Kardashians Break Silence On Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson Cheating Betrayal

Main Kardashians Break Silence On Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson Cheating Betrayal

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      Kardashians Break Silence On Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson Cheating Betrayal

      Cardi B Reacts To Khloe Kardashian Tragedy By Showing Full Support. Subscribe: …

      Rachael Harveylol


        Eddie Gee

          You people are so stupid.. The Kardashians set this whole thing up to promote their entertainment business.. Their whole life is a money making entertainment business.. And u idiots are buying all this shit

          Sheila Keenan

            Sorry, but from what I witness, they seem creepily close. A little too much really. A wedding and living together? They’re always all over each other. 🤔

            Marilyn Edwards

              Girl code – don’t mess with another woman’s man. Get your own🤷🏼‍♀️




                  CMON PEOPLE!!! You think this is real? Anyone with at least one brain cell can see this is fake… cmon now please.

                  C H

                    Maybe they can now help Rob make money.

                    shay johnson

                      They planned this shot that’s why they made him take down the “fake news” tweet

                      Selam Jackson

                        His so ugly

                        Peyton P.

                          Why is everyone feeling sorry for Khloe?? KARMA. She cheated with Tristan when he had a pregnant girlfriend. She's a homewrecker herself.

                          Angela Benson

                            Follow unfollow they let instagram run there lives🙃

                            Our crAzy Life

                              She can go back to being the “normal” life that she loved before Kylie took care of her. She hasn’t been out there long enough to make a statement for herself before she messed her own life up! Reality is about to slap her in the face. Then again Kris might have beeb the one to put her up to this. She can’t stand Tristian.

                              Bethany Porter

                                Has anyone noticed that in most of the videos Jordan is always introduced as “Kylie’s friend”

                                So ExtrA

                                  What goes around comes around!

                                  The Monopoly Guy

                                    Cheating is completely acceptable when you need ratings for your new season

                                    nandini malhotra

                                      If jordyn came back in kylie life it will be proved that it was a huge publicity stunt lol😂

                                      James Bond

                                        #KHLOE 👀

                                        Crouching Tiger

                                          What would their kids say/think when they’re kids grow up and find out?

                                          Pearlie Cole

                                            Jordyn waa wrong to cross the line for a cheater, I hope she moves on from the KarJenners and be successful, hopefully she and Kylie will one.day repair their friendship, Khloe knows that Tristan wasn't into her and should be glad this happened so she can move forward with her life, she was blessed with True who's a beautiful, happy baby, Jordyn was wrong, but in this case they shouldn't toss her to the curb so quick because this guy isn't worth it, anyone who indiscriminately tap mutiple women isn't someone you should aspire to have a relationship with.

                                            michael Warfield

                                              This is a wake-up call for jordyn

                                              Isabelle Benson

                                                khloe is mad at Jordyn for doing this to her even though Khloe stole Tristan away from Jordan while she was pregnant with his baby… seems like karma to me

                                                Louvenia Beasley

                                                  She help Kylie sister out even doe I love khole out by showing the fact he doesn’t care to cheat or who you may know ;….., it’s said truly but the kard- Jen family is known to step on the next person property….. they ever thought she just may picked up on they bad habits by being around her them

                                                  Jesse XXX

                                                    0:24 reincarnated Michael Jackson in the backround

                                                    Daniel Beganovic

                                                      Kylie new kit is gonna be named “thot”


                                                        Kim is still following jordyn tho

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