I picked Queen Elizabeth, Paisley did great :)💕

                                                            evelyn f

                                                              I love how diverse you guys are

                                                              Xoxo.teagan 05

                                                                It’s ok paisley! I also went to nca this year and lost by .3

                                                                Kayli Blakeman

                                                                  I did the same thing Paisley did! I did it during 3rd grade and I chose Anne Frank.

                                                                  Gia Loren

                                                                    i bet you have done the living museum thing with all of your kids!!

                                                                    linds chronicles

                                                                      poor pais she was so concerned about not cheering😢

                                                                      samantha chavez

                                                                        I would hate open house because my parents never went and I well be with my friends familiy

                                                                        Maia Steven

                                                                          The way that the mom (I’m sorry I don’t know any of y’all’s names!) talked about how happy she was for her daughter to be connected to her heritage even though she grew up with a white family is beautiful! I truly wish my adoptive parents were like that! Having that identity and security with one’s heritage is so strong and amazing! She has Amazing parents!!

                                                                          Simply Teegan

                                                                            My hair feels amazing after using hairatge

                                                                            Harper Padilla

                                                                              paisley did such a good job! it was so sad to see her crying. she did amazing

                                                                              Itzel Cortez


                                                                                jalen renee

                                                                                  i admire that boys determination to get in contact with you before asking kamri. he was not giving up😂

                                                                                  Raeanna Bailey

                                                                                    I been to I Ireland twice with my mom and my brother and grandma and grandpa and The second time just my mom you should definitely check out the wax museum in Ireland and everything else was beautiful.

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