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      Kardashian Sisters' Fortune Secrets And Net Worth

      Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Make This Much Money Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– Other …

      Ishan Ali

        Kylie Jenner with her 3ft extensions: “Sugar bear hair like literally works….bible”

        Kliyah’s Life

          Those boobs look wayy to fake for my liking. 😑😒😑

          Kliyah’s Life

            Just think while this is going on for them, we are living our own lives. They're people just like us.

            Dashia James

              Kim is studying law…I'm really, really, really surprised. New news to me…!!

              Ash Gunaid

                Kim Kardashian my heart ❤️ she’s mommy 😘😘 always beautiful

                Ash Gunaid

                  I love the Kardashian 😍😍😘😘

                  R H

                    Get rid of the Kardashians. Get rid of their poison evil shit from this world. Make the world clean again.

                    Linda Reavis

                      Where’s the brother.., Rob?!

                      Linda Reavis

                        I’m not depressed… go go girls

                        Matthew Stevens

                          The Kardashians can stick all their net worth up their big asses, I'm so sick of them. Go away and don't come back, be rich somewhere else, like…Mars!!!

                          Justin A

                            Don’t forget Khloes tv show ‘Revenge Body’ and a few others

                            Pooja Joshi

                              Making videos on Kardashians = free advertising for them. Congratulations! By making this you just made them more famous.

                              Komal Rayat

                                Born billionaires😑

                                one Piece

                                  Now kendall is the face of tiffany and co

                                  Mich3ll3 3ll3hciM

                                    16 seasons, not episodes.

                                    #Makeup tutorial

                                      Kardashians = Billionaire
                                      Kardashians = Plastic surgery

                                      u tube


                                        u tube

                                          The secret is shameless

                                          Samiha Begum

                                            They be starting all their companies by the money of their parents and husbands no lie🤐

                                            Veronica Dossantos

                                              You are Going to hate me but I like and dislike the Kardashians

                                              The truth is that they make money for reasons calling me poor
                                              GIRL BYE

                                              Kamika Wilson


                                                Irene Salinas-Sousa

                                                  They are blessed by God that's for sure, but do they acknowledge it? Probably not because they believe mamma Kris has all the magic making them rich. "What God giveth, God can also taketh."

                                                  POOR FANBOY

                                                    I guess the Title would be
                                                    "THE JENNERS AND KARDASHIANS FEELING US SO POOR FOR MORE THAN 7 MINUTES STRAIGHT"

                                                    Ivonne Dominguez

                                                      Kendall's net worth is 22 million


                                                        notification squadddddddddddddddddd

                                                        Sella Su


                                                          Ash KeiDoll

                                                            Still enough to bribe my USC collage administration lmao

                                                            Li’l FUTURE

                                                              Who wants to be friends, by the way when I reach 1k
                                                              I'm giving away 1000💵💵 dollars
                                                              I also will be streaming that day. So let's grow together

                                                              Michelle Bastiani

                                                                No the show isn't what they originally gained fame from. Kim banging rayj is what got them the original attention. If it weren't for that they would not have as much as they have now.

                                                                Precious Irafay

                                                                  I wanna be 35 million dollars poor.

                                                                  Charlotte Brackenbury

                                                                    Who cares anyways just stupid just mum married lucky and rest just got born with silver spoon and rest is because people gullible enough to pay them money

                                                                    Maggie Jones

                                                                      38th commenter

                                                                      oh yea bitch

                                                                        Is that a chicken?

                                                                        Cynthia Uzo

                                                                          Kardashian/Jenner and rich and sexy even Kris 🤑🤑🤑👄👄👄

                                                                          Sonita Rodriguez


                                                                            Baba Krisia

                                                                              Please can I have a shout out today is my birthday

                                                                              Becolorblind Loveyourself

                                                                                Kris Jenner is your kids getting rich or are they going after love and happiness. Kris : i don’t understand the question 🤑🤑🤑

                                                                                Unseen Videos

                                                                                  I love saphiahall
                                                                                  I wish she was my gf:(

                                                                                  Sarah gomes

                                                                                    2:15 16 seasons inn

                                                                                    jewel pree

                                                                                      not a fan, but i must say they are inspiring. i cant imagine how they deal with so much hate tho

                                                                                      Daniel Mirkin


                                                                                        jewel pree

                                                                                          so it went from 1 view to 707 views right aftr i viewed it

                                                                                          Anita Perovic

                                                                                            The amout of times Saph said yep has me shooketh. Love you Talko!

                                                                                            Molly Castro

                                                                                              1 view
                                                                                              What the heck?

                                                                                              Akanksha Sharma

                                                                                                67 likes 1 view?? Seriously YouTube?

                                                                                                Thabatshe Rogers Keagile

                                                                                                  1 view
                                                                                                  7.1million subs

                                                                                                  how is it possible

                                                                                                  Daudi Ibrahim

                                                                                                    If you want your mom to live a long life.. like this comment

                                                                                                    Jarren Lumpkin

                                                                                                      Whoa 😯

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