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      Kardashians React To Jordyn Woods Red Table Talk Interview

      Why The Kardashians and Kylie Jenner are furious about Jordyn Woods Interview with Jada Pinkett Smith Subscribe: …

      Ishan Ali

        Where can I sign up to be Kylie Jenner’s new best friend

        im not famous

          Jordyn did an ooOpsie

          Nicole Perrelli

            Does anyone think maybe this is made up drama because of the show coming back I feel that they need something new to talk about and they had to dig up some good juicy drama as you know everyone’s been feeding into this that’s all you hear about so with their show coming up in a few weeks what would be better than this big scandal We all know this is good for ratings but I could be wrong and if it is true I really feel bad for Chloe I love her she’s always been my favorite I love all the sisters but there’s something about her that draws me to her I think she’s beautiful inside and out

            beverly a

              so the kartrashians can keep spinning their lies and putting her down constantly but she isn't suppose to defend herself . i will take the lawsuit and spill my guts for a book deal.


                Tristen is not and never has been married to Khloe Kardashian. He was her boyfriend and the father of her baby.

                Carolina Jiménez

                  I love them being all nervous. Finally somebody makes them weak!

                  Sarah Z

                    Do you guys understand that this is not about Khloe or her husband? No this is about betrayal of friendship, it's like your sister doing this to you behind your back. Jordy was making money because of Kyle and Kardhasians and living there for free. I would've been grateful for the rest of my like because it's not easy to make that much money now days.

                    Zoe Hansen

                      All these drama. Chanel’s are repeating the same story. That’s lazy journalism. Come on give us news not history.


                        If Jordyn was completely drunk when the 'hook up' happened, shouldn't they be backing her up and supporting her for getting taken advantage of?????? Like what kind of family friends are y'all????????


                          How can Jordyn heal privately and talk to them when they keep subbing her all over instagram? Why isnt there any backlash on Tristan. He has a child with another woman and disrespected her too.


                            But the Kardashian Jenners do this with uh….every guy theyre with…this is literally how they get all of their boyfriends/husbands

                            M. H

                              Stop trying to make Khloe look good! She's a baby moma! PERIOD!!!! Not a wife!!!! She lost him the same way she got him!

                              kat tshifunda

                                Did Jordynn sign the NDA before her 18th birthday? She and KyLie have been BFFs for years so… at what point was she forced to sign? I'm sure she could GoFundMe for the $$$. I'd contribute.

                                Chante Houston

                                  Khloe and Tristan aren’t married so……yeah

                                  Catherine saldana

                                    I think that people forget that Tristan was having a baby with another girl when Kloe got with him, that he has cheated and disrespected her blatantly over the course of their relationship, and she still takes him back. Yes, Jordyn should have been more watchful of her actions but who here is innocent of any guilt. It seems to me like the Kar-Jenners will destroy people life all the while doing all does things they condemn others for. Furthermore, one cannot feel pity for a woman that sees clearly how disrespectful the men she is with is, and still continues to stand by him.

                                    nice for what

                                      What if she says my "friend" instead of kylie's name? & she uses "he / she" phrases without mentioning anyone's name? So that can refer to anyone other than the kardeshians so they wouldn't be able to sue her


                                        Not her husband……..

                                        Lavardo Gaitor

                                          Soooooo Tristen can possibly get a pass but not Jordyn #FuckOuttaHere #FuckTheFriendship

                                          Jannika Cathrine


                                            pure soul

                                              Kardashians just don't want her to tell her truth

                                              Margot Gebhardt

                                                Malika can just take several seats, is this the noise shes got to make in an attempt to prove her loyalty as the truest die hard friend?

                                                Sandra Fuentes

                                                  Funny how they want her (Jordyn) to beg for forgiveness in private, but won't take her calls, but are ready to shade her in public and then be threatening that if she says anything bad about Tristan there will be hell to pay and that because of it will make Khloe go back to him…Is Khloe that F'ed up or dumb??? Why is all the attention on Jordyn not to say that she is wrong for what she did but HE has F'ed up more in this relationship that obviously he doesn't want to be in and then just this week he was having dinner with another woman. Like what the F are people smoking?? Is the weed smoke thicker out in LA then the smog. GTFOH!

                                                  Katheryn Valle

                                                    Have you seen that Kiylie Jenner is still following Jordan

                                                    Margot Gebhardt

                                                      Khloe’s husband? Did I hear right? 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                      Paulette Poole

                                                        It's been reported that the kardashians slept with their friends and best friends husbands behind their backs.

                                                        Cam Wade

                                                          It's so annoying that you go public on such a huge platform (YT) & spread fake gossip/ news. It is in extremely bad taste & it is disgusting to not research prior to saying false content blah blah blah. Especially to the YouTubers who do the research and report tastefully and accurately . I Immediately unsubscribed 👎

                                                          Hazeleyes Green Grey

                                                            Stop calling tristian her husband not married. Who cares about khloe's best friend. The guy is a smutt ball he could careless about khloe's feelings. She should have left him along time ago blame jordan when this guys just a dog.

                                                            Buzz Me

                                                              Kardashians need a queen sized bed, let them sleep and leave the poor girl alone. Girl spill it, we are waiting to hear the hot gist. They act like they own the world. Huh….

                                                              braiden biggar

                                                                hai the Kardashian think to much of themselves they must just take a pill and chill for now

                                                                Green Fig

                                                                  This is so inaccurate Tristan is NOT koko’s husband but her baby daddy 🙄

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