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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      Kamri’s DIY Double Dutch Wrap | Easy School Hair

      Hey guys, Kamri here! Since #MothersDay was this weekend, I wanted to give my mom a break and film one of my favorite #DutchBraid #hairstyles for you guys!

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Where would you wear this double dutch hairstyle?? Comment below! 💋's -Kamri


          Great Job!

          Amanda Davies

            I agree Karmi. Doing dutch braids on myself is way easier

            Abbey Petersen

              Omg so cool ❤ love you so much

              Reye Lynn

                Same Kamri!! 😂😂 Dutch braiding on myself is way easier and French braiding is easier on other people

                Emma Tacchino

                  This is so sweet of Kamri to do! Also this hairstyle is adorable

                  Lal Design Kdy

                    how sweet is kamri to do this for mom!!!!like you love your mom?


                      I can braid other people's hair just fine but I still have trouble doing my own head. Haha. You're gorgeous and you explained this very well! Happy mother's day to your mom!

                      Brianna Gutierrez

                        I totally agree Dutch is easier doing on yourself and French braids are easier on other people!


                          Dude. I was just thinking that the other day. I can’t French braid my own hair but I can dutch braid. But I can’t dutch braid other people hair

                          Aradhana Nanesha

                            Love this hairstyle and will definitely try it
                            Thanks so much

                            Crystal Dinsmore

                              Kamri, you're lucky my seminary class was at 530 in the morning when I was in high school

                              Kitty Li

                                This hairstyle is so simple

                                Allison Palmer

                                  She really looks so much like the twin!

                                  Angel Face

                                    can you do a tutorial on how to do the crown braid on yourself?

                                    Bian K

                                      2:46 it’s the exact opposite for me


                                        Haha count how many times Kamri says pretty much😂😂❤️❤️

                                        Cullett Family iPad

                                          Who else is wondering why Brooklyn and bailey’s Murch is so expensive

                                          Ali Lamb

                                            Absolutely amazing loved this so much

                                            Stacee Barton

                                              Very pretty hairstyle kamri

                                              Evelyn Cojocaru

                                                Kamri, I can't do my opposite braid as good as my first one either, I never make it look as good!

                                                Crowned Lily

                                                  I'm ambidextrous but one braid always ends up coming out better than the other. Normally the 2nd braid.

                                                  Makenzie Homan

                                                    You should totally chop your hair for the summer! Try something new!!

                                                    Melody Para

                                                      im the exact same way and i know other person who also think dutch braiding on themselves is easier then french braids

                                                      joanne park

                                                        I’m going to try to do this hair style! I love it! Thanks kamri :))

                                                        Faith Burkhamer

                                                          I totally agree! I can Dutch braid my hair so much easier than french braiding it, but I think it's easier to french braid other people's hair

                                                          Jen Lillie

                                                            That light moving on the wall behind you is distracting.

                                                            Skylr Shepherd

                                                              I also do this hairstyle a ton!!

                                                              Skylr Shepherd

                                                                I had that issue, I learned how to besides my hair in general from this channel and did everything on myself 😂 so Dutch braiding my own hair is easier and french braiding other people's is easier. I have adapted to learning how to French braid my own hair (still awful) but I absolutely cannot Dutch braid others.

                                                                Julilie Vlogs

                                                                  Just wanted to let you know, I style more of my daughter's hair than my own because of this channel. 😂😂

                                                                  nouf .A

                                                                    i like it

                                                                    Sky vs Ty


                                                                      Zoe Lloyd

                                                                        Please DONT chop it I love ur long hair

                                                                        Kelley Daniel

                                                                          Karmi: I was laughing with you through this video. But I loved that you did this for your mom. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try this on myself

                                                                          Hannah Chappell

                                                                            Love the hair style!!

                                                                            Kreative Rainbow

                                                                              Great job helping your mom out for Mother's day!! 👏👏👏👏

                                                                              Cadys Corner

                                                                                Aw nice! Happy Mother’s Day! ♥️

                                                                                CaiCaiDahPicka Forever

                                                                                  Omg same i can do dutch braids on myself but i can do french braids on other people

                                                                                  sofia tamilia

                                                                                    That's so sweet for you to film it for your mom Kamri, I think it was a great gift for her, also great job on the video

                                                                                    Alexis Closson

                                                                                      No don't cut your beautiful hair


                                                                                        Lol I always braided my hair in my first class too

                                                                                        Lasya Kolli

                                                                                          You guys are so amazing and have gotten me through tough times so thank you!❤️❤️

                                                                                          Melissa Walker

                                                                                            I love that hairstyle!!! It has to be my favourite hairstyle on this channel!!! Love all of them tho!!

                                                                                            Nicole B

                                                                                              Definitely chop your hair!


                                                                                                I can only do Dutch braids on myself and French braids on other people. If i try the opposite it turns out disastrous!


                                                                                                  as usually cute girls listens to our pleads! Thanks McKnights!!

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